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My Teacher (history) Told Me That They've Already Discovered How Big the End of the Universe Is?

Never listen to an arts teacher about science. The fact is the universe is still expanding and all we know about it has been learned by observing it through telescopes here on Earth. The universe could be a hundred times bigger,or more, than what we have seen.

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what THEME does your toddler boys room have?

It's an updated version of his nursery. Sort of a rustic western cowboy type thing. Dark rusty red comforter, tan walls (I would describe them as the color of chocolate milk), Texas flag above his bed, and other little cowboy knick knacks like horseshoes and things around the room


quick sun dial question?

Yes, it is most likely due to daylight time. Sundials show apparent solar time, which varies according to the equation of time. But to show apparent solar time as adjusted for daylight savings you would have to move all the marks one hour later than in a standard sundial design.


What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take at home and work to combat global warming?

"The last ten years have been the hottest..." Excuse me! Where exactly did you find this piece of misinformation? There was warming in the last century but over the course of the last decade temperatures have remained static (averaged) or have gone down, depending on where and how measurements are conducted.


Is there a way to find out the requirement power (watts) for a room? (including lights, air condition etc)?

Yeah, each product has a watts consumption. Usually average but sometimes max. For a power plant max if preferable because when a motor starts it consumes more current and would in effect consume more power. Then once it gets over the inertia part it consumes the average current.


Is this a good Burn deck?

i pick swarm however ive thot approximately gambling round with zombie burn... the major combinations with zombie burn are your traditional burn techniques with the addition of zombie sizeable and malevolent mech goku en creature supply them the monster, it dies and so they get the harm.


When do you consider a character Too Overpowered?

A Character like Superman would be too OP because one of his weaknesses is Kryptonite and there have been plenty of times where the show and the comics have Said F*ck it and let him bypass that weakness to win a fight or get out of a tough situation


How can I power LED light strings with a solar panel?

in case you purchase lights that are distinctly image voltaic powered, the potential created by using each unit is probably purely adequate to run the guy strand of lights. even with the shown fact that, you ought to use primary outdoors christmas lights with a small-ish image voltaic panel with inverter to transform the potential for all the lights


How can i modify my deck to work with synchros?

well the easiest way to incorporate synchros is glow up bulb, but for a volcanic burn deck, getting in tuners is hard cause this deck doesnt swarm monsters, glow up and plaguespreader zombie r ur most reliable tuners in a splashed deck that isnt very compatible for synchros


How has space research helped our living conditions?

LED lights, infrared ear thermometers,artificial limbs, ventricular assist devices, anti-icing, highway safety, improved radial tires, chemical detection, video enhansing/analysis systems, land mine removal, fire resistant reinforcement, temper foam, enriched baby food, portable cordless vacuums, freeze dry technology, harnessing solar energy, pollution remediation, water purification, software improvements, structural analysis, Refrigerated Internet-Connected Wall Ovens, Powdered Lubricants, Improved Mine Safety, Food Safety Systems,


is the passover eight days for jewish in israel?

it is seven days for residents of israel and eight days for residents of another country, even if they stay in israel during passover they have to add a second day of seder meal in the beginning and an additional day in the end. only chabad does not follow this tradition


Is fusion power our only real alternative to fossil fuels?

there is many options to fossil fuels. the single I see status out for motor vehicle a minimum of is electricity produced through eco-friendly skill like wind power, geothermal, or power from the solar. maximum likely a mixture of many resources will be had to ween us off of fossil fuels


Would this theory for traveling faster than the speed of light work?

the concept is interesting and i like how you allowed for most far as the plausibility theoretically its sound the only problem occurs with the "instantaneous" freezing just because it wouldnt be wholly instant so they would probably die in the process and then again we cant technically reach 0 kelvin yet...close...but not yet...very cool idea


How can I make my house more green?????

Most houses are very toxic and non green because of the chemicals we use in our soaps, detergents, cosmetics and even toothpaste. The following website has some scary statistics about the chemicals in the average home. Try converting your home to environmentally friendly products. One by one if necessary.


Has anyone put forward a theory on the formation of solar systems....?

The formation of stars and planetary systems is a well-studied sub-field of astronomy. It does not involve energy converting into mass. The planets and stars are not perfect spheres, but the extent to which they are spheres is the result of self-gravity acting upon bodies that are mostly fluid.


help fix my burn deck?

for monsters i would suggest adding a couple of solar flare drags,mecha bunnies ,and marshmallon and for spells u should add some ookazies and hinotamasfor damage, and finally for traps i would just add a couple of just deserts. and everything else the other guy said other than that its a pretty good deck


Where can I find a water powered generator that can hook up to my faucet?

Save time and money with an efficient alternative to batteries and transformers with a Hydro Generator, brought to you by The hydro generator accessories are made for use on the ChekPoint EC-model faucets, and are a great way to keep your money in your pocket - not paying for replacement batteries. Looking for more hands free products? Click here.


How many solar panels will I need for my house to make it self sufficient?

There are many energy conservation tips the home owner should consider before buying and installing a solar power system. Obtaining an understanding of how appliances, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and electronics use electricity is important to know before buying a solar power system so it can be sized correctly


Do architectural engineers build and design houses and/or buliding?

This is possible as long as the architect has good experience and knowledge in construction. Designing and drawing of houses are very easy for architects but when you put the drawing into reality, it is a different story. You have to plan your resources and follow your schedule so you wont be over the budget after all.


