Street Light Effect: Does Anyone Else Experience It?

Explain what all that means

Street Light Effect: Does Anyone Else Experience It? 1

1. Help me in my mission to stop this effing street light!!!?

the light illuminates the neighborhood which can deter juveniles delinquents or criminals so i am in support of what others have said about putting up curtains and refraining from using a bb gun (you will shoot your eye out!) construction paper and foil on the window seems kinda lame to me how about a sleeping eye mask, they are available on ebay for less than $10

2. Why do people in the USA drive with their high beams on even when there is a street light? Why do they not lower the beam for incoming traffic?

It's not as common as the OP makes it sound, but in my part of the world around this time of the year, it is because high-beams let you see the deer a bit better from farther down the road, and kind of warns oncoming traffic of the deer too

Street Light Effect: Does Anyone Else Experience It? 2

3. How do I get the street light outside my house fixed?

In the city of Los Angeles both the roads and the streetlights are maintained by the Department of Public Works - the Bureau of Street Services and the Bureau of Street Lighting are a part of the Public Works department. Maybe you could try putting in the name of your city or county followed by department of public works. When I tried it with just New York and department of public works alot of counties and cities in New York came up with Google, so you can narrow it down to your location and hopefully find the information you need.

4. A woman 5 feet tall is walking away from an 18 foot street light at the rate of 2 ft per second. At what rate?

LOL!!!!! I would think the rate says 2 ft per second> I am a genius no calculus necessary.

5. Why does a street light cast a wavey shimmer across the water (at night)

If you live by a lake you must have noticed that at windless nights ( and days of course) it becomes a mirror. Street lights are reflected with the dimensions they have.If/when a breeze starts the surface breaks into waves. The nature of liquids is such that the equations describing the small disturbances of the surface are wave equations. The reflective property of the water is retained and the street light turns into a long wavy line of light, because the water becomes small displaced mirrors, with a direction dependent on the direction of the wave.On a street when there is enough water the effect is the same. If it is just wet, the surface irregularities will generate many small mirrors that will change a spot into different shapes, dependent on the irregularities of the terrain

6. Did you have the street light rule when you were little?

That, or they would call my name from the window a few times. Everyone's parents in the neighborhood did that for some reason.. I think it's weird!

7. What does it mean when my car won't move after I come to a stop at a street light?

How about getting someone to adjust the idling speed of your car. it sounds like the car does not idle when it is warmed up. adjusting the carburettor/injection to the correct levels should do the trick. while you are at it let them check the co2 levels as well, it might just improve fuel efficiency and then you score in the long run. good luck hope this helps

8. Why does a Na street light give off a different color light than a Ne light?

Very simply yes. The light emitted is unique for each substance (magnesium for example gives off a bright blue light, sodium famously is yellow).

9. how do you find the shadow of a 5 ft tall person if he or she is 30 ft away from a 20 foot tall street light?

Hypotenuse theorum. A squared B squared = C squared. You take the two distances you know, add them. Then you square your answer and that's the answer. The hypotenuse of any right triangle is equal to the square root of the sum of the remaining sides.

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