A Street Light Is 15 Ft .... ?? 10points?

You can simplify this a lot by putting it on a Cartesian coordinate system with the pole at the origin and the man starting on the x axis and moving parallel to the y axis. This way the shadow's tip maintains a constant value of x, and the problem becomes 1 dimensional. Now think of it being 1 dimensional, call the length of the final shadow b, and the distance from the poll to the tip a; this is the number you need to find. (15-6)/10 = 6/b b = 6/(9/10), a = b10 = 50/3 EDIT: sorry if that is a little confusing after simplifying I treated the problem as if the man were starting at the poll and moving 10 feet away from it, instead of starting 10 feat away and moving 10 feat perpendicularly. It is actually a very basic question, the whole concept of having him walk at all is in there just to confuse you. I could explain it better if I was drawing it...

A Street Light Is 15 Ft .... ?? 10points? 1

1. When my street light comes on at dusk, it makes a loud humming noise. What's wrong with it?

It might be no noisier than any other street light; but if it's very quiet you will hear it. It is probably a metal halide lamp and they do make a hum


It has motion sensors. So if it senses motion, it turns on. This is used to save more electricity. :)

A Street Light Is 15 Ft .... ?? 10points? 2

3. Street Light Shining In Bedroom?

Use a screen in your room to block the light. These screens fold up and can be put away during times when you do not need it. Just use it to block the light while you sleep.

4. ::will the street light of new york inspire you::?

Maybe, until I get mugged because I am standing outside in new York in the middle of the night

5. in a street light what does that mean: electricity consumption: 1500 kWh/year.?

A kilowatt is a RATE of using electricity. if you use a kilowatt of electricity for an hour, that is an AMOUNT of electricity. Most electric companies base their cost of domestic electricity on the amount of kilowatt-hours you use. It is comparable to saying your speed is 50mph. That is your RATE of travel. You cannot ask how far you have gone, about the distance, until you also say how LONG you have traveled at that speed. So this light is expected, on average, to use about 1500 kilowatt hours each year. Maybe the bulb draws 1,000 watts (one kilowatt) andit is on for 1500 hours a year. But the truth is that that number tells you very little about how much the bulb uses in one hour, or how bright it is: just what it uses in a year. I hope that helps.

6. Who invented the street light?

Before electricity was discovered, gas was used, no body knows who invented it but it was invented in the Arab Empire, specially in Crdoba, Spain. The first electric street lighting employed arc lamps,It was developed by the Russian Pavel Yablochkov in 1875. Hope this helps !

7. Who do you call to trim branches in front of a street light?

It depends on if the tree is on your neighbors property or not. The city will cut it if it's on city property.You can call the city about it but if it's on his/her property, the city may bill them if they do it. The power company will only trim the tree so it does not affect the lines. What you can also do is get a step ladder and pole pruner and saw, and do it yourself or your neighbor can....... Hope this helps you.......

8. i hate the street light?

poor baby....yes you can call the city but i can promise you, they will never even consider spending money on switching out a streetlight because it bothers someone.....good luck though

9. do you remember back in the day you had to be home before the street light came on?

The good old days when kids played outside. If you did not follow the curfew you either got spanked or grounded haha

10. The street light across from my house is going on and off who do I contact to get it fixed?

Depends on if you live in a private neighborhood which has a home owners association or if you live in a town, city, or suburb. If a private neighborhood, start with the home owners association. If they are not responsible for it, they will gladly tell you who is. If it is live in a town, call your town hall or mayor's office and ask for the Public Works department or Electric Department. The title varies by township. Large cities like New York City have "transportation department chief of street lights" . . . if you can not find the correct phone number, some large cities, like New York have a separate 'non emergency' phone number (usually 311) that you call and make complaints. Good luck.

