What Are Village Problems?

I got the opportunity to visit my village for 7 days. I had a few experiences in my village which is not normal. I am listing down my experiences.1: When I came out of the Railway station. My father suggested me to take the auto. The distance between my house and the Railway station is only ably about 800 meters. I was not in the mood to take an auto. But I can not cut his words so I took the auto. While coming by auto I realized why my father was telling me to take the auto. The reason, the road was overloaded with drainage water and it was having unbearable smell. The road was covered with drainage water is not only in few areas but it was covered in most of the part of the road.When I tried to find out the reasons why water is on the road, is it because of rain, but here no rain happened for a long time. I came to know there is drainage but there is no place to release drainage water.Fig: Street with water2: The people in India are having one common problem they will build the house in their land along with on the road by encroaching the government land, which leads to congestion on road. Same thing I observed in my village. It is not possible to drive a car in our street. 3: My village is on the bank of two rivers and one canal. My village is 1 km away from the bank of the river. But there is a lot of scarcity of water for 2 months in summer. The attitude toward water is not changing at all. But the people of this village are having high confidence they will not face water scarcity.I am giving a few examples.A: To fill a glass of water they will waste 2 glass of water to clean the neat and clean glass. B: To fill a glass of water, now a day's people from my village are using a water motor. In spite of handpump. Which is working too.C: If the tank of water is filled by using a water motor. Then it is recommended to stop the water motor. So water won't be spoiled, but here the water motor will be stopped after 5 mins.People have considered groundwater taken for granted.4: The situation of electricity in our village is not up to the mark. The central government says that we are giving enough power. But I do not know why it is not reaching us. Current can't be there for more than 10 mins continuously. This is the situation after the independence of 72 years.5: It is not possible for the government to establish street light everywhere. But what I was accepting from villagers to keep one bulb outside of your house so that it will provide light in the street. But here no one does that because it will consume power and electricity bills will go up.Fig:street no one has switched on the light6: There are a lot of street dogs in my village which is causing a lot of issues. They will bark continuously in the night without any reason which makes sleepless nights. 7: There is no concept of taking garbage on the door to door basis. So waste management is very poor in my village. You can see a pile of garbage on the road which is causing health issues and producing the unbearable smell. Fig: garbage accumulated in field8: The government is telling people should not go outside for the toilet. Even money has been given to people to construct the toilet in their house. It is a different thing corruption has happened here too. But I know money has been given to everyone. People are still going outside for the toilet.9: In my village, many handpumps have been installed by the government. But if there is an issue in the handpump like screw got broken, Rusting of handpumps e.t.c. Then no government comes to fix it. It may need hardly 50 rupees. If some local guy starts collecting 5 rupees from each family they won't give. But they have 5 rupees to waste money on alcohol and smoking. Fig: Handpump without handle10: People do habit to travel on a train without a ticket. They feel pride in traveling without a ticket.What are village problems?

What Are Village Problems? 1

1. What is the height of a man walking away from a street light 12 ft high, if his shadow is moving twice as fast as he is? [duplicate]

Assume that the man starts walking from the base of the lamppost, where he has no shadow. Some time after that, the man is at distance $x$ from the lamppost. The tip of his shadow, having traveled twice as fast during the same time, will be at distance $2x$ from the lampost. By similarity of the obvious triangles, $frac2x12=frac2x-xh$ therefore $h=6$

2. What is the energy transformation of a solar - powered street light?

Street lighting. Our solar and solar/wind hybrid streetlights provide illumination between dusk and dawn in the absence of a local mains power

What Are Village Problems? 2

3. everytime i drive a street light goes out is in some kind of energy i have? just a randome light?

Do all street lights go out? If not then you are probably noticing something called confirmation bias

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