Things You May Want to Know About New Solar Lights

An Introduction to new solar lights

Who told you Pluto is a star? You may be conflating a debated theory about Saturn and Jupiter being failed stars. Otherwise Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf planet like Ceres in our Solar System. The new last planet is now Xena - renamed to ERIS.

But that is debated too.

Some think it is just a Kuiper Belt object like Pluto

Things You May Want to Know About New Solar Lights 1

Any lighting people out there? of new solar lights

There are many new solar lights on the market. they all charge a battery so the the better the batterie the longer the light lasts. By a good one. and take into consideration what the throw will be may 2 would be better.

400 ft is a long way longer then a football field so running electricity would be costly

Light Pollution: Finding the Best Way to Live With the Tyranny of the Majority of new solar lights

This morning I journeyed to the outhouse in a landscape so flooded by moonlight I didn't need a flashlight, even though I was walking over the uneven surface of pahoehoe lava. On my way back I saw a dozen new solar lights that a neighbor had installed during my last trip.It made me sad, and a little angry. I live in a world beleaguered by light pollution.

I moved out to the Kalapana Gardens lava field in 2007 when there were fewer than 6 homes in the subdivision; now there are over 50 and every year we get a few more. Many of my neighbors have chosen to light up their yards at night, every year taking away more and more of my eyes' ability to fully dilate in order to appreciate the full magnificence of the stars and the glow of the lava at night.I understand the convenience of light pollution.

The ability to light up the night and extend productive hours is a key aspect of modern civilization. I often use electricity for light when it's dark.I feel frustrated, though, when people have lights on at night when nobody's using them.

Solar lights charge every day and shine all night whether anyone needs to see by their light or not. Their invention has greatly increased the number of artificial lights I see at night. It makes me sad how popular they are.Solar lights mar the nighttime scenery for me, in part because they show me how out of step I am with today's U.



I go through my house and cover up digital clocks and electronic displays as best I can in order to decrease light pollution; meanwhile my neighbors and friends are spending time and energy to increase light pollution.It reminds me of this year's election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. How is it possible for people to live side by side with each other when their values are opposite? If one person wants light, and the other doesn't, who gets to win? If one person wants oil pipelines and the other doesn't, who wins? If one person wants government-subsidized health care and the other doesn't, who wins?One way to deal with the issue is segregation.

Just as animals in the zoo have different and separate habitats to take care of their different and separate needs, humans can have different habitats for people with different values. If I moved to an Amish area, I imagine I would be delighted at the lack of light pollution. Gated communities with CCRs help like-minded people find each other to live together; I could create a subdivision with rules that prohibit lights at night except when they are in direct use.

I could move to a different country, perhaps one that is so poor that nobody would think to waste money on unused lights at night. I could segregate myself, moving to an isolated property with no visible neighbors, far away from any glow of a distant town or city.I often segregate myself, choosing separation over a change in my values.

What I've noticed is that being alone in my values doesn't feel as good as being surrounded by people who have the same values as me. I have the body of a social mammal, with a brain wired to respond to the approval and acceptance of other mammals. I can override my social inclinations with rational logic; it feels better, though, when I don't have to, when my logical mind and my emotional body are both getting their needs met.

In the case of my neighbors' solar lights, my logical mind knows that the LED lights are mostly eyesores; the light they emit is so weak it probably affects my night vision very little. It's mostly my emotional body that doesn't like being surrounded by people who seek out light pollution on purpose. It's a reminder that I'm the odd man out, the misfit in the group.

It creates a fear of the future — what will happen when more people move in, and more and more light pollution infects my subdivision? Will I have to leave my beloved home because I have different values than the majority of my neighbors? If I have to abandon my home, it's my own fault. A little forethought could have shown that a subdivision is not the best place for somebody to live who likes a dark night, even a subdivision that had been abandoned because it was run over by lava 15 years ago.Unfortunately, human society in general does not seem like a good place for somebody to live who likes a dark night, which is perhaps why the proliferation of light pollution makes me feel so isolated and alone.

I'm guessing that many people feel isolated and alone for some reason — maybe they're the only vegan in their school, or the only one who hates swimming among their friends, or the only one at the 4th of July family reunion who hates fireworks. We are all bundles of preferences, and we're bound to be the odd man out at least some of the time.For myself, the quest for like-minded people goes on.

The older I get, the more I can distinguish between the issues that matter more to me and the issues that matter less. As your roommate, I don't care if you leave dirty dishes in the sink for a week, but I do not want to live with you if you are going to throw compost and recycling into the trash. The quality of my life is affected far more by the latter than by the former.

Other people, with other values, will feel the opposite. I won't take it personally if they don't want to live with me, and I hope they don't take it personally that I don't want to live with them.Even though the light pollution has increased in my subdivision, it's still one of the better places for stargazing.

Being off-grid helps; there aren't too many bright lights at night because most people want to use their limited electricity for something else. Living close to the Mauna Kea observatories helps, because the local towns have policies to reduce light pollution in order to help the astronomers see better at night. Even though my predilection for dark at night is a minority position, I've found an area with some influences to keep it on the darker side even as the population swells with light-lovers.

Living in the body of a social mammal while surrounded by people who have different values from me is not easy. It is part of the human condition to balance personal preferences with the needs of the group. I imagine different people have different strategies depending on their values.

For me, if the tyranny of the majority encroaches in an area that I care about deeply, I remove myself from the situation as best I can and seek out a new situation where the majority opinion is the same as mine, even if it means living alone so that mine is the only vote

