I Wanted to Make a Simple Automatic Street Light for Displaying in College.i Dont Hav Much Time so I

Use either unless you have a minimum lumen output requirement

I Wanted to Make a Simple Automatic Street Light for Displaying in College.i Dont Hav Much Time so I 1

1. why does the street light in front of my house keep turning on and off every few minutes?

when High Pressure Sodium bulbs reach their life's end they blink on and off. A call to the City Public works will help them find it and have it fixed in a jiffy. Light color is an indicator of what type of street light you have, orange bulbs are high pressure sodium, blueish white color indicates mercury vapor, bright white is metal halide, the proper bulb must be replaced since they only work with the matching ballast for the type and size bulb. Singlepole

2. Lamp post or street light with shades or covers around it?

here are a few links

I Wanted to Make a Simple Automatic Street Light for Displaying in College.i Dont Hav Much Time so I 2

3. Why is there a street light in my backyard?

call city hall it may be on city land You may need a surveyor

4. telephone system and street light system?

try city hall or the public library

5. Help me in my mission to stop this effing street light!!!?

Who owns the light? The electric company, the municipality or your neighbor? Is the light facing the street or is it facing the private property? This will help determine who has requested the light. If it is over the street, then the municipality or local highway authority has jurisdiction over the light. This is a common solution when it is shining in someones window. If the electric company owns the light, then they have installed it at the request of either the municipality, or your neighbor. In either case, they can install a shield to block some of the light. There are also different types of light fixtures. Some are known as "cut-offs" where the lens does not stick down below the fixture. These are used to only shine downward and minimize the light being thrown off towards buildings. Good luck.

6. Did you have the street light rule when you were little?

I sure did! We left home in the morning and only came back when we were hungry...then of course "home when the street lights come on or else"

7. everytime i drive a street light goes out is in some kind of energy i have? just a randome light?

its called a SLIder phenonemen....happens to me all the time, specially if i walk under them, and my energy is high, every light will start blinking or flashing.....the higher the energy the more effect you will have on them gee wizz why all the thumbs down, at least i can demonstrate this, and do with just about every person i know.....sorry for those that cannt expand their minds, that such a thing does exist........

8. Why does a sodium vapor street light look yellow instead of white?

Because the ionisation levels create the characteristic narrow frequency band of light which is the yellow of sodium. It is exactly the same yellow that you get if you drip salty water into a gas flame like when you are cooking. Some lights have a broader spectrum, a sort of creamy white and these are high pressure sodium lamps that spread the spectrum out a bit.

9. Night photography - street light question?

That is an artifact from using a digital camera, its not a technique. Over 99% of night shots from digital cameras show this

10. Birds chirping, thinking the street light is daylight?

I think birds know the difference between street lights and daylight you idiot

11. i hate the street light?

Well you need to gang up to like 15 or 20 kinda like a a petition and go to the treasurer or the mayor and go have a talk

12. A street light is at the top of a 16 ft tall pole. A woman 6 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of?

who cares, her shadow is not doing anything wrong

13. Is it legal to make a left turn from a one way street to another one way street, if the light is red?

No. It is not legal

14. A street light is mounted at the top of a 15 foot tall pole. A man 6 ft tall walks away from the pole with a s?

First, start off by drawing a diagram, simply a right triangle with a side 15 feet with the top drawn down to, and past, a point 6 feet high. Draw a line straight down from the 6ft high point. Denote the distance to the man 'x', and the height of the shadow (distance from the man to the end) 'h'. Next find the angle between the hypotenuse and 15ft side. You can do this by drawing similar triangle by making a line from the top of the man's head to the 15ft side. Now you have a right triangle with sides 9 and x. Therefore tan=(x/9). You now have another similar triangle with sides 6 and h. From previous, you know that tan=(x/9). From the new triangle, tan=h/6. From there, you get the expression x/9 = h/6. Rearranging, you get an expression for the height in terms of the distance from the lightpole, h = (2/3)x. Differentiating both sides with respect to time, you get (dh/dt) = (2/3)(dx/dt). We know that dx/dt is the definition of velocity, which is given to be 5ft/s. Therefore, the velocity of the height of the shadow is (dh/dt) = (2/3)(6ft/s) = 4ft/s. More simply, you may use the expression derived before, h = (2/3)x, at set up 2 scenarios. First, the height of the shadow when the man is 40 ft away is h = (2/3)(40ft) = 26.7ft. Now, pick an arbitrary time later, we will say 3s. Since the man is walking 6ft/s, the distance the man has walked from the 40ft mark is (6ft/s)(3s) = 18ft, for a total distance of 58 feet. The height of the shadow is h = (2/3)(58ft) = 38.7ft. The velocity is given by v = (x(f) - x(i))/t = (38.7ft - 26.7ft)/3s = 12ft/3s = 4ft/s.

