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A Man 1.7m Tall Walks Away From a 9m High Street Light at 2m/s. Find the Rate of Change of? Calculus

D(t)=distance from lamp L(t)=Shadow length Ratio: L/(LD)=1.7/9 ==> 9L=1.7L 1.7D Differentiate with respect to time 9dL/dt=1.7dL/dt1.7dD/dt dD/dt=2m/s 7.3dL/dt=3.4 dL/dt=0.4657 m/s which is the changing shadow length from 7.3L=1.7D at D=20m L=4.657 m

A Man 1.7m Tall Walks Away From a 9m High Street Light at 2m/s. Find the Rate of Change of? Calculus 1

1. In my city, I see a little "device" thing on top of every street light, what are those?

They work with traffic control by letting the central station know of the road conditions in that area

2. A street light is at the top of a 19 ft pole. A woman, 6 ft tall is walking away from the pole at a rate of ..?

(19 - 6) = 13'. Tan of angle between light and woman's head = (13/35), = .3714 This is the same angle as between the light and the tip of the woman's shadow. Find length of base of triangle when light is 19'. 19/ (tan 20.37) = 51.16 ft. So the shadow tip has moved 51.16' in the time the woman has moved 35'. Time woman took to move 35' = (35/6), = 5.83s. In 5.83s., the tip shadow has moved 51.16'. Its velocity at that instant is therefore (51.16/5.83) = 8.775ft/sec.

A Man 1.7m Tall Walks Away From a 9m High Street Light at 2m/s. Find the Rate of Change of? Calculus 2

3. Totaled my car, knocked down a city street light, and ramed a construction fence. plz help?

YEs, liability should cover this

4. Do you have a timed street light that is always red when you come to it?

yup, all the time!

5. Best 400W LED Street Light Fixture, Commercial LED Parking Lot Light

Below is the HID LED replacement for the 400w LED street light parking lot fixtures for your reference: With slipfit mount, you can pole top mount for 40ft round pole as commercial area outdoor lighting. You Might Need Mounting Brackets If your street light pole is larger than 2-3/8 in diameter, you need a tenon adapter If looking for mounting bracket to install single, double, triple or quad street light fixtures on one light pole, here are the accessories Should you need 1000W-1500W MH LED equivalent street light as listed below, we also have some in stock for sale in our US warehouse. Below is the general production time for the special outdoor LED street light for your reference: What services we can assist you with How urgent is this project

6. do you remember back in the day you had to be home before the street light came on?

I never really had a curfew because i was never a nightowl

7. A street light is at the top of a 18 ft tall pole. A woman 6 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of?

Suppose the woman is distance 2x from the foot of the lamp post. This means the tip of the shadow is 3x away from the foot of the light. (Draw a diagram and you will see - use similar triangles). So the speed of the woman is d(2x)/dt = 2dx/dt = 8 feet/sec so that dx/dt = 4 feet/sec The speed of the shadow is d(3x)/dt = 3dx/dt = 3 x 4 = 12 feet per second. It would seem that the distance from the light is not needed - unless I have made an error. Hope not.

8. How to manually control a shake activated lamp using raspberry pi?

References(1) Raspberry Pi Appliance Monitor (Using 801s vibration sensor)(2) AliExpress Vibration Sensor Module 801S Vibration Analog Output Sensitivity LM393 - US$2.1(3) 801S Vibration Sensor Module (SE040) User Manual - IduIno(4) Shock Sensor S801 Spec - electroninvest(5) Using a push button with Raspberry Pi GPIO (event based) Published by Soren 2018feb08(6) How to Interface a Push Button with Raspberry Pi? - Ravi 2018feb(7) Two Ways to Add a Button to Your Raspberry Pi Project (GPIO.Zero, Thonny Python, Beginner's YouTube tutorial)(8) Rpi: The Unofficial Tutorial - Christian Cawley 207jan28 enter link description here(9) BeeLee/Gaoxin Vibrating Detection Sensor sw-18015/20p datasheet(10) XSP1TM High Output LED Street/Area Luminaire - Single Module(11) Cree XSP Series LED STREET LIGHT

9. we need to get a intersection street light changed to perhaps a delayed light to prevent anymore accidents?

I would suggest that you approach the local council!

10. everytime i drive a street light goes out is in some kind of energy i have? just a randome light?

haha i have the exact same thing....weird....i freak my b/f out lol

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