Chemistry Help - Street Light Colors?

It has to do with the chemical make up of the inert gases/compounds inside the bulb. Might want to look up flame tests

Chemistry Help - Street Light Colors? 1

1. Do you have a timed street light that is always red when you come to it?

I have the same problem. Usually when I see it turn green from far away I already decide to take another route because it only stays green for about 30 seconds

2. A street light is mounted at the top of a 15-ft-tall pole?

There are two similar right triangles. The one formed by the top of the light pole (A), the base of the light pole (B), and the tip of the shadow (C). Another formed by the top of the light pole (A), the point on the light pole 6' above the base (D), and the top of the person's head where ever it may be (E). We know that AB=15', AD=9', and BD=6'. The length from the base of the light pole to the tip of his shadow (BC) is proportional to the length from the light pole at 6' height to the top of his head (DE) in the following way: BC AB = DE AD BC (15') = DE (9') So, BC = DE = DE DE is proportional to time and is (7 ft s)t. So: BC = (7 ft s)t The rate of change of BC with respect to time (which is "how fast") is then: ft s Which is the same everywhere, so it's the same speed when he is 50' away as when he is 10' away.

Chemistry Help - Street Light Colors? 2

3. i hate the street light?

You could just take it out with a sling shot and a rock...then they would have to replace it . ( just kidding ;) or you could get a shade on your window to block the light. But I know what you mean I really do not like those orange lights ,grrrrr they are ugly. Peace

4. How can you hack a street light, preferably in a few seconds while inside a car, to change the color?

you point at it and say "change!" or if that does not work try muttering "green" as you approach it

5. Street Light Shining In Bedroom?

Use a screen in your room to block the light. These screens fold up and can be put away during times when you do not need it. Just use it to block the light while you sleep.

6. In my city, I see a little "device" thing on top of every street light, what are those?

Big Brother is watching. Those are cameras dedicated to watching the citizens and tracking our moves. These are put there supposedly to stop crimes, however with advanced technology allows them to track our every move and the data is being sent to corporations in order to target us for marketing data. Also they are tracking phone calls and internet usage. Avoid using electronics or showing your face in public in order to stop this

7. Who do you call to trim branches in front of a street light?

It depends on if the tree is on your neighbors property or not. The city will cut it if it's on city property.You can call the city about it but if it's on his/her property, the city may bill them if they do it. The power company will only trim the tree so it does not affect the lines. What you can also do is get a step ladder and pole pruner and saw, and do it yourself or your neighbor can....... Hope this helps you.......

8. I'm afraid of street light intersections.?

First of all you never floor a vehicle when approaching a traffic light. Just go the normal speed and if it changes right when you get to it you still have time to go through it on yellow. If it starts to change before you get to it you are going slow enough that you can just stop without slamming on your breaks. It's all about the timing when you approach it that determines what action you take

9. So I've got a street light right outside my appt room and it keeps me up at night.?

I know how you feel, just try to get extra, extra thick curtains, trust me it helps a lot

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Scheme to set up solar street lights is being implemented across the country to facilitate solar street lights in in general villages. Recent technical advancements have paved the path to the rebirth of solar street lights. As this is one of the best energy efficient solutions. In a tropical country like India, adoption of solar street lights can make more practical sense while empowering the energy management system of the country. Currently, the solar street lights are established in rural areas as they are more useful in villages and provide lighting in streets. There is an inevitable need of electricity in rural areas, mainly for night lighting and tis problem can be easily solved through solar light establishment. Keeping in mind the electricity needs of such households living in rural areas, solar street establishment are made available in rural areas. We, at JC Global Foundation, aim to bring energy management solutions across the world through solar street light establishment at public places. With the solar street lights establishment, we intend to empower the adoption of solar based energy efficient systems along with the cutting-edge solar lighting technologies. It is necessary to create public awareness regarding renewable energy in order to establish solar street lights on a large scale.1. Is this a good tank set up?Too many fish... I think the max rule is 1 fish per gallon of water. You will need more algae eaters too. What kind of lighting are you using?2. question fo professional photographers Canon lens?If you've been using your XT for a while, you should have a good idea of what focal length works best for you. My guess is something like 50mm. If you want better image quality in that range, you coud pick up a Canon 50mm f/1.8. These are fairly inexpensive and you can use a larger aperture than with any zoom lens. But a zoom lens - even the 18-55mm kit lens - should work nicely until you have specific reasons to upgrade. Also pay attention to how other portrait photographers use lighting. This is at least as important as buyng a better lens.3. how to get the best video quality out of canon dlsr?It's not a question of "the best setting." It's a question of understanding exposure, lighting, dynamic range, lens quality, which aperture to use, etc. etc. etc. In other words, go learn the basics of photography and the basics of cinemaphotography -- then your video will improve. The camera is quite capable of stunning video, but you need to know how to get it. Peace.4. Can seeds from store bought ORGANIC fruits and vegetables be planted to grow your own vegetables or fruits?As others have said, just avoid the hybrids. They do not usually have much flavor. You want to look for "heirloom" seeds. These are the ones that usually have not been altered in some way. Some of my favorites are not heirlooms at all, but if you are inexperienced, that's always a safe route. I get my seeds from locals I trust, from my own plants that I've harvested, from nurseries, even sometimes from Home Depot, because I've come across some great ones in hardware stores (not always, but consistently). You can even try places like ebay, at least as long as you trust the source. (After all, anyone can claim they are growing organic/heirloom/whatever seeds.) If you are going to grow indoors, though, you need to consider germination temperatures and lighting. Some peppers require higher temperatures to germinate. Other seeds need to be frozen or refrigerated first. You also need to consider your climate and whether or not you will be moving the plants outside. If you are going to do this often, I have some suggestions for indoor lights. Feel free to email me if you need help with anything. I've been starting my plants indoors in many different climates for years.5. Do you look different (bad lol) in certain lighting, like fluorescent? BDD?When a person has BDD, things like lighting can make them see a completely different person in the mirror. The truth is, you looked exactly the same without the lamp as you look with the lamp. Some types of lighting can flatter certain people, or make them look worse, but the difference is not too dramatic. If I were you, I would put a dimmer lightbulb in your lamp or get rid of it. Even though others are not seeing what you are seeing, you should avoid things that cause issues with your BDD
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