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Considering that street light may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about street light for you to get started.

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1. Is the GE M400 street light a small, medium, or large fixture?

Hi..I'm not clear, what a small. med or large light fixture might be for the common county street lamp or light.I had to look this up. but at its widest point, it looks to be about 13 across. Probably a Halogen light inside or Mercury Vapor light. By now I would think a lot of outside street lighting is more an LED type, they are cooler lights, more effective, brighter lighting, using less power for it to work...and should last longer....Good LuckDaveIs the GE M400 street light a small, medium, or large fixture?

2. a man 2m tall walks at the rate of 1 m/s towards a street light 6m high. How fast is his shadow shortening?

Say the man is 10 meters from the pole. The pole is 6 meters high, but from the top of the mans head, the pole is 4 meters high. This gives a triangle 4m high, base 10m, hypotenuse = sqrt(116). Using like triangle rules, 4m/10m as 6m/xm; x = 15m. The distance his shadow is at is 15m from the pole. Now at 1 m/s, it takes him 10 seconds to walk to the pole. So in 10 seconds, his shadow meets him at the pole at the same time. So the shadow is traveling 15 meters in 10 seconds. 15m/10s = 1.5 m/s. The shadow is shortening at 1.5 m/s relative to the ground, relative to the pole. The shadow is shortening at 1.5 m/s - 1 m/s or 1/2 m/s relative to the man.

Related Questions of Street Light 2

3. how do the people in the government know if a street light has stopped working?

Either a citizen will report it, or while a police officer is driving he will see it is not working

4. How do I control the brightness of an LED street light

You have supplied a partial part number and no link to the datasheet. This one says it could be either zero-cross turn-on or random turn-on.Figure 1. ERI SSR datasheet extract.If it's zero-voltage turn on then it will always switch on as the mains crosses the zero volt point and give full mains cycles. You can not dim using that kind of SSR. You want one that allows variable (or "random" in ERI's terminology) turn-on.Figure 2. Phase angle control using triac / SSR

5. my wife climbed the street light pole?

get ready to catch her

6. How do you get residential street light bulbs replaced.?

I would maybe check with the city or county depending on the area in which you live. There maybe a time sensitive monitor on them or maybe they need to be replaced. Explaining the situation to the proper personnel may in deed solve the problem with the lights not staying on. I know that we have a street light at the end of our driveway and it stays on all night long consistently. I would check with your local city / county that handles the area and have it checked it may have some sort of malfunction going on

7. I have a street light that needs a power source. I'd like to use solar instead of hard wire. What system should I use?

I have a street light that needs a power source. I would like to use solar instead of hard wire. What system should I use?Look at all the available solar lights for inspiration and likely watts needed and WH needed. I assume you will use LED, it really does not work otherwise. Add a motion sensor for lowest energy too

8. Night photography - street light question?

That is an artifact from using a digital camera, its not a technique. Over 99% of night shots from digital cameras show this

9. What does it mean when my car won't move after I come to a stop at a street light?

I need to know the yr make and model of the car and type of tranny and engine size too. It sounds like the transmission speed sensor is gone south,depending on the yr of the vehicle if it has one. The valve body could have some gunk clogging the ports but I dought it. I believe it's the sensor, if you have an Auto Zone nearby they can help you, I am an Auto Zone,Sr. Sales Rep at store no.1167 in Washington State.Best of Luck to ya! Michael T

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