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More That Half of the Sun's Energy Is Absorbed by What?
More That Half of the Sun's Energy Is Absorbed by What?
The Sun is by far the largest object in the solar system. It contains more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System (Jupiter contains most of the rest) Energy from the Sun The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere.Approximately 30% is reflected back to space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses. The spectrum of solar light at the Earth's surface is mostly spread across the visible and near-infrared ranges with a small part in the near-ultraviolet. Earth's land surface, oceans and atmosphere absorb solar radiation, and this raises their temperature. Warm air containing evaporated water from the oceans rises, causing atmospheric circulation or convection. When the air reaches a high altitude, where the temperature is low, water vapor condenses into clouds, which rain onto the Earth's surface, completing the water cycle. The latent heat of water condensation amplifies convection, producing atmospheric phenomena such as wind, cyclones and anti-cyclonesSunlight absorbed by the oceans and land masses keeps the surface at an average temperature of 14 C. By photosynthesis green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy, which produces food, wood and the biomass from which fossil fuels are derived. Sunlight, in the broad sense, is the total frequency spectrum of electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun. On Earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth's atmosphere, and solar radiation is obvious as daylight when the Sun is above the horizon. It absorbs kinetic energy from impactors such as asteroids, meteorites, comets, dust, and cosmic rays. It also absorbs what little light from other suns fall upon it, just as earth's atmosphere absorbs starlight. Not a whole lot of energy there...1. Deer in garden. where can I find a solar light that puts out intermittent and maybe multi colored light?I do not know about solar light but deer in just go to a beautishop asking for hair clippings....put them aroung your garden....deer will disappear2. in what way sunlight can be used for a solar light instead of solar heat?Ofcoarse solar light is used for lighting and not the solar heat. because Solar light have electrons which are used to make solar cells. And this solar cells are used for Solar lighting.3. Bioluminescence and photovoltaicsHere is a report addressing this, I have not read it in detail, but I've skimmed it and it looks like they've done a pretty good job, and address a number of key points, talk about the emission spectra of certain organisms, etc. Bioluminescence - a source of marine energy?From the conclusion: "The low light output of bioluminescent species relative to solar light may render the conversion of bioluminescent light into electrical energy uneconomic as a stand-alone option."I agree with them that it would be possible to extract energy that way. I also agree that its not even close to economical. You lose energy at so many steps, you have chemical energy in whatever the cells eat to grow, then some small fraction of that chemical energy will be turned into light energy, most of that light will shoot out in the wrong direction and just get absorbed by other stuff in the culture. If you want to use bugs, a better option would probably be a microbial fuel cell, where microbes sit on an electrode, oxidize some chemical, and take that electron and dump it straight onto the electrode. This is still a pretty inefficient process as far as energy production technologies are concerned, but at least it skips the waste associated with conversion of the chemical energy into light energy and then back into electricity.4. Best Outdoor Solar Lighting in 2021 - Review byOutdoor solar lights are an eco-friendly solution to lighting up the periphery of your home, a campsite, or garden party venue for either decorative or functional purposes. Whether you are using outdoor solar lights for security, lighting pathways, or dcor, you wo not need electricity outlets, wiring, or complicated installation instructions as they have a very easy-to-use solar-powered design. Outdoor solar lights come in a wide range of styles designed for specific purposes. In this guide, we will help you determine which type of solar lighting is best for your needs. Outdoor solar lights are used for security purposes, illuminating pathways, decorating driveways, and lighting decks. The first step to choosing appropriate outdoor solar-powered lights is to determine the purpose. If you want something decorative, then appearances matter most. But if you want to light up a pathway, then you require bright focused LED lights to do the job. Here are some of the most commonly used outdoor solar lights available out there. Ideal for decorating your outdoor space. Drape them along your deck or wrap them around trees to give your outdoor space a gorgeous appearance. Ideal for patios, staircases, and walls to subtly light walkways. Serves a dual purpose of lighting dark spaces and has an aesthetic appeal. Ideal for lighting up large areas with bright light including parking areas and backyards. Ideal for when you need a portable light such as camping or during power outages. These lights have built-in motion sensors, so the lights automatically turn on as soon as some movement is detected. Security solar LED lights are a popular option for security lighting around homes and offices. Outdoor solar lights use sunlight instead of electricity as their power source. Every solar light has a PV panel component that absorbs sunlight energy during daylight. Solar energy is transformed into electrical energy and stored in the light's battery component. Batteries provided with solar lights are usually rechargeable. Most outdoor solar light models automatically turn on at dusk. Once you have determined the purpose of the outdoor lighting, you need to consider the brightness, battery, and bulb type. The brightness of solar light is measured in terms of lumens which can range from 10 to 1500. Use the below as a guideline when purchasing your lights. It is recommended to choose lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries for powerful solar lights. These battery types have the highest capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive but they are small in size and have a longer lifespan. NiMH batteries are ideal for low-power lighting since they run for extended periods with a high capacity. Although there are various types of lightbulbs available, LED light bulbs are the best option for solar lighting. They are energy-efficient and bright. They are durable and have a lifespan of up to 50000 hours allowing them to run maintenance-free. What Features To Look For In Outdoor Solar Lights The color temperature of the bulbs set the mood of the area being lit. Bulbs with lower temperatures provide warm colors similar to candles and incandescent bulbs. Bulbs with higher color temperatures provide cool colors or blue hues similar to LED or daylight CFL bulbs. Coverage might not be an important factor to consider for ambiance lighting. It should however be a determining factor when purchasing a motion sensor security light. The angle of coverage determines how wide the sensor can detect motion for the light to be triggered. A minimum of 120 degrees is recommended. Anything over 170 degrees could be bothersome as the light would be triggered frequently. The coverage distance is recommended at a minimum of 5 or 6 meters. Outdoor solar lights are frequently exposed to rain, dust, and heat. Choose waterproof or IP 55 certified outdoor solar lights. These lights are made with durable materials able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Some lights can rotate or flip from back to front. This means that you can change the direction of light by simply rotating the head. This type of light provides versatility and allows you to cover a range of areas with a single installation. Some lights even come with a rotatable solar panel, allowing you to adjust the angle of the panel so it can capture the most amount of light and fully recharge. The charge time refers to the hours of sunlight needed to fully charge the battery, whereas the run time is how long it will produce light during the night. Various factors may influence the charge and run time such as weather conditions. A charge time of 6 to 7 hours is recommended. A run time of 10 to 12 hours is suitable, however, this may depend on the amount of sunlight your location receives and the power setting you've selected on the light. Look for a device that has manual and automatic settings. This will allow you to activate or deactivate the lights as required and adjust the brightness to conserve battery power. Make sure the light comes with the required installation accessories. This may include screws, extension hinges, and user manuals. Most lights are pretty easy to install. The lifespan of outdoor solar lights will depend on several factors. Generally, they are capable of surviving anywhere between 7 to 15 years. Panels that are made of PV cells can last up to 20 years. The batteries, however, do not last that long and may need replacement after a few years. Warranties vary according to manufacturer and product between 1 to 3 years.
Smart Street Light Establishment  JC Global Foundation
Smart Street Light Establishment JC Global Foundation
