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LED street lamps are an important lighting facility for urban road lighting. Nowadays, LED street lamps are used in parks, courtyards, squares, schools or residential areas. The assembly of LED street lamps is also very simple. The lamp holder of LED street lamps can be realized by adding lamp poles. But many people do not know how to choose the right LED street light head. So what are the buying tips for LED street lamp holders? Let's introduce it to you. Lamp body: LED street lamp heads are all made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which can effectively dissipate heat, waterproof and prevent dust. The surface of the lamp body is painted or anodized, as well as anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion treatment, so that the LED street light lamp holder reaches the IP65 standard, which extends the normal operating life of the LED and electronic parts inside the lamp holder. Face shield: The face shield of the LED street light lamp holder should be made of high-strength tempered glass material. This glass material has been specially processed, and will not produce light spots and flowers during lighting. The light transmittance is close to 100%. Such LED street light lamp double bulb holder can be dust-proof and waterproof , explosion-proof, protect the internal structure of the lamp holder, and extend the service life of the thread bulb holder. Chip: The LED street light lamp head uses a high-lumen chip, which can effectively improve the light efficiency; the internal uses ultra-thick double gold wire connection to increase the current flow. This LED street light has a stronger and brighter lighting effect, a more stable light, and a lifespan. Longer; Lens: The lens is very important in the LED street lamp head. It is related to the utilization rate of the light. Generally, an optical lens is used. Such a lens can reasonably distribute the light, make the light distribution more uniform, and increase its illumination brightness. Heat dissipation: LED street light lamp caps generally use industrial-grade heat dissipation technology, which has very good thermal conductivity, which can make the heat in the LED street lamp caps better convection with the outside air, shorten the heat dissipation time, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and ensure the use of LED street lights life. Protection: LED street light lamp holder contains high-quality silicone sealing ring and respirator. The professional design of LED street light lamp caps guarantees IP65 protection level during the life cycle, which not only guarantees good lighting performance during the life cycle, but also reduces the life cycle and cost of LED street lamp cap maintenance. Power supply: Waterproof power supply, reliable and durable, high power supply efficiency, low power loss, LED street outdoor bulb holder adopts two-stage PFC design, electronic components and related materials are sophisticated, anti-grid surge protection, to ensure the service life of the lamp. The LED market is really full of vitality, and today's LED street lights have begun to become the main force of the national lighting. I believe that in the future development, led tube light holder and led strip light holder will become mainstream.

How to Choose LED Street Light Head? - Wenzhou Walton Electrical Co., Ltd. 1

1. i live in a park home and there is a street light just outside, my electric keeps tripping out and the street?

in some places the street lights are running off your elect, you should check with whom ever runs the common area about the light being run off of your system, start turning off your breakers ,one at a time, and see if the light goes out, thats one way to check

2. What should be the PWM Frequency LED dimming in street light luminary

The term you need to search on is Flicker Fusion Threshold Quoting from part of the wiki article, we have this: In some cases, it is possible to see flicker at rates beyond 2 kHz in the case of high-speed eye movements (saccades) or object motion, via the "phantom array" effect. Fast-moving flickering objects zooming across view (either by object motion, or by eye motion such as rolling eyes), can cause a dotted or multicolored blur instead of a continuous blur, as if they were multiple objects.You need to think not only about what the eye can directly perceive, but possible stroboscopic effects

How to Choose LED Street Light Head? - Wenzhou Walton Electrical Co., Ltd. 2

3. Is it legal to make a left turn from a one way street to another one way street, if the light is red?

In Wisconsin you can never legally turn left at a red light without a arrow

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