Looking for Some Great Solar Light Products to Put in the Front Yard.?

You can get these at Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Target. I have tried them and live in the Southern Region of US but just went ahead and bought regular landscape lights because of the disappointment of the solar. You can get really good prices if you watch for deals and in the long run you wo not be replacing so many times.

Looking for Some Great Solar Light Products to Put in the Front Yard.? 1

1. Has anyone else had this problem?

Giving it some hose guides to rest up against is a great help in avoiding wiping out your plants and you have a little more freedom to not always be wondering if your hose is damaging stuff. Solar light sounds like it should work nicely as long as the hose does not up-root the solar light while you are yanking on the hose just make sure to anchor it deep enough and that it post is strong enough not to break from the added stress of the hose

2. How to Choose Outdoor Solar Lights

On of the main question I am getting from readers is: how to choose outdoor solar lights?When choosing solar powered lights, it is all about application, application, application. This is the biggest consideration when deciding on a particular light. Let's now consider what goes into a solar light. First, you have a photovoltaic cell that captures the light. The bigger the cell, the more light it can capture and convert to energy. Size is not everything though. The biggest factor when dealing with solar cells is the efficiency. That is where the biggest advancements in technology are happening. Next, you need something that stores the energy. Most solar lights use nickel cadmium batteries for energy storage. Next you have the light itself. This is where LED technology comes into play. LED's are a "cool" light. That means that they can convert the energy that is given to them into almost pure light, rather than the combination of heat and light that older filaments produce. This makes the LED's much more efficient. They also have a much longer life than older light types. Keeping all this in mind, you really need to make sure that the solar yard lights you are buying are going to suit your application. Let's assume that we are not going to go with yesterday's technology, and we are going to make sure that the lights have high quality photovoltaic cells and LED's. Let's look at the three basic types of outdoor solar lights, and how application needs to dictate the lights type. First is solar accent lights. As the name implies, this type of solar light is meant to add accents to your home landscaping. Since accent lights are fairly dim compared to other types of solar lights, they have a much longer run time. It is not uncommon to get a couple of nights worth of light out of a single day's charge. Look for accent lights that have multi-crystalline solar cells. They can collect energy even on overcast days. I should also note that the amber LED's seem to have a longer run time than white. There are also many styles of accent lights that can compliment the surrounding scenery. They also work great as solar patio lights. Next are solar path lights. These solar lights are brighter than accent lights. They are meant for lighting pathways, driveways, walkways, etc. Solar path lights come in a variety of options for mounting in a way that will work for your project. Just keep in mind that they are really meant to focus the light downward, toward the ground. As they run brighter than accent lights, you can expect shorter run times. The brightest of the outdoor solar lights are spotlights and solar flood lights . They are used to cast a beam of light toward a particular feature of your home's landscaping or architecture. As the light is projected away from the fixture toward another object, most people prefer to have them hidden out of sight. This can make them difficult to energize, as "hidden" and "in direct sunlight" is usually a contradiction in terms. For this reason, many solar flood lights have a separate "solar panel" that connects to the light with a wire that can be mounted in an area that gets more light. This allows you a great deal of versatility in locating your spotlights in just the perfect spot for the greatest effect. Hopefully this will help you understand how to choose outdoor solar lights. You can now buy the right solar powered lights for the right application without some of the costly mistakes that often come about in "do-it-yourself" type projects. Did you know that there is such a thing as indoor solar lighting? Learn more about these, as well as about solar skylights in our indoor solar lights post

Looking for Some Great Solar Light Products to Put in the Front Yard.? 2

3. What do you think about the solar light for home security?

Great idea but I have had many of these devices and they seldom last more than a year, usually the battery loses most of its capacity because they are not charged properly by the solar panel

