In My City, I See a Little "device" Thing on Top of Every Street Light, What Are Those?

Big Brother is watching. Those are cameras dedicated to watching the citizens and tracking our moves. These are put there supposedly to stop crimes, however with advanced technology allows them to track our every move and the data is being sent to corporations in order to target us for marketing data. Also they are tracking phone calls and internet usage. Avoid using electronics or showing your face in public in order to stop this

In My City, I See a Little

1. What does a photon do if it finds itself alone? Say a street light emits light into the night and some photons do not hit anything to be absorbed, how long will those photons travel? Until they do hit something?

As long as it takes.But worry not about the photon. It will not age, it will not feel lonely. The wave will simple self propagate until the end of its journey

2. What is the street light history before electricity?

Way back in history, there was no street light until the law mandated everyone with a window facing the Main Street had to put a light by the window. People failed to do so would be fined. Chinese use lanterns lit up with candles. Then there were the ones manually lit using oil (any kind of animal oil, fish oil, beeswax, even sesame oil). Historical record also found that Chinese even started gas lighting using bamboo pipes 1700 years ago. Westerner use copper and glass lanterns while Easterners use paper lanterns. It was not until the 14thcentury then they start using gas mostly still manually lit in London. It was not the type of gas we have today. First gas distillers from wood called thermolampe was patent in 1799 in England and coal-gas lighting patent in Germany in 1804. There were a lot of breakthroughs in the early 1800. London in 1808 and Westminster Bridge was the first bridge on record lit by gas in 1813. Baltimore was the first city to adopt gas street lighting in the U.S in 1816. 1819 in Russia ( not popular until 1839), Paris, France adopted gas street lighting in 1820. Brighter lamps using illuminating gas (hydrogen and hydrocarbon) was invented by Austrian in 1891. Throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century, gas lamp was used in varying degrees of improved fuel and equipment. Gas lamps were slowly replaced by electricity street lamps in late 19th century. nAlthough the first electric street lighting employed arc lamp was developed by Russia in 1875, reliability did not warrent its replacement of the gas lamp. Frequent outage of electrical system and maintenance intensive kept gas lamp alive and well into the 19th century. nToday, gas lamp can still be found in some cities for nostalgic reasons as well as memory of the past. Baltimore has one so are many cities around the world. There is a gas lamp district in San Diego California. If you find one in your city. Please share.What is the street light history before electricity?

In My City, I See a Little

3. Do/will you go by the porch/street light rule for your kids?

From the age of about 8 I was allowed to go outside on my block and had to come home when the street and building lights came on. I was not allowed to leave the block and my mother looked out the window from time to time to ensure that I was ok. If your neighborhood is safe then I think it's fine to allow kids to roam free. It develops independence and allows for socialization

4. Do you have a timed street light that is always red when you come to it?

Not now but I used to live in a huge city and late one night I discovered that if you time them right and go just under the speed limit you can catch them all green

5. a street light is 15 ft .... ?? 10points?

A Street light is 15ft directly above the curb. A man 6ft tall starts 10ft down street from the light and walks directly across the street which is 10ft wide. When he reaches the opposite curb, the distance between the initial and final positions of the tip of his shadows is given by 16 2/3 ft ANSWER From first shadow along side of street is (10 6*10/(15 -- 6) ) ft = 16 2/3 ft second shadow along diagonal at 45 degrees to first shadow is rt2 10rt2*6/ ft = (16 2/3)rt2 ft

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