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someone retarded1. which china led street light manufacturer is better?My english is poor and can not tell you too much about street light products, but I suggest you see products here WWW.IBTSLED.COM2. why does the street light in front of my house keep turning on and off every few minutes?Its the ballast. When the bulbs go out they just quit working. When the ballast starts to go bad, they heat up, shut down when it cools down again they come back on till they heat up again3. Street light goes out when I walk by?please dear, do not you call yourself 'crazy' ever, please. i do not know anything useful information to help you but i do know somethings; 1st of all whoever made fun of your question is himself/herself a jerk and i knew it & so many other people know it too that when they read your question they thought of the " power" of your's & maybe a lot of them wanted/wished that what if they had the power that you have. once i watched a show on t.v. ( not faking) that on peiple with some mysterious things/power or events. on 1 particular episode, there was a man, whenever he saws a bulb or like he went into a shop & if there's a bulb it just went off without any reason like, its just fused( suddenly & it happens every-time) and did not light again( he told that himself & demonstrated it also; he said why it happenes i do not know & that's why in my home i do not have any bulbs for lighting purpose.) so i think maybe you can find some similarities inyour & his case if you believe. otherwise i just wanna say that just believe in yourself & in the good things in yourself ( by good things i did not mean that your gift is a bad thing). do take some time from your daily schedule & do some research, it will help you to find the qualities in yourself because knowing oneself, one's mind, heart & soul is like knowing or get fascinated by a superstar ( if you can like a celebraty & his life how come you do not like your's? hope you will get it what i wanna say, right na?). who knows you would be among some very lucky people who help me & other normal people like me through their gift. thanks for reading my message to you and if you like you can share anything with me. take care.4. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?My Dad was a Sergeant in the Army during WW 2. Have you ever heard one of those guys yell? We made it home as soon as the lights came on. Having the entire town know you were late just was not a pleasant event.. we would hear all about it at school the following day.. Sigh.5. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?sometimes i stay at my friends house till like 3A.M. im 14 so yea, but one time i broke a streetlight, i shot it with my bebe gun6. what does it mean when you drive under a street light and it goes out?I had a physics teacher in High School who let us ask him random questions at the beginning of class each day. One of the students asked him this question, and his answer was that each of us emit a certain energy. If the light turns off or on, it was because your energy was at the same frequency as the electricity in the bulb. He also dedicated a day of class to ESP, and got mad at us when we threw off his vibe... and he thinks JFK was abducted by aliens, and will return in the year 2025... so, you can judge yourself whether or not to give his explanation any merit... :D7. PSE Begins Smart Street Light Installations To Help Customers Save Energy, Reduce CarbonPuget Sound Energy will begin installing street light control capabilities, also known as smart street lights, to help its lighting customers save money and reduce carbon. The technology will give PSE municipal customers more choice on how they light up their roads and communities by measuring energy consumption and using adaptive controls to lower usage in specific locations and times of day while also enhancing safety measures. The smart grid technology will add controls and software to LED street lights to enable two way communication. Smart street lights can be instantly turned on and off or dimmed for benefits like energy conservation or reducing light pollution at night. The ability to monitor each light's performance means broken and failing lights can be quickly identified and repaired. Because smart street lights can operate more efficiently, customers will be able to optimize their energy use, lower costs and reduce carbon in our environment. "Our lighting customers told us they wanted more control over their energy usage to save money and reduce carbon, and this technology will help meet both those needs," said PSE Director of Product Development and Growth Will Einstein. "New technology such as smart street lights will help us partner with our customers to meet their goals and improve the customer experience." Energy measurement that would facilitate metered billing as opposed to flat rate billing Remote control for dimming, turn off and turn on Uses less energy through dimming and reduces carbon as a result The City of Bellevue will be one of the first to receive the installations. PSE will be replacing around 300 roadway lights in some of Bellevue's arterial roadways with LED lights. It's part of the city's overall effort to reduce its carbon footprint. "We value innovation as a community and so appreciate that PSE partnered with Bellevue as one of the first two cities to receive new smart street lights," said Mayor Lynne Robinson. "In addition to energy efficiency and cost savings, it has the potential to help PSE respond more quickly to burned out lights owned by the company. It will be a positive safety boost for our Vision Zero effort to eliminate serious-injury and fatal crashes on city streets by 2030." Smart street lighting installations will also soon begin in the City of Edgewood with the installation of about 50 smart light controllers. "The City of Edgewood is excited to partner with PSE to incorporate Smart technology for immediate two-way communications and control of our street lights," said Edgewood Mayor Daryl Eidinger. "This control will give us feedback for malfunctions and allow us to reduce our usage, light pollution and our carbon footprint." Other cities within PSE's service area will also be able to engage with PSE on controls. PSE has partnered with Landis Gyr to equip 25,000 street lights with smart controls over five years. This is another way PSE is working together with customers to create a clean energy future for all as the company has also set an aspirational goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon company by 2045. PSE will target reducing its own carbon emissions to net zero and go beyond by helping other sectors to enable carbon reduction across the state. Partnering with municipalities in its service area will help towards that mission. For more information on the smart street lighting program.
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