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1. What is the best equipment to measure instantaneous solar light intensity?

I think the question is ill posed. When you say how is light measured I could understand that you want a measurement procedure in order to find out the energy it carries (photometry) the frequency of the electromagnetic oscillations taking place inside it (spectrometry)... In order to characterise different properties of light (of an electromagnetic wave) energetic and photometric units are used and there are a lot of them. So put the question again a more precise way. Only correct questions could receive correct answers!!

2. on a wooden deck as flush as possible to the floor, a solar light to mark the nearby corners, possible?

I dont believe these are 'solar' lights, but Rockler has a VERY large selection of deck lights. Everything from lighted post caps, deck lights that mount right on the deck, to lights that are flush with the surface of the deckboards. Like I said, there are a lot of lights here, take time to browse thru them. Have Fun

Related Questions of Solar Light 2

3. Do you know any company that produce solar to light up signboards at night?

no,but i wish i know

4. Deer in garden. where can I find a solar light that puts out intermittent and maybe multi colored light?

I do not know about solar light but deer in just go to a beautishop asking for hair clippings....put them aroung your garden....deer will disappear

5. I broke my clients solar light ?i need good phrase?

I would still tell him. It will show him that you are an honest person who takes responsibility for your mistakes. It will build trust between you and your client. I am sure that he will think higher of you for it.

6. Anyone out there know where to buy replacement solar light bulbs?, You need to know what your looking for though

7. How can I use solar to light up my garden?

I think the long answer is absolutely correct and purposely at the high end because "light my garden" is not well defined not is "strings of LEDs" If you accept a lower level of light in more limited areas than the system described, you can bring down the cost. You still need a moderately serious solar panel or more than one - not a trickle charger sold cheap for car batteries - at least one deep discharge battery matched to the time hours and amp hours of the LEDs and one or more controller circuits. It seems likely to me that the lowest cost solution (beside multiple copies of low light level garden path gadgets) is likely to be several smaller batteries put on sale some place (like heavier duty small UPS or security 12V units), a sale of middling solar panels and careful research of the rapidly changing LED market so you get the most light for the power used.

8. How can I tell if my solar light is working?

get a multimeter. should be around 10 bucks. Radio shack or ACE hardware. You can use it for many other things too. Battery testing, continuity of wires, ( do they work)

9. I broke my clients solar light ?

Tell the truth. You should have done that the day you broke it, but you should do it now as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more it looks like you are trying to hide it. Call them. E-mail them. Leave a note on the door. Send a letter. But let them know ASAP

10. They say matter is neither created nor destroyed, however, the global population is growing. How does the increase in mass from all life population growth effect the momentum of the planet and therefore its average temperature?

In fact matter alone is not conserved but only mass-energy that is taking into account euivalence of mass and energy E= mc^2. Our planet uses as energy source solar light plus energy stored in its core originating from its formation period. In addition there are such conservation laws like baryon and lepton numbers which allow for creation of new matter only in association with its antimatter. Forms of matter and its structures may change instead using the external energy input which is stored as a chemical energy of organic and inorganic matter. In this sense equivalent matter amount increases while the total mass of our sun decreases. The energy balance of the absorbed and emitted light energy is known under the name of albedo which is changing with increasing usage of the solar energy. This fact contributes also a little to the earth temperatur increase, not only due to the CO2 emission increasing light absorption by the atmosphere. Albedo - WikipediaThey say matter is neither created nor destroyed, however, the global population is growing. How does the increase in mass from all life population growth effect the momentum of the planet and therefore its average temperature?.

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