No Left Turn Street Light Arrow?

Cars going straight have the right of way over cars turning

No Left Turn Street Light Arrow? 1

1. So I've got a street light right outside my appt room and it keeps me up at night.?

This is not a new problem, it happens all the time. If you wreck the light, it will just get repaired and you will suffer the consequences of your action. Just get a piece of cardboard from the rubbish bin, cut it to size and wedge it into the window at night. No cost to you. Othe people use sheets or towels to do the same thing

2. Do you have a timed street light that is always red when you come to it?

Not now but I used to live in a huge city and late one night I discovered that if you time them right and go just under the speed limit you can catch them all green

No Left Turn Street Light Arrow? 2

3. British Columbia Street Light isn't working?

Call Engineering Services at 604-873-7323 or use the link to submit a request

4. we need to get a intersection street light changed to perhaps a delayed light to prevent anymore accidents?

get out the wheel barrow and the bags of cement....make your own speed bump in the middle of the night

5. Which wide angle lens and camera combinations are considered to be particularly resistant to artifacts from street light sources?

Nikon Df Zeiss 35/2 ZF2 is an excellent combo for noght street shots. The new version (Milvus 35/2) is probably just as good.The Tamron 45/1.8 also seems very good, but I have less experience here. Older, specialized lenses such as Noct Nikkor 58/1.2 also work well, but do not get the benefits from state-of-the-art coating technologies. A photographer who owns both Nikkor 58 showed me his test shots, where it appears that the newer 58/1. 4 G was better for night shots (less flare).On the longer FL side, the 105/1.8 AIS does a very good job

6. how do you find the shadow of a 5 ft tall person if he or she is 30 ft away from a 20 foot tall street light?

Look behind them? Just kidding. Draw a nice, long horizontal line for the ground. Then draw a vertical line up from the ground at one end. At the top, make a circle. This is the light. Then somewhere in the middle of the ground, draw a shorter line with a circle. This is your person (and their head). Draw a line connecting the center of the light to the person's head, then continue to the ground. You now have two triangles that are congruent: they have the same 3 angles. You also have a quadrilateral with two right angles. Hmm... not quite enough to solve this problem. What next? Draw a line parallel to the ground from the person's head to the light post and you have a 3rd congruent triangle sitting atop a 5x30 rectangle. I say congruent, because in all of the triangles, all 3 angles are the same. You do not actually need to know the other 2 angles to solve the problem. It's not geometry at this point, just simple algebra. This ought to be enough for you to solve the rest of the problem. You did not ask for an answer, right, just the method to solve the problem.

7. What does it mean when my car won't move after I come to a stop at a street light?

I need to know the yr make and model of the car and type of tranny and engine size too. It sounds like the transmission speed sensor is gone south,depending on the yr of the vehicle if it has one. The valve body could have some gunk clogging the ports but I dought it. I believe it's the sensor, if you have an Auto Zone nearby they can help you, I am an Auto Zone,Sr. Sales Rep at store no.1167 in Washington State.Best of Luck to ya! Michael T

8. How to get a flickering street light fixed?

call the energy company

9. in a street light what does that mean: electricity consumption: 1500 kWh/year.?

A kilowatt is a RATE of using electricity. if you use a kilowatt of electricity for an hour, that is an AMOUNT of electricity. Most electric companies base their cost of domestic electricity on the amount of kilowatt-hours you use. It is comparable to saying your speed is 50mph. That is your RATE of travel. You cannot ask how far you have gone, about the distance, until you also say how LONG you have traveled at that speed. So this light is expected, on average, to use about 1500 kilowatt hours each year. Maybe the bulb draws 1,000 watts (one kilowatt) andit is on for 1500 hours a year. But the truth is that that number tells you very little about how much the bulb uses in one hour, or how bright it is: just what it uses in a year. I hope that helps.

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