Typically, Whenever I Go Under a Street Light, It Shuts Off... Why?

This happens to me too but think... How many street lights do you see at night? Probably alot more than you thought. Because street lights turn off sometimes to conserve power, you only notice that one. There is no demon or anything following you, but its more noticeable when a light turns off rather than is just sitting there on for a long time.

Typically, Whenever I Go Under a Street Light, It Shuts Off... Why? 1

1. how do you find the shadow of a 5 ft tall person if he or she is 30 ft away from a 20 foot tall street light?

there wouldnt be a shadow, the person would be outside the cone of light, surely ???? or if there were a shadow, it would be a very small shadow

2. Which kind of street light gives off more light?

Well thats a good question. If you are talking about efficiency, low-pressure sodium (LPS) lamps give the most output power for the input power. And that is why they are used. HID lamps are all very efficient, but LPS gives out 200 lumens/W. The brightness mainly has to do with thier output at the most sensistive color range of human eyes. High-pressure sodium (HPS) gives better color output at the cost of a loss of efficiency. Metal halide lamps give much better color than all other HID classes, hence thier use in stadiums. They have the best quality light/efficiency combo.

Typically, Whenever I Go Under a Street Light, It Shuts Off... Why? 2

3. What are the cameras on top of a street light at a intersection?

Those are speed cameras, to snap pictures of people who run red lights


you are of course a weirdo. There is some technical problem in the lamp

5. Smart Cities Council | Street light success: Asking residents what they want is a bright idea

There are people who do not deal well with change - even if it's for the better - so you can imagine how much it might shock your residents when their street lights are suddenly putting out a different color or intensity of light. The good news is when people get used to the LEDs (and the lights are properly adjusted) they almost universally love them, but why not make that transition easier? As you will read below, when LED street light programs have gotten off to a bumpy start, it's usually because citizens feel their voices were not heard. Make outreach a key part of your LED switchover efforts. And see why using adaptive street lights that you can remotely manage will make your job even easier. - Kevin Ebi Do not install "zombie lights" By design, energy-efficient LEDs use less power than high-pressure sodium street lighting. That's why so many cities are now moving toward them. But when many cities make the switch, they do not lower the power levels enough, causing what Davis, California, residents call "zombie" or "prison lighting." The first LEDs it installed created intensive glare on the roadways, a combination of using too much power and using a color temperature that was set too high. After the outrage started pouring in, the city held community meetings, evaluating everything from the output of the lights to where they were aimed and how the light was directed and diffused. The second attempt was successful by every measure, but the city had spent an extra $350,000 to hire contractors to adjust and replace lights they had just installed. Do not forget about homeowners Most of the street light attention is given to how well the roadways are illuminated, but many of the complaints after the lights are installed come from homeowners. If you just replace the lamps and do not consider the intensity and direction of the lights, you could end up blasting blinding light into people's bedrooms. "I hate these new lights," wrote one Berkeley, California, resident on Twitter. "So bright they hurt." Others complained they needed to put black-out curtains over their bedroom windows. Adjustments fixed the problems, but that was more work post-installation. Do your research Before Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, embarked on its LED street light program, it enlisted the help of outside researchers, including a team from the Remaking Cities Institute at the local Carnegie Mellon University. That research resulted in a comprehensive report covering everything from ideal lighting colors and intensity to fixture design. You do not have to guess. In most cities, there are usually plenty of resources available to help. More stories ... Shopping for smart street lighting for your city? You've got another great option Missing out on street light benefits? 3 fresh ideas from Copenhagen New York's talking lamp post (and what it implies for your city)

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