What is Solar Solarium, and how can it help us?

A solarium is any tanning unit that a person uses to tan their skin using UV radiation. "This legislation will help reduce the incidence of melanoma, given UV radiation exposure in the first 18 years of life is important in determining lifelong skin cancer risk, and people with fair skin are at higher risk."


Trying to make my home as ecofriendly as possible...and trying to save money...?

If you are trying to make your home more eco friendly why not make your main means of transportation also eco friendly.Ride a bike every day instead of a internal combustion vehicle.It will give you a workout,save you a lot of money,and will significantly reduce the amount of polution you release into the environment.


Aside from installing solar panels to a building, what else can I do to make it more sustainable?

Insulation batts in the ceiling space and walls if possible, double glazing windows ( two sheets of glass with an air gap between), led lighting, low water pressure taps and properly seal up any places for air to enter / escape so the air conditioning is more efficient


If the universe goes on for infinity, in theory, what shape is it.?

From astronomical observation, the universe appears to be almost flat. The distribution of matter and cosmic microwave background radiation revealed by the WMAP satellite shows that the universe is flat to one part in ten thousand or so. The remaining ripples are what formed all of the astronomical structures we see.


What is the best means of making my house the lowest cost?

It is government subsidized housing where taxpayers pick up part of the rent tab so people who are economically disadvantaged (we used to call them poor people) can afford to live there. Better that than homelessness. The housing itself is not low cost per se. It is subsidized so that rents are made artificially low for renters.


Do you think solar power has an undeservedly bad rap?

It is expensive now so a lot will need to be done to convince most that it's not going to be so much. I read a psychological report that stated that humans generally stick with what they first hear but hopefully, time and experience will change theit minds when new technology develops.


Can you wear sun glasses during a solar eclipse?

I think it would be wise to put an addintional filter on the binoculars since the suns image will be magnified and focussed into the eyes. The best thing to do is go to someone who specialises and sells telescopes... ask them about filters. Camera film is not designed normally for shooting the sun. Likewise neither are modern electronic cameras


what can we do to stop global warming?

Nothing climate change is a natural thing dont believe the lies trying to stop Afriaca develop is a crime and murders millions. We are carbon based CO2 has nothing to do with global warming did you know Mars is also getting warmer I suggest watching the global warming swindle


Can I plug a solar panel into a wall socket to lower my electric bill?

No. this is really a lot more desirable complicated than that. It calls for an inverter gadget which could produce the mandatory AC voltage from the DC output of the panel and tournament it precisely to, and in section with, the frequency provided by using the application. This receives extraordinarily extreme priced, and is not likely to pay for itself.


Could multi-level greenhouses help provide more food / resources?

You can imagine agricultural activities which would benefit each other, like growing vegetables and keeping poultry in Europe. The poultry produces heat on which the vegetables can thrive. Often it becomes difficult when you have a plague of insects which have to be sprayed. All chicken will also die.


How can I reduce my electric/AC bill?

Simple - turn the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. Improving your insulation will also lower your heating and cooling needs. To reduce your electric bill further you can get energy efficient appliances and wrap your water heater in a blanket. Replace your incandescent bulbs with CFLs


Can you easily reduce your energy use painlessly and at modest upfront cost?

I also recommend growing a vegetable and herb garden. The produce is much more delicious, and it saves you the trip to the store while also creating an impact on cross-country shipping from factory farms. Not to mention the pride and enjoyment you can get from being one step closer to self-sufficiency.


I have to design a eco house for a project. Could you please give me some ideas of ways to save energy?

Solar and wind production of electricity. Stored energy in batteries. Use inverter to power most of your AC needs, entertainment, microwave and the like. Cook with propane or CNG. These are actually a system to partially step off the grid by self generation of electricity. By stepping back from the grid you reduce the power needs.


When was it first realised that daylight sunlight?

actual a shift of an hour on the clock does not substitute the type of hours of image voltaic. The sunlight rises and instruments at a fairly repeatable era on a daily basis. the clarification for no longer changing to sunlight value rate reductions time is supplied on interior reach cultural bias no longer warmth.


The solar system is part of our galaxy. Our galaxy is thousands of light-years across. Clouds, filaments, and?

"Walls" are generally used within the astronomical community to describe mind-numbingly large structures consisting of hundreds of galaxies. Therefore, that statement by itself is at least partially questionable. For the same reason, galaxies are not necessarily the largest objects in the universe, that is - if you include walls. ADDED: The sun is a slightly-larger-than-average star.


Would it make sense to build a nuclear power plant on the moon to power the first lunar colony?

The incident at 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and probably the movie the China Syndrome made them doubt the safety of nuclear power plants. The United States Navy has been operating nuclear power plants for over 50 years without a single incident, but all they can remember are 3 Mile Island, and Chernobyl


Proest Burn Deck ever?

i desire swarm yet ive thot approximately fooling around with zombie burn... the main properly known mixtures with zombie burn are your widespread burn techniques with the addition of zombie large and malevolent mech goku en creature supply them the monster, it dies and that they get the wear and tear.


I have retaining walls and I would like to add lighting to the walls. Suggestions?

Solar lights are ok but electrical lights are the best. Try setting the lights out for up lighting the walls and downlighting or a combination. When you install the lighting provide outlets along the wall for holiday lighting decorations. In the future maybe you will install a small pond and waterfall

My Teacher (history) Told Me That They've Already Discovered How Big the End of the Universe Is? 1

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