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(PDF) Design of an Automatic Solar Lighting System
Journal of Fundamental and A pplied Sciences is licensed under a T oday, the worldwide research trends are heading towards producing e nvironmental friendly outcomes. Th us, today the electricity is mostly generated from renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, tides and other to reduce depe ndency on non-renewable sources like hydroelectrics, fossil fuels and others. This paper presents an innovation of the automatic lighting system with the solar as a source of the system. Charger controller circuit is necessary to cut off the current of the rechargeable battery when reaching its maximum voltage. Dark-on relay circuit functions as an automatic switch to the light s o that the l ight will be automatically turned on when there is no light or at ni ght. Otherwise, the light wi ll be turned off. The system can be applied to the room light, outdoor light, corridor light, spotlight or streetlight. The system i s low cost and beneficial for home usage to save electricity bills and when the occupants are absent for relatively long period of time.1. What is the right setup to have solar lighting for the entire house to be installed?There are alot of ways to do it and it depends on the size of house and if we are talking refit or new build. 2 main ways. Wire 12 volts to all the devices, this will allow you to use cheaper regulators but will cause high power loss in large systems (probably not a concern for most houses but you never know) Keep eveyrhting 120 V and use an Inverter to change the voltage from the panels to the normal 120V, run this to the existing house panel and either rewire the light circuits to go to the inverter or use a phase matching transformer to insert the power into the panel. (This saves you from needing batteries in the setup as exess power is simply fed back into the power grid saving you money by turning the meter backwards)2. Need help starting a solar lighting system?Both the golf cart batteries and the marine batteries are deep discharge lead acid batteries. They may be liquid, gel, active glass matrix or valved, they may be manual or sealed. There are not particularly efficient but they are inexpensive as batteries go and simple to work with. They are the same batteries used in computer UPS systems. You may want to check with the major lead acid battery makers to get some good reconditioned batteries especially since those huge banks of batteries used in UPS systems are supposed to be swapped out for reconditioning after each power outage and every two years. Usually companies wo not swap them out after each power outage like they are supposed to but they usually do replace them every two years. The reconditioned ones are just as good as new ones as the batteries themselves are just containers of lead and zinc plates and acid. Keep in mind that lead acid batteries are 50% efficient at recharging, you need about 24V to recharge 12V and only half the power you put into them gets stored. It's a simple matter of wiring six volt batteries in series to get 12V and you can wire a bunch of 6V in parallel with diode protection and then in series to another bunch of diode protected 6V in parallel so that a bad battery does not bring you down.3. I just moved into a house with.outdooor accent solar lighting and they dont work. there are 2 6x8 solar panels?This is really important: each panel looks like they can take ANY AA battery. NO!. NO! You, unfortunately, need to know what type of battery: regular AA, NiCD AA, NiMH or Li-Ion AA. People try different batteries and while it can work for a SHORT time, eventually it will destroy the fixture. That may be what the previous owners did. Wrong batteries ruin solar fixtures because batteries all work differently in terms of how a solar fixture stores and uses solar energy. Wrong type fries out connections and bulbs within short time. If you have pics and upload them, I might be able to identify the manufacturer or what type of battery you need. Also, what do the bulbs look like? Pics of those will help too. LEDs are used in most solar lights these days, but some also use halogen or CFLS, and those eventually wear out, whereas LEDs are "Virtually" forever, as they last 80,000 to 100,000 hours. But, not knowing how old your lights are.....???? New flood lights are great choices to go solar with, because you can put the light itself one place, and then the panel up to 15 feet away -- for example, the fixture on the side of the house, the panel on a roof (you can even some solar lights inside sheds, barns, garages, or carports.) Check out the site below, they are having a summer sale on right now and work with customers to come up with options that meet the intended purposes of the solar lights and your budget. (Broad variety of both types of lights available and cost depending on the quality.)
LumusSolem Solar Lights Introduction 2021: The Definitive Guide
LumusSolem Solar Lights Introduction 2021: The Definitive Guide
LumusSolem Solar Lights Introduction 2021: The Definitive Guide
LumusSolem Solar Lights Introduction 2021: The Definitive Guide
LumusSolem Solar Lights Introduction 2021: The Definitive Guide
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