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someone retarded1. which china led street light manufacturer is better?My english is poor and can not tell you too much about street light products, but I suggest you see products here WWW.IBTSLED.COM2. why does the street light in front of my house keep turning on and off every few minutes?Its the ballast. When the bulbs go out they just quit working. When the ballast starts to go bad, they heat up, shut down when it cools down again they come back on till they heat up again3. Street light goes out when I walk by?please dear, do not you call yourself 'crazy' ever, please. i do not know anything useful information to help you but i do know somethings; 1st of all whoever made fun of your question is himself/herself a jerk and i knew it & so many other people know it too that when they read your question they thought of the " power" of your's & maybe a lot of them wanted/wished that what if they had the power that you have. once i watched a show on t.v. ( not faking) that on peiple with some mysterious things/power or events. on 1 particular episode, there was a man, whenever he saws a bulb or like he went into a shop & if there's a bulb it just went off without any reason like, its just fused( suddenly & it happens every-time) and did not light again( he told that himself & demonstrated it also; he said why it happenes i do not know & that's why in my home i do not have any bulbs for lighting purpose.) so i think maybe you can find some similarities inyour & his case if you believe. otherwise i just wanna say that just believe in yourself & in the good things in yourself ( by good things i did not mean that your gift is a bad thing). do take some time from your daily schedule & do some research, it will help you to find the qualities in yourself because knowing oneself, one's mind, heart & soul is like knowing or get fascinated by a superstar ( if you can like a celebraty & his life how come you do not like your's? hope you will get it what i wanna say, right na?). who knows you would be among some very lucky people who help me & other normal people like me through their gift. thanks for reading my message to you and if you like you can share anything with me. take care.4. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?My Dad was a Sergeant in the Army during WW 2. Have you ever heard one of those guys yell? We made it home as soon as the lights came on. Having the entire town know you were late just was not a pleasant event.. we would hear all about it at school the following day.. Sigh.5. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?sometimes i stay at my friends house till like 3A.M. im 14 so yea, but one time i broke a streetlight, i shot it with my bebe gun6. what does it mean when you drive under a street light and it goes out?I had a physics teacher in High School who let us ask him random questions at the beginning of class each day. One of the students asked him this question, and his answer was that each of us emit a certain energy. If the light turns off or on, it was because your energy was at the same frequency as the electricity in the bulb. He also dedicated a day of class to ESP, and got mad at us when we threw off his vibe... and he thinks JFK was abducted by aliens, and will return in the year 2025... so, you can judge yourself whether or not to give his explanation any merit... :D7. PSE Begins Smart Street Light Installations To Help Customers Save Energy, Reduce CarbonPuget Sound Energy will begin installing street light control capabilities, also known as smart street lights, to help its lighting customers save money and reduce carbon. The technology will give PSE municipal customers more choice on how they light up their roads and communities by measuring energy consumption and using adaptive controls to lower usage in specific locations and times of day while also enhancing safety measures. The smart grid technology will add controls and software to LED street lights to enable two way communication. Smart street lights can be instantly turned on and off or dimmed for benefits like energy conservation or reducing light pollution at night. The ability to monitor each light's performance means broken and failing lights can be quickly identified and repaired. Because smart street lights can operate more efficiently, customers will be able to optimize their energy use, lower costs and reduce carbon in our environment. "Our lighting customers told us they wanted more control over their energy usage to save money and reduce carbon, and this technology will help meet both those needs," said PSE Director of Product Development and Growth Will Einstein. "New technology such as smart street lights will help us partner with our customers to meet their goals and improve the customer experience." Energy measurement that would facilitate metered billing as opposed to flat rate billing Remote control for dimming, turn off and turn on Uses less energy through dimming and reduces carbon as a result The City of Bellevue will be one of the first to receive the installations. PSE will be replacing around 300 roadway lights in some of Bellevue's arterial roadways with LED lights. It's part of the city's overall effort to reduce its carbon footprint. "We value innovation as a community and so appreciate that PSE partnered with Bellevue as one of the first two cities to receive new smart street lights," said Mayor Lynne Robinson. "In addition to energy efficiency and cost savings, it has the potential to help PSE respond more quickly to burned out lights owned by the company. It will be a positive safety boost for our Vision Zero effort to eliminate serious-injury and fatal crashes on city streets by 2030." Smart street lighting installations will also soon begin in the City of Edgewood with the installation of about 50 smart light controllers. "The City of Edgewood is excited to partner with PSE to incorporate Smart technology for immediate two-way communications and control of our street lights," said Edgewood Mayor Daryl Eidinger. "This control will give us feedback for malfunctions and allow us to reduce our usage, light pollution and our carbon footprint." Other cities within PSE's service area will also be able to engage with PSE on controls. PSE has partnered with Landis Gyr to equip 25,000 street lights with smart controls over five years. This is another way PSE is working together with customers to create a clean energy future for all as the company has also set an aspirational goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon company by 2045. PSE will target reducing its own carbon emissions to net zero and go beyond by helping other sectors to enable carbon reduction across the state. Partnering with municipalities in its service area will help towards that mission. For more information on the smart street lighting program.
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