Scheme to set up solar street lights is being implemented across the country to facilitate solar street lights in in general villages. Recent technical advancements have paved the path to the rebirth of solar street lights. As this is one of the best energy efficient solutions. In a tropical country like India, adoption of solar street lights can make more practical sense while empowering the energy management system of the country. Currently, the solar street lights are established in rural areas as they are more useful in villages and provide lighting in streets. There is an inevitable need of electricity in rural areas, mainly for night lighting and tis problem can be easily solved through solar light establishment. Keeping in mind the electricity needs of such households living in rural areas, solar street establishment are made available in rural areas. We, at JC Global Foundation, aim to bring energy management solutions across the world through solar street light establishment at public places. With the solar street lights establishment, we intend to empower the adoption of solar based energy efficient systems along with the cutting-edge solar lighting technologies. It is necessary to create public awareness regarding renewable energy in order to establish solar street lights on a large scale.1. Is this a good tank set up?Too many fish... I think the max rule is 1 fish per gallon of water. You will need more algae eaters too. What kind of lighting are you using?2. question fo professional photographers Canon lens?If you've been using your XT for a while, you should have a good idea of what focal length works best for you. My guess is something like 50mm. If you want better image quality in that range, you coud pick up a Canon 50mm f/1.8. These are fairly inexpensive and you can use a larger aperture than with any zoom lens. But a zoom lens - even the 18-55mm kit lens - should work nicely until you have specific reasons to upgrade. Also pay attention to how other portrait photographers use lighting. This is at least as important as buyng a better lens.3. how to get the best video quality out of canon dlsr?It's not a question of "the best setting." It's a question of understanding exposure, lighting, dynamic range, lens quality, which aperture to use, etc. etc. etc. In other words, go learn the basics of photography and the basics of cinemaphotography -- then your video will improve. The camera is quite capable of stunning video, but you need to know how to get it. Peace.4. Can seeds from store bought ORGANIC fruits and vegetables be planted to grow your own vegetables or fruits?As others have said, just avoid the hybrids. They do not usually have much flavor. You want to look for "heirloom" seeds. These are the ones that usually have not been altered in some way. Some of my favorites are not heirlooms at all, but if you are inexperienced, that's always a safe route. I get my seeds from locals I trust, from my own plants that I've harvested, from nurseries, even sometimes from Home Depot, because I've come across some great ones in hardware stores (not always, but consistently). You can even try places like ebay, at least as long as you trust the source. (After all, anyone can claim they are growing organic/heirloom/whatever seeds.) If you are going to grow indoors, though, you need to consider germination temperatures and lighting. Some peppers require higher temperatures to germinate. Other seeds need to be frozen or refrigerated first. You also need to consider your climate and whether or not you will be moving the plants outside. If you are going to do this often, I have some suggestions for indoor lights. Feel free to email me if you need help with anything. I've been starting my plants indoors in many different climates for years.5. Do you look different (bad lol) in certain lighting, like fluorescent? BDD?When a person has BDD, things like lighting can make them see a completely different person in the mirror. The truth is, you looked exactly the same without the lamp as you look with the lamp. Some types of lighting can flatter certain people, or make them look worse, but the difference is not too dramatic. If I were you, I would put a dimmer lightbulb in your lamp or get rid of it. Even though others are not seeing what you are seeing, you should avoid things that cause issues with your BDD
I Broke My Clients Solar Light ?
I Broke My Clients Solar Light ?
My guess is that your client will think you are a very considerate person to replace what you broke without being asked by them. I would say something like, "You probably noticed I broke one of your lights and I replaced them". Then take it from there. Most people would not admit it. Thumbs up to you1. They say matter is neither created nor destroyed, however, the global population is growing. How does the increase in mass from all life population growth effect the momentum of the planet and therefore its average temperature?In fact matter alone is not conserved but only mass-energy that is taking into account euivalence of mass and energy E= mc^2. Our planet uses as energy source solar light plus energy stored in its core originating from its formation period. In addition there are such conservation laws like baryon and lepton numbers which allow for creation of new matter only in association with its antimatter. Forms of matter and its structures may change instead using the external energy input which is stored as a chemical energy of organic and inorganic matter. In this sense equivalent matter amount increases while the total mass of our sun decreases. The energy balance of the absorbed and emitted light energy is known under the name of albedo which is changing with increasing usage of the solar energy. This fact contributes also a little to the earth temperatur increase, not only due to the CO2 emission increasing light absorption by the atmosphere. Albedo - WikipediaThey say matter is neither created nor destroyed, however, the global population is growing. How does the increase in mass from all life population growth effect the momentum of the planet and therefore its average temperature?.2. Can you charge solar light batteries with a charger?Solar Light Batteries3. Canu200b I make a solar light on my own?Yes. All you need is a panel and an led bulb and a resistor. As long as there is sun this will lightup. You can improve this with battery daylight sensor etc.4. 4 Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports 2020Solar lights surely have a lot of advantages, one being energy-efficient as well as the fact that they are environmentally-friendly. In fact, solar powered dusk to dawn lights have been the favorite security lights by many homeowners. But today's article, we will shed some light on the 4 best solar lights consumer reports. We will also give our two cents on which outdoor solar lights we think offer the best value to money. These are well-loved solar-powered motion sensor lights that can be installed in many locations. They look spectacular in patios, decks, gardens, and both front and backyards. With an activated auto on and off switch, these are easy to use. On top of that they are also built to withstand all types of weather. But what makes these a best-seller is their long-lasting working time and affordability. Only takes 6 to 8 hours of sun exposure to be fully charged Waterproof with IP64 rating, which means the lights are also heatproof The solar panel can last for up to 5 years or equivalent to 50,000 hours Can run for as long as 12 hours after fully charged Comes with all the accessories needed for the installation With upgraded motion sensor that detects movement at a 120-degree angle The shade and main material is plastic. The light direction is downlight, so it works best when placed on high places to cast illumination to the space below. Aootek may look ordinary at first but the level of brightness it emits is impressive. Also, these solar flood lights consumer reports have three modes. You can set it to (1) security light mode that detects motions at night, set it on (2) permanent light that provides steady light all night, or (3) smart brightness control setting which automatically adjusts the brightness when it detects movement. Consumer reports for outdoor solar lights put Aootek on its "best light" category because of its impressive features. In addition, these solar LED lights are highly efficient. Has sensitive PIR motion inductor that can detect people up to 26 feet within the 120-degree angle It is also heatproof and specifically designed for extreme weather conditions With ultra-bright lights, thanks to its ultra-wide-angle illumination at a 270-degree angle Has a high-impact ABS finish, which makes it durable and protects it from damage Suitable in gardens front yard pathways, as well as patios where walking motion is expected The permanent stay on light is also great for driveways Only lasts for about 6 hours if used continuously If what you are seeking for is an upgrade for aesthetic purposes, then this landscape solar lights from TomCare is a perfect choice. These dusk to dawn spotlights are equipped with solar panels on top, which gathers all the sunlight needed to be used at night. This resembles a torchlight, which you can easily place all over your garden, patios, and porch areas. Its classical torch body design makes the light looks like it is dancing from afar, adding to the charming ambiance of the night. Has high capacity battery that can light up to 10-12 hours in summer and around 5-6 hours in winter Made from ABS plastic which is proven to be durable and weather-resistant Can be both powered by the battery and solar energy Perfect for ambient lighting in