So I've Got a Street Light Right Outside My Appt Room and It Keeps Me Up at Night.?

First step is to call someone at a local level to see if something can be done - who is responsible for public works in your city? They would be a good place to start. Get a set of blackout curtains. Until you get a chance to buy them, you can hang a blanket or towel over your window with thumb tacks for a few nights. Do not damage the light. It will just be replaced, and your problem will return - you will have to keep putting it out over and over again, increasing the likelihood of getting caught.

So I've Got a Street Light Right Outside My Appt Room and It Keeps Me Up at Night.? 1

1. Can you believe that I have the ability without even trying to manipulate street light sensors?

Yes, you have entered the dark and mystical world of "TIMED TRAFFIC LIGHTS" Nice try!

2. do you remember back in the day you had to be home before the street light came on?

Yes I remember.. And I would usually get things taken away or grounded

So I've Got a Street Light Right Outside My Appt Room and It Keeps Me Up at Night.? 2

3. I hate street light cameras?

It just cost me $75.00!

4. How do you get residential street light bulbs replaced.?

get a ladder and buy some bulbs

5. A person is standing 40 feet away from a street light that is 30 feet tall. How tall is he if his shadow is 10?

did you give enough info? any info on the shadow of the streetligth?

6. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?

Street lights?

7. Birds chirping, thinking the street light is daylight?

I think birds know the difference between street lights and daylight you idiot

8. 1901 manchester st uk the street light poles still there ?

There is an area of Higher Broughton in Salford, Greater Manchester, which is a conservation area. I have seen what look like gaslamps, but with electric bulbs now in them there

9. what does it mean if you walk under a street light and it turns off, but you walk away and it tures back on?

It's sooooo a stoplight. cuz it would turn off over u, and come on on the left and right then it would turn on when u would walk away! okay so i have no clue but at least i gave an effort

10. How fast is the length of his shadow changing when he is 12 m from the street light?

85 solve for s: s(1/12 - 1/1.85) d/12 = 0 s = d/12 / (1/1.85 - 1/12) This looks complicated but it's really just a linear eq: s = m * d m = 1/(12/1.85 - 12/12) (I distributed the 12 on the bottom) therefore: ds/dt = m * dd/dt so ds/dt = is constant = 2.2 / (12/1.85 - 1) = 2.2 * 1.85 / (12-1.85) oops, it should be negative because dd/dt is technically negative (since the he's walking TOWARD light and therefore d is getting smaller and therefore negative)

11. trying to find painting of woman standing under street light in middle of nowhere, night gown blowing in wind?

Unfortunately, the theme of "a woman in the night with flowing gown" is actually rather common. =( ( I've come across several similar pictures before, but I have no idea of the artists. ) Unless it is a very, very famous painting, is painted in a very specific style niche, or if there's some clue of the "ethnic setting" (e.g. the style of the street light / style of her gown / what nationality she is etc.)--it is going to be very hard to pinpoint the original source. Good luck! =)

12. So I've got a street light right outside my appt room and it keeps me up at night.?

You have got a BUNCH of party poopers answering your question, dont ya? I had a similar thing happen when I was 17. I am 45 now. It made sneaking out of the house a ***** without getting caught! In any case. I dug my beebee gun out of the closet and after about 3 attempts, took out that puppy. My advice is to sit on the neighbors lawn in case the police become involved and try to determine trajectory. They used this same trick with JFK back with Lee Harvey Oswald.

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