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HykonIndia is a brand synonymous with high-quality electrical products, We brought in a range of solar-powered lighting solutions. HykonIndia provides the Best Solar light to provide the best lighting for various purposes. They are ideal for residential and commercial purposes. These lights are manufactured in various capacities and designs to suit the varying requirement. Some lights feature an in-built LiFePO4 battery and solar panel and some are designed with motion sensors. Solar LED lights from Hykon include Aurora series (solar lanterns), Wallite series (wall mounting lights), Gardenia series(garden lights), Solo series (all-in-one lights and street lights), and Billite series (hoarding lights).

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1. Getting Rid of Fossil Fuels (?)

Photovoltaics and wind turbinesIf going by solar/eolic you will have to wait for more efficient energy storages. Batteries and supercapacitors get more efficient each year, other storage means exists, like compressed air under ocean or in caves or direct conversion to fuels (as in gen. eng. bacteria/algae that converts CO2 into gasoline iirc under tests). Major factor limiting eolic/solar is a way to store energy for later use. The compressed air tanks under ocean are being built or alread done (i believe there is one in germany already).Thermosolar energy as power sourceThose are more like a coal power plant (rankine cycle) but the source of heat is the sun. Usually they use mirrors to concentrate solar light into a boiler to generate steam to be used in a normal rankine cycle engine (thus having to stop at night). But a more modern approach to thermosolar is to use the mirrors to concentrate light into a block of metal were salts circulate. This salt (in molten state) is pumped to a insulated tank. Pumps them circulate molten salts across heat exchangers were water gets boiled to run a usual rankine engine. This allows those plants to supply energy more like a gas or col plant would (at night, using heat stored on the salts). Some of those plants are already running (iirc theres one in spain), and more are being built. Say 2025-2030 is a good date.

2. Looking for some great solar light products to put in the front yard.?

I think that Costco has great solar products if you catch them at the beginning of Spring. When March finally gets here...check them out. OR....wait until Fall 2008 and get them on sale at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. You could probably get them for 50% off.

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3. If someone shined a flashlight at a solar panel, would it generate electricity?

Your answe is in your question... If its a solar panal than its gonna need solar light not artificial

4. How do we ensure the quality of our solar light?

How do we ensure the quality of our solar light? As we know,solar light are widely used nowadays,so the quality is more important! Today we will introduce what kinds of battery that we use for our conventional solar energy lights! What we used all are completely new lithium battery , the number of cycles is 1200

5. in what way sunlight can be used for a solar light instead of solar heat?

Ofcoarse solar light is used for lighting and not the solar heat. because Solar light have electrons which are used to make solar cells. And this solar cells are used for Solar lighting.

6. I broke my clients solar light ?

Tell the truth. You should have done that the day you broke it, but you should do it now as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more it looks like you are trying to hide it. Call them. E-mail them. Leave a note on the door. Send a letter. But let them know ASAP

7. Automatic Solar light far too dim, help with increasing brightness

R2 sets the current through the LEDs. It must soak up the voltage difference between the supply and the LEDs. A typical 5mm super-bright white LED drops about 3.3V at 20mA. A 3.6V AA NiMH battery should deliver between 4. 2V and 3. 3V depending on state of charge, with an average of about 3.8V. The transistor will drop about 0.1V in saturation, leaving 0.4V across R2. With 3 LEDs consuming 20mA each the total current is 60mA, so the resistance required is 0.4V/0.06A = 6.7 Ohms (a 6.8 resistor will be close enough). If you want a lower LED current then insert that into the formula. If the LEDs are not well matched you may find that they do not draw equal current in parallel. This issue can be avoided by splitting R2 into 3 resistors which feed each LED separately. The value of each resistor must then be 3 times higher than the total, eg. 20 (use the nearest 5% value, 18 or 22).R1 sets the Base current of Q1. It should supply sufficient current to saturate the transistor, so that it can switch full battery voltage to the output at the required current. Collector current is amplified by the 2N3906's current gain (Beta or Hfe) which in normal operation is between 60 and 300. However in saturation the current gain is reduced, so a lower Collector/Base current ratio may be required (eg. 20:1). The value of R1 can be calculated in the same manner as for R2 (determine voltage across resistor, apply Ohm's Law). However that reveals a problem with your circuit. A 6V solar panel usually has 12 cells in series, supplying 0.5V each. In the dark each cell acts like a silicon diode, so the panel is effectively 12 diodes in series. When powered externally the diode action will drop 0. 5V per cell, for a total of 6V. This is higher than the NiMH battery voltage, but your circuit needs a lower voltage (preferably zero Volts) to turn on the transistor. It only works due to leakage current in the solar panel, which is not defined and drops to zero as the panel voltage approaches zero. If you try to increase Q1's Base current by reducing the value of R1 then you may be limited by the panel's dark current. To guarantee sufficient Base current you can wire a resistor across the panel. The combined value of this resistor (let's call it R3) and R1 then sets Q1's Base current. Assuming 3.8V from the battery, 0.6V across Q1 Emitter-Base, and 60mA/20 = 3mA Base current, R1R3 = (3. 8V-0. 6V)/3mA = 1067. Splitting that value into equal resistances gives 534 per resistor (470 will be close enough). R3 will waste about 12mA of potential charging current, but this should not be significant.In bright sunlight the panel can deliver up to 330mA charging current. This may be slightly above the recommended trickle current for AA cells (eg. 200mA for a 2000mAh cell) however this high current is unlikely to cause damage as it will only occur for an hour or so in the middle of the day

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