porch, patio, and gazebo Comes with the needed accessories for the installation The flickering flame is enchanting and looks magnificent at night Not suitable for bright illumination (it is advertised as ambient lighting) Another amazing LED solar lights as per consumer reports is this 62 LED solar light from Lemontec. It has a very conventional look but its brightness is exceptional. This is better used as a solar flood light, which is an added security light at night. Its motion sensor detection feature can be automatically set. But consumers love about this is its weather-resistant and robust built, which also allows you to mount it on the wall without a sort of any hassle. Has an automatic on and off setting, which dims the light when no motion is detected and bright light is activated when there is Produces 2000 lumens of light, perfect for solar security lighting around your property When no motion is detected after 10 seconds, the light will automatically turn off again Has 3 modes, namely: strong long light, dim light, and strong light sensor mode Can provide illumination for up to 12 hours Only needs 7 hours of charging throughout the day The solar panels can easily get damaged, so it is better to put them where blunt twigs and small rocks could easily land on top. Which One Is The Best Solar Light Consumer Reports? All of these are actually great as they are all top reviewed in many consumer report sites, but if we are to recommend the best-value choice, it would be the URPower Wireless Solar Lights. We love how easy it is to install, owing to it being wireless. This is also quite reasonably priced, given that it has a long working time and ultra-bright light. If you are only after amazing security without spending too much money, then URpower solar light is the perfect match. Hope you find this blog useful. Do not forget to comment on what your favorite solar lights are so that others can also check them out.
Best LED Street Light
Best LED Street Light
The LED street light has brought many benefits to the car drivers. They have helped a lot in making the driving experience more comfortable.As most people know, it takes a long time to be able to figure out how to use them because of their complexity and that they are not always readily available at the places where you need them.LED lights are the most efficient form of road lighting. They consume very little energy and are quite affordable. These lights are also very bright, which will help users to see cars on dark roads in the dark at night.The writer’s block is a common problem among writers. It can be caused by many factors. It could be that you are under pressure, or tired and just want to take a breather.It could also be caused by the small size of the LED lights on the road sign as you drive down them. Or, it could just be due to bad lighting conditions on the streets and roads in your area.The writer’s block can cause a lot of frustration resulting in an inability to write anything at all. The solution is simple - get yourself some LED street light bulbs! They are small enough that they don't require too much space, yet they give out enough light for writing that cannot be achieved from other types of street lights or lamps.When it comes to the lighting industry, LEDs are not new. However, their rapid increase in popularity and their adoption in the automotive industry is of great interest to us.Many companies rely on LED technology to solve their lighting problems. They use them for all kinds of lamps and streetlights, not just traffic lights.The Scandinavian road construction industry has used LED street lights for many years. They are becoming more and more efficient as the technology improves.Architecture of LED street lights is still a mystery. The international jury awarded the prize for best LED street lamps to the Dutch company, Lumens.The reason: Lumens has developed an algorithm that not only decides which light to use but also reports its performance to the client and their decision-making team.The LED Road Street Light is a new type of street light which saves energy and allows cars to be driven safely on streets. LED technology has been developed to save energy costs in commercial buildings in recent years.We should not think of these LED writers as a replacement for human writers. They just provide assistance to the content writers by generating content ideas at scale.AI writing assistants are increasingly getting popular in the workplace. Some companies use them when they need to generate content for a specific topic or niche. While digital agencies use them to generate all kinds of content for their clients and clients also use them for their own businesses projects too - e-commerce stores, e-marketing platforms, CRM systems etcetera.LED light bulbs have become very popular in recent years. They are lightweight, efficient and cost effective. But are they safe?In the UK, there is a huge demand for LED road lights. These lights help drivers to see better at night and reduce accidents on the roads.Here we will present the small and decent LED Road Street Light (S.LED) model. There are different types of LED street lights in the market. In this project, we will discuss about the best type of road light for your home or office.LED lighting is one of the most popular lighting technology in the world. Its efficiency is impressive and its low power consumption makes it ideal for various applications.The introduction should include a brief introduction on LED lighting.In 2016, China's total LED lighting market is expected to reach $1.2 billion. In 2017, China's total LED light bulb market reached $300 million."LED Road Street Light" is a road sign that gives direction to the drivers on a unlit road. It shows how to make a turn or get out of the way within five feet of it.We have been living in a world of technology that has resulted in growth of our knowledge. But we still are not able to fully utilize all the technological advancements. For instance, we do not have any road lighting system that is capable to prevent traffic accidents and road accidents. This is because different states have different rules for how street lighting can be installed on the roads and how it can be used.In this society, there are people who get frustrated if they do not have sufficient light for their business or if they cannot find parking space near their business premises at night time. LEDs Lighting for your Business - Is it possible? By using LEDs lights, you can ensure enough illumination without wasting energy.
What's the Technical Difference Between Artificial and Natural Light?
What's the Technical Difference Between Artificial and Natural Light?
"Only spectrum" is a very major factor. The following only simplistically 'scratches the surface' of an immensely complex subject area:"Colour temperature" is a measure of the "warmness" of a white light source - this is a subject that rapidly descends in black (or white) magic and needs not be discussed here except as a means of comparing while light components. The colour temperature is the temperature that a black body radiator would need to be heated to to produce white light of the same equivalent "warmth". Solar light is relatively continuously distributed in light frequencies. Light sources such as a tungsten or halogen bulb which used a heated metal to produce light have a relatively continuous spectrum across a limited range of frequencies. The tungsten peak is centred around longer wavelengths / lower frequencies than the daylight distribution and is yellower and of a lower effective colour temperature. Artificial sources which excite phosphors with one wavelength of light to cause them to emit light at other wavelengths, produce light in a number of relatively sharp frequency peaks with gaps between with less or no light. These peaks of wavelength are arranged such that the eye / brain system combines them to produce "white" light. While the eye may see white, the discontinuous spectrum produces photographic effects which are different than continuous spectrum natural light. This method applies to fluorescent lights, CFL (compact fluroescent), & Phosphor LEDs. Similar results occur when a gas is exceited electrically or thermally so it emits light with sharply defined frequenices or when multiple mono-coloured LEDs are used. The resultant "White" is a phantasm of the brain. Source - CCA/SA. The curved solid line is the "Plankian locus" and is the colour that a heated black body would follow as temperature rose. Numbers 1500-10000 are the temperatures in Kelvin causing the associated colour. THe eye and brain see colours on this line as versions of "white" . The numbers around the outside of the coloured area are the wavelengths in nanometres of monochrome light at that point. Take any two points on the boundary, mix light using these two colours and alter the relative amplitudes and the effective colour will move along a line between the two. (It is not, alas, just a straight line drawn on this chart). Do this with 3 border co0lours and you can make colours which lie inside the triangle formed by the 3 colours. BUT while you MAY be abale to make the eye/brain think you have a light of one colour, or a wide range of colours, a sensor system of film or filters or ... may react differently.Modern white 'phosphor LEDs'typically use a short wavelength blue LED and a yellow phosphor. Some of the blue light is converted to yellow by "exciting" the phosphor so that it re-emits the energy as syellow light. The relative mix of blue and yellow and the exact emitted frequency ranges are varies to produc elight ranging from "warm white" (around 2500 - 3500 Kelvin effective colour temperature) up through daylight like whites in the 4000K - 7000k range and then to distnctly blue whites up to about 10,000 K equivalent. At or above about 10,000K the "white light" appears very blue. The yellow/blue mix is adjusted so that the vector sum lies on a spectrum line which true black body radiator colours track along so that the light "looks" white, within limits. eg When you have continuous spectrum light you can apply filtering at any wavelength to remove or alter part of the light to change the overall mix. When you have a few finite peaks you may not have any light at the frequency range of the filter that worked OK with natural light. The results MAY be very substantially different. eg A photo sensor may react in a certain way to natural light with a wide range of frequencies present. Artificial lighgt with the same apparent colour temperature to the eye will present the sensor eg If you have an eg Sodium Lamp as are found on some highways with a vey orange light, you have a few closely spaced orange emission lines and nothing else. No amount of filtering will 'correct' this to look like natural light. Whilke that is obviously ext=reme it is just an extreme case of what is happening with the limited wavelength output sources sources mentioned above. Source CCA/SA1. Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Security Lights Reviews In 2021There are many reasons why many people are now going for the solar-powered lights. To begin with, the solar energy is renewable and you are only required to make a onetime investment only. By doing so, you do not have to worry about high energy bills at the end of the month. The best solar security lights also come with other exciting features such as better illumination intensity, efficiency, and Waterproofs. These models also boast of motion sensors that activate automatically, scaring off burglars and wildlife away. In this article, we are going to look at the top models available on the market. This will save you time and energy of going through the multitudinous models offered by various companies. By going through the models below, it will be easier for you to get a model that suits your needs. Table of the Best Outdoor Solar Security Lights Reviews Get it now on The Litom Solar Lights Outdoor features superior motion sensors and two powerful LED lights, which offers brighter light for added security. This makes it a perfect choice to use in homes or business premises. Thanks to its versatile design, this light creates a wider luminosity range of up to 270 degrees. It also comes with three different lighting sensing modes to fit your appropriate needs. Get it now on If you are looking for a powerful spotlight for your patios, decks, steps, carpets, walkways, or balconies, this is an excellent choice. This model also doubles as a motion light thanks to the inbuilt motion sensors that detect a wider range. Additionally, this 36 LED and wide-angle design will illuminate all corners of your premises offering better security. For durability, this unit is crafted from weather-resistant materials allowing you to use it outdoor throughout the year. Get it now on For those looking for a model that is environmentally friendly, efficient and yet powerful solar lighting built for outdoor use, this is a great choice. This unit comes with a simple installation and weather resistant construction making it a perfect addition to your house's exterior. You will also love the strong bright light that provides maximum security. Besides, the lights are solar powered and energy efficient saving you many monthly expenses on power utility bill. Get it now on The URPOWER Solar light is a weatherproof outdoor light that is usable throughout the year to provide maximum security. The unit comes with an easy to mount design, which you can place on either the wall or ground. It features a solar-powered lithium-ion battery that charges fast and retains charge efficiently for better performance. Additionally, the unit comes with a modern design giving your home an attractive look. Get it now on This wireless solar powered light comes with a simple design and superior performance that will fit your home as well as outdoor lighting needs. This unit comes with an upgraded 100LD solar lights that offer brighter lights for hours. We love the motion sensor that activates after thirty seconds to avoid false alarm. Additionally, this unit is made of high-quality materials that are weatherproof, making it usable both indoors and outdoors. Get it now on If you are struggling to repay high monthly bills on power, this solar powered light is a great choice. The unit is crafted using weather resistant materials making it a great pick for outdoor lighting. It comes equipped with great features such as motion sensors to scare off intruders. We also love the continuous working mode that provides you with sufficient outdoor lighting when you need it. What is more, this light has three adjustable heads allowing for wide coverage. Get it now on The LEPOWER security light offers you with a welcoming light while still beautifying your home, as it does not require extra electrical wiring. This model comes with strong lights that illuminate your doorway, garden, garage, lawn, as well as other places you need outdoor lighting. Unlike other models that requires you to set it on direct sunlight, this model is powered by an amorphous silicon solar panel that allows it to charge in all daylight conditions. Get it now on The LITOM solar outdoor lights come with upgraded PIR motion sensor that has the ability to detect up to 26 feet at 120 degrees plus a better sensing sensitivity than other models. The model also comes with IP65 waterproof that withstands all terrible weather such as a snowstorm, rainstorm, as well as hot weather. Besides this model comes with bright light and saves energy, allowing it to work for longer. Get it now on While we can depend on Police for protection, equipping your home with this security light will keep your family safe and while still safeguarding your valuables at home or offices. What sets Lemont outdoor light apart from the other models on the market is its practical motion sensor and energy efficient design. This light also comes with a weather resistant and heatproof construction, ensuring a reliable service for long. Get it now on Do not compromise your home's security and the safety of your family at night while trying to avoid high-energy bills. By installing the Sun force 82080 solar motion light, you can illuminate all the treacherous dark corners, maximizing the security of your home as well as your family's safety. This 80LED solar light also boasts of motion sensors that automatically activate when motion is detected. What is more, this unit comes with an amorphous solar panel that charges three rechargeable batteries ensuring reliable lighting.2. Can a magnifying glass , if bigger enough, focus solar light to melt aluminum or magnesium ?Yes, it can; and so can a curved mirror. Sunlight reaches the surface of the Earth at an intensity of about 40 watts per square metre; if you concentrate enough of that energy in a small enough area you can generate in principle as much energy as you need for pretty much anything3. How is solar radiation related to ocean surface temperature?Solar energy will excite vibration and rotation frequencies on the water molecules at the surface. These excited molecules will dissipate this energy in thermal transitions, thus solar light creates "water heat"
How to Fix Garden Solar Light?
How to Fix Garden Solar Light?
Just bend out the springs in the battery holder1. How to Charge Solar Lights without SunSolar lights are now becoming a favorite homeowner's item. It's not just the fact that they can illuminate the yard while saving money on electricity and protecting the environment, but it's also the fact that you can scatter the lights across your yard without having to worry about new electricity wires setup, which makes it pretty convenient as long as the areas around your home are getting a decent amount of sunlight every day. But since the whole idea of solar panels is for them to convert the power of the sun into light, what happens on a cloudy day? Or during the winter, when the sun is scarce? Is there any possibility to charge solar lights without using the power of the sun? Cloudy days can really get in the way of your solar lights charging to their maximum potential. That does not mean that your lights will not charge at all, but they just do not benefit from the same power that full sunlight exposure can provide. The best way to go around this is to use an amorphous solar panel, which is a great alternative to monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels. For the most part, an amorphous solar panel is not as efficient as the other two options, but it is more effective in capturing sunlight even if the weather outside is a bit cloudy. In winter, days will challenge you on two different levels: the days are shorter, which also means less sunlight exposure, but also cloudier since the sun wo not shine as bright as it does during a summer day. The same rule as above applies: solar panels do get some sunlight during winter days, it's just not as intense as in other seasons. One of the reasons that your solar light batteries might not charge during the winter is because there are snow deposits on the panels. Snow can block the sunlight from reaching the panels, which means the circuits lack the "raw" material they need