What Does It Mean When You Drive Under a Street Light and It Goes Out?

sounds like the city has an on and off light. mmmmmmmmmmm!

What Does It Mean When You Drive Under a Street Light and It Goes Out? 1

1. Did you have the street light rule when you were little?

Yep, my mom still tries to enforce it

2. Who invented the street light?

someone retarded

What Does It Mean When You Drive Under a Street Light and It Goes Out? 2

3. How to sell street light?

Not on a motorcycle forum

4. Why was this in my dreams when I was little?

night time could mean deception!!! Evil! Anything done in the darkness, usually means lies. sin. Funny you mention street light. The street light could mean Gods word. As you read the bible , you will learn truth , and the bible will shead truth on the evil that goes on in your life. I would read the bible more , start in the book of John. Read what Jesus says. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I think God is trying to tell you Lauren , that you need to read the bible more!!!!!!! The street light bright enough for you to be able to see a store window a few feet away. ....... Gods word will always illuminate the truth , and sheads light on every thing. You must live in a dark area, and God is trying to show you that as you read the bible ,you will know more and more truth. The truth is what keeps you. Maybe in your dream Im the male stranger, and Im a detective. Giving you clues. I know , Im not much of a stranger now , I guess. take care that's ok Lauren dreams can also be prophetic too. That means at times God can give dreams to anybody to let them know what will happen in the future. That interpretation I gave you is from me . You need to get an interpretation from 2 or 3 others besides me from 2 or 3 other Christians. And if we all agree its possible that it could be true. But even the interpretations that all 3 or 4 Christians give you HAS to line up with what the bible says!!!! my interpretation could be wrong , so If I were you , I would just ponder on it. Remember you need 2 oars to row a boat. 1 is faith the other is wisdom. I would not worry about your dreams. It takes time to learn how to discern dreams. And I am still learning!!!!!!!! Allways remember this Lauren..... no matter what you dream , God will allways love you , and he will allways care for you. And he will allways want the best for you!!!!!!! Ooopps Im sorry Lauren. I made a mistake. I said this to you....... and the bible will shead truth on the evil that goes on in your life. I think I should not have said that! .... the evil that goes on in your life. I really meant the evil that goes on around you . I am not saying you are evil. that