to convert it into energy and store it inside the batteries. So, first thing's first, you will have to make sure that your solar lights are clean during the winter. You can just grab a brush and clean them easily. Of course, making sure you have the best batteries for solar lights is important, too. If you notice that there are spots in your yard where your solar panels could get more sunlight exposure, make sure that you move them as needed. Since winter days are shorter, you are more likely to see shadows that get in the way of your solar lights getting enough energy. There are actually solar lights that come with cords that can be plugged in so you can charge them using standard electricity from your home grid. In this case, it does not matter if there's enough sunlight for the batteries to charge, you can just plug the lights in and you are good to go. Of course, this alternative means that you will actually consume energy, so if you are all about living green, you should only charge your solar lights this way when you have no other alternative. Truth is that this method is highly efficient on a number of different levels, giving you the option to charge the lights faster and start off with a brighter light level. For example, let's assume that you need to use solar light for camping. You need the battery to be fully charged when you leave, and if you can not rely on the power of the sun, that would normally mean that you can not use the lights as you would like to. Using the power of electricity might be of great service in such a situation. There is this entire concept that you should know about when it comes to using incandescent lights with your solar panels. You see, solar panels are equipped with receptors that make it possible to absorb sunlight and store it into the battery. These receptors are sensitive enough to capture light even on the cloudiest of days, as they can catch a few linings of light and make do with those. When you pair these receptors with incandescent lights, you basically get a setup that's capable of receiving some power because all you really need is light, not necessarily sunlight. That's because the receptors will pick up light from a source and can not tell the difference between sunlight or any other light. Where do incandescent lights come in? They are very similar to the wavelengths produced by the sun, which means that they can be used to charge solar lights even when the sun is scarce, delivering the same level of light output that lights that have stayed in full sunlight throughout the day can. Pretty similar to the example we mentioned earlier, you can also use LEDs as substitutes for incandescent lights. That's because the infrared waves and UV proportions of LED lights tend to mimic those of the sun, which should make this solution efficient in situations where the sun simply is not on your side. This probably seems like a MacGyver type of solution, but it could work for lights that are positioned in spots where they are not getting enough sunlight. If you have a wall-mounted solar light on your porch, that would make it rather difficult for the solar panel to the right amount of sunlight exposure, so let's consider mirrors as being a potential solution. How would that work, exactly? Let's assume that your lights are placed in a shadowy place in your yard or in a place indoors. By using mirrors, you can reflect the sunlight so that it falls directly onto the solar panels. It is a long shot and it is not always a viable solution to placing lights in the actual sun. That is not because the mirrors are not efficient in giving your panels sunlight, but it's because the sun switches position during the way, which would basically mean that you would have to move mirrors around in order to make sure that they still fall under the sun's power, creating the proper angle that makes the light reach the solar panels. So, this is basically a solution that could work if you are willing to change the angle and position of the mirrors multiple times throughout the day. For the most part, solar lights do require the power of the sun in order to work. However, there are some alternatives that you can try if your setup does not benefit from as much sunlight as it would require to fully charge the battery of the system. The most efficient way to charge solar lights without the sun is to buy ones that can also be plugged in (or, if you know you are way around circuits and electricity, you can improvise your own connection that would allow you to plug in the lighting to the main power grid). However, since one of the main reasons why people buy solar lights is to avoid using electricity, this method is often used in emergency situations only. All of the tricks mentioned in this tutorial can work if you really need to power your solar lighting when the sun is scarce if you keep in mind the fact that the sun's UV rays will shine on regardless of the weather (and that's why you should wear sunscreen even on the cloudiest of days).2. Can a magnifying glass , if bigger enough, focus solar light to melt aluminum or magnesium ?In theory, sure. In practicality, not so much. Aluminum and mg are fairly relfective, and so the absorbance by the metal will be slight. The same type of consideration applies when laser cutting metals as well3. How can we save energy???DONT TURN LIGHT ON TOO MUCH. oPEN THE WINDOS TO USE SOLAR LIGHT
Describe Nuclear, Electric, Chemical, Biological, Solar, and Light Energy ....?
Describe Nuclear, Electric, Chemical, Biological, Solar, and Light Energy ....?
In the context of physical sciences, several forms of energy have been defined. These include: * Thermal energy, thermal energy in transit is called heat * Chemical energy * Electrical energy * Radiant energy, the energy of electromagnetic radiation * Nuclear energy * Magnetic energy * Elastic energy * Sound Energy * Mechanical energy These energies may be divided into two main groups; kinetic energy and potential energy. Other familiar types of energy are a varying mix of both potential and kinetic energy. Energy may be transformed between these forms. The above list of the known possible forms of energy is not necessarily compete. Whenever physical scientists discover that a certain phenomenon appears to violate the law of energy conservation, new forms may be added, as is the case with dark energy, a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and tends to increase the rate of expansion of the universe.1. Luci Solar Light | Possibly the Best Solar Light the Market?!What better way to enjoy light than having a light powered by the sun?! The MPowerd Luci solar light produces hours of light after a relatively short charge. It's free energy in a compact, lightweight, waterproof product! We had never even heard about the Luci solar light until we were doing our month-long cycle trip from Seattle to San Francisco! Yes, we cycled over 1000 miles, but that's a story for another day. On that cycling trip, we ran into a cyclist carrying around this super small solar "thing" on the back of his bike. We had no idea what it was until we saw him at camp later. It was an epic solar light! The MPowerd Luci solar light to be exact. We were blown away by the light it produced as we played games, ate dinner, and even planned out our next day's ride all under this bright little thing! Since that trip, we have now collected three different Luci's...we love her so much!! Let's get into the specs! WHY WE RECOMMEND THE MPOWERD LUCI SOLAR LIGHT The Luci all come in under 5 ounces!! Some even as low as 2.4 ounces!! Think about that... this simple light powered by the sun wo not be putting much weight in your pack. And better yet, you are not carrying around batteries either! We would say that's a win-win. The inflatable side of this product is ingenious! Not only does it float, but it makes the Luci solar light so compact! Easily strap it on to your pack, or put it in the dash of your van to charge without it being in the way. Then when you want to use her, blow her up and she's ready to go! So simple, so perfect! So she floats because she's inflatable, but she's also fully waterproof! Next time you are out paddling around the lake, bring Luci along and you wo not have to worry about the water putting out your light or ruining this product! When Luci charges in direct sunlight, you will actually get more light use than the amount of time charged! She charges fast, and stays charged long! The duration of time your Luci will work on a solid charge will depend on what Luci you get, but in most cases, it's at least 7 hours of light! This part of the Luci is one of our favorite specs! The strap on Luci allows for her to be connected to a pack or hang from something not only when she's charging, but also while you are using her. Simply place the strap on a hook, hang her in a tree, or latch her to basically anything, and you will have a hanging lantern! Some Luci's have adjustable straps while others do not , so be sure to read about the Luci variations below to pick which Luci is right for you! Depending on what kind of mood you are in, Luci can match it! Luci comes with three different settings. A relaxed, bright but not uber bright light. A super-duper bright setting. And a strobe light... okay maybe not a strobe light, but it is a flashing setting. The bright light will run the charge down faster obviously, but you can still get a full night's use out of the light on it! And if we are honest here, in the van, we have yet to use any of our Luci's on their brightest setting. The dim/lighter setting lights up the van just fine! Oh, and one more thing... The Emergency Luci even has an SOS setting... Great if you are out in the woods on a long trip, or if you ever wanted to learn SOS!! IF WE'RE GETTING PICKY ABOUT THE LUCI SOLAR LIGHT This is where we typically say if something could be changed with Luci, but really we love everything about her. I mean... How genius is it to name a product a real name.. we feel like she's part of the family! -7 hours of light on a full charge.-Smaller light, so even lighter than the original at 2.4 ounces. -Smaller light, so even lighter than the original at 2.4 ounces. - Works as a lantern, flashlight, and even SOS! -Frosted finish, so much more relaxed feel. -Charge Reader telling you how much charge is left in the light. WHERE TO GET YOUR MPOWERD LUCI SOLAR LIGHT You can find your own Luci on Amazon! If you order your Luci through Amazon Prime you will get her within two days! After a quick charge, she will be ready for your next adventure! To get your Luci, you can click on the photos above of which size/style of Luci you prefer or click on one of the links below that matches what country you are shopping from! These links below will take you to the colored variation of Luci! DON'T NEED A LUCI SOLAR LIGHT, BUT WANT TO GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO DOES? MPowerd is working to change the world with their Luci Inflatable Solar Lights. If you agree that this is a killer product, but do not necessarily want one for yourself, why not buy one for someone who goes without light? MPowerd works with non-profit organizations to give light to those in need. Head to this link here to find out more and to purchase a Luci for someone else! **We've teamed up with Amazon and get a kickback from any purchases you make when using the links provided in this post. Thank you for supporting us by shopping through our site!2. Best Inflatable Solar Light: LuminAID vs Luci vs SolarpuffHave you packed your lantern for an outdoor adventure only to realize the batteries are dead? Forget the batteries and go green with these solar powered lanterns. Not only do they take up little space in your bag, but they are also lightweight compared to the typical lantern. When Can I Use A Solar Powered Portable Light? Since these lights pack down small, they are great for backpacking, camping and hiking trips. They are lightweight and can clip onto your bag easily and charge on the go. Solar powered lanterns are also critical during natural disasters when you could lose power. When the weather is calm, these lights are great around your home by the pool, on the back deck or anywhere else you want to illuminate. You could even keep one in your vehicle in case you break down by the side of the road. Lastly, all of the lights we reviewed are certified IP67 waterproof which means they can be immersed in as much as 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. While this is is not the highest level of waterproofing available, it certainly would allow you to use it near a pool, lake or even in the shower. Our top picks were chosen based on user reviews, weight, size, run time, charge time, waterproof and other added features. SolarPuff from Solight, is our #1 pick for best solar lantern. It folds flat down to 0.25 thick, which is the thinnest in this article. It's lightweight at only 2.6 oz. (half as much as some of the competition), and it can float. Best of all, it uses minimal waste packaging, which we are big fans of here at Earth's Friends. The only downside is that a single charge will only last up to 12 hours, whereas some of the competition can last longer. However, if that's not a deal breaker, we think SolarPuff is a great pick. Solight also offers Helix and TwiLight solar lanterns, which we've included in the table below for you to consider. LuminAID offers 6 different types of inflatable lanterns. You can choose white or multi-color LEDs as well as if you want strictly solar charging capabilities or USB as well. There's even one that can charge your cell phone. LuminAID was presented on Shark Tank by co-founders Anna and Andrea. The lanterns were created to bring light to the people of Haiti after an earthquake. As of November 2018, more than 200,000 solar lights have been given to families in need. The Luci Lights have some great features. They can recharge in as little as 7 hours and some styles can last up to 50 hours on one charge. However, there are some complaints about the lower quality of materials used and the lanterns not working after a couple of uses. Overall, they still have many positive user reviews, which is why it's our #3 pick. You can take solar into other areas of your life too. We have an entire page dedicated to all things solar. You can find reviews of solar panels for your house, RV, boat and camper as well as solar phone chargers, yard lights and more. How do you plan to use your solar lantern?3. How do we ensure the quality of our solar light?How do we ensure the quality of our solar light? As we know,solar light are widely used nowadays,so the quality is more important! Today we will introduce what kinds of battery that we use for our conventional solar energy lights! What we used all are completely new lithium battery , the number of cycles is 1200
The Best Solar Flood Light
The Best Solar Flood Light
This is the first solar powered vehicle that can drive itself. No need to wait for power from the grid, just drive with sun light.The world faces a solar radiation crisis. If we don't act fast, the consequences could be devastating. The United Nations has released a report warning that the Earth will experience an increase of as much as two degrees Celsius in temperature within the next 100 years due to global warming. This is expected to have severe impacts on our lives and create many problems for organizations like farming and transportation.What can companies do about it?The holy grail of digital agencies is to be able to generate lots of content for their clients. This article will provide you with the key information on how to do it.The energy crisis in the developing nations is expected to become more acute. This is the time when solar lighting can help us save a considerable amount of electricity. Solar flood lights are one such solution that can be used to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.Solar flood lights work by accumulating light from the sun and passing it through a photovoltaic panel, which converts it into electricity. The light then gets converted into voltage and sent towards a transformer that transforms it into DC power to feed a 100-watt LED bulb.Solar Flood Light is a vital part of any house. They are expensive to buy and they consume energy. This means that one can get solar flood lights for less than the amount of energy that they consume each year!The following article is an example of how this could be realised in a future where all household appliances are built with artificial intelligence (AI) technology .In a world full of artificial intelligence, solar powered floodlights are the only source of light that is not being taken advantage of. Due to this, it has become an issue facing many people and businesses.Storytelling is a process where fictional characters or ideas are used to draw the reader’s attention into the story line. The human brain responds to stories by engaging in certain mental activities like imagining what might happen if this event occurred, how it would happen and why they should care. This is what makes storytelling so popular and compelling; no other form of communication can do that as well. Artificial intelligence writers add storytelling potential to material by providing various options for readers to imagine the possibilities of a story and their own responses to them.Emergency lighting should be an urgent concern for all those who live in a country with limited electrical power. Power outages can occur suddenly and cause a lot of chaos to the people in the area. The problem of emergency lighting is not created by power failures but by solar energy. The lights are profitable when they are on and when they are not being used.The solar floodlight market is expected to reach $3.5 billion by 2020.Solar lights are everything that you need in a house. They provide you with peace of mind and a source of comfort. Nowadays, it is also possible to have an LED solar panel in the home and generate electricity from it.The energy needs of the home can be met by solar lights, which could save significant amounts of money over time. In addition to saving electricity costs, these products also generate income as they can be sold for a reasonable price once they are installed in the house. This is true even if the sun isn’t shining every day; there is sufficient sunlight to run them even when the weather isn’t very good outside or when there are clouds overhead and rain will pour down suddenly.The solar flood light is a new technology that can be used to increase productivity and save the environment.There are two main types of solar lights: flood lights and road lighting. Both are useful for different purposes.In the heat of the summer, people look for ways to stay cool. They need a way to do so in their homes without having to move to different places or spend more money.The introduction of the new solar light emitter has a lot of possibilities. It might soon be able to light up your room at night, or run an artificial rain storm which will clean your street and plant flowers.
How to Choose Outdoor Solar Lights
How to Choose Outdoor Solar Lights
On of the main question I am getting from readers is: how to choose outdoor solar lights?When choosing solar powered lights, it is all about application, application, application. This is the biggest consideration when deciding on a particular light. Let's now consider what goes into a solar light. First, you have a photovoltaic cell that captures the light. The bigger the cell, the more light it can capture and convert to energy. Size is not everything though. The biggest factor when dealing with solar cells is the efficiency. That is where the biggest advancements in technology are happening. Next, you need something that stores the energy. Most solar lights use nickel cadmium batteries for energy storage. Next you have the light itself. This is where LED technology comes into play. LED's are a "cool" light. That means that they can convert the energy that is given to them into almost pure light, rather than the combination of heat and light that older filaments produce. This makes the LED's much more efficient. They also have a much longer life than older light types. Keeping all this in mind, you really need to make sure that the solar yard lights you are buying are going to suit your application. Let's assume that we are not going to go with yesterday's technology, and we are going to make sure that the lights have high quality photovoltaic cells and LED's. Let's look at the three basic types of outdoor solar lights, and how application needs to dictate the lights type. First is solar accent lights. As the name implies, this type of solar light is meant to add accents to your home landscaping. Since accent lights are fairly dim compared to other types of solar lights, they have a much longer run time. It is not uncommon to get a couple of nights worth of light out of a single day's charge. Look for accent lights that have multi-crystalline solar cells. They can collect energy even on overcast days. I should also note that the amber LED's seem to have a longer run time than white. There are also many styles of accent lights that can compliment the surrounding scenery. They also work great as solar patio lights. Next are solar path lights. These solar lights are brighter than accent lights. They are meant for lighting pathways, driveways, walkways, etc. Solar path lights come in a variety of options for mounting in a way that will work for your project. Just keep in mind that they are really meant to focus the light downward, toward the ground. As they run brighter than accent lights, you can expect shorter run times. The brightest of the outdoor solar lights are spotlights and solar flood lights . They are used to cast a beam of light toward a particular feature of your home's landscaping or architecture. As the light is projected away from the fixture toward another object, most people prefer to have them hidden out of sight. This can make them difficult to energize, as "hidden" and "in direct sunlight" is usually a contradiction in terms. For this reason, many solar flood lights have a separate "solar panel" that connects to the light with a wire that can be mounted in an area that gets more light. This allows you a great deal of versatility in locating your spotlights in just the perfect spot for the greatest effect. Hopefully this will help you understand how to choose outdoor solar lights. You can now buy the right solar powered lights for the right application without some of the costly mistakes that often come about in "do-it-yourself" type projects. Did you know that there is such a thing as indoor solar lighting? Learn more about these, as well as about solar skylights in our indoor solar lights post1. How long does it take for a new solar light to work?How To Charge Solar Lights2. why my solar light is not working with new batteries.change the battery with another and make sure the solar panel isnt dirty and not absorbing sunlight3. What do you think about the solar light for home security?Great idea but I have had many of these devices and they seldom last more than a year, usually the battery loses most of its capacity because they are not charged properly by the solar panel
Best Outdoor LED Flood Light for Overnight Use
Best Outdoor LED Flood Light for Overnight Use
Floodlights are the most ideal lights to have for outdoors. These are durable, bright, and very good for both security and visibility. Of course, it's not so simple to choose the best outdoor LED floodlight. There are so many brands telling you that they have the best outdoor LED flood light bulbs. But with all the different brands with different sales pitches, which ones really are the best? Well, one way to find out is to read the best outdoor flood light reviews. However, these reviews tend to have too many products to choose from. That's why we will simplify things by giving you just 3 of the best LED outdoor flood lights with motion sensor and leaving a buying guide so that you can choose among the three. Before anything else, let's start with the buying guide. The buying guide is used to narrow down your choices to the one that suits your tastes and needs. You see, each has its own set of unique features and benefits. In order to get the one that you need the most, you need to take into consideration these features and align them with the factors that we will provide below: First of all, we need to consider the light strength. This is usually measured by lumens or wattage. However, it's more accurate to use lumens as our gauge because lumens measure luminous flux while wattage measures the energy that goes into the bulb. For outdoor lights, we prefer to have something that's over 10000 lumens. That way, you can be sure of very high light strength. The Brightest outdoor flood lights can reach even higher than 13000 lumens. You can use that as your reference. Another thing to take note of is the wattage. Always remember that LED wattage is different from halogen wattage, so you need to note the wattage to know what is compatible. For example, if you have been using something like a 200w halogen light, you need to replace it with a LED light that is actually compatible. In this case, you need to switch it up with a 40w LED bulb. You need to do your research on wattage and compatibility. If you were to ask us what the best wattage for outdoor LED flood lights is, we would probably tell you to look for a 150w LED light. You must also take note of the material that's being used to make your light. You need to make sure that it is made out of at least an IP65 material. But if you can find something that has a higher rating of something like IP66 or higher, then that's even better. That way, you can be sure that it wo not get much damage whenever it is out in the rain. Finally, you may also want to take into consideration the entire lifespan of the LED bulb. In general, LED lights are known to have very long lifespans as compared to halogen bulbs. It's not that uncommon to have a LED light that can last for around 50,000 hours in total. But maybe a bare minimum to look for is 30,000 hours. If you can find something higher (or even higher than 50,000 hours), then that's even better. This is definitely one of the most convenient floodlights to use. It is very easy to install and has 3 modes for you to work with. Its motion detector has a 1-minute mode, 5-minute mode, and a 10-minute mode. Lastly, its motion detector works to up to a 49 feet distance meaning it can sense you even though you are quite far. This is also one of the more affordable lights. If you are after LED outdoor flood lights best price, consider this one. Able to detect motion from up to 49 feet in distance Has an IP65 material rating making it waterproof Has 3 modes that you can choose from Very easy and quick to install Has a rather low lumen count for an outdoor floodlight Out of the three choices, this one somehow has the widest degree pivoting ability. This allows you to cover all sides and angles of your outdoors. To be specific, it has a 330-degree pivot with a U-shaped design for pivoting up and down to up to 180 degrees. Other than that, you will also like that this light is totally durable being made out of IP66 rated material. 330-degree side to side pivot and 180 degree up and down pivot Tends to flicker quite a lot When it comes to raw power, then we would say this is the one that you need to look at. That's because it has a total of 14500 lumens- more powerful than the other choices we've discussed. In fact, this light has the ability to reach up to 15000 lumens in its strongest mode. Other than that, it has a 50000-hour lifespan, has an automatic potting feature, and air vent plug. Has a lumen count of up to 15000 lumens at full power Has a heat sink for ensuring the light wo not overheat Can save up to 85% of your bill Does not have that long of a shelf life With this list of the best outdoor LED flood lights, you are now ready to make your choice. The three choices you have under your belt and the buying guide you possess allows you to make the right choice when buying your flood light. So, now's the time to go to your nearest store or shop online for the best outdoor LED floodlights based on what you need.1. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?turn off all power...cut a potato in half and try to push it onto the broken bulb and twist if this does not work use some pliers to remove it2. can i use a flood light for an iguana?No, that will be to hot.Bulbs for reptile are usually 5$ - 10$. Get one that is made for reptiles.3. Is your life guided by a flashlight or a flood light?flashlight, no i do not see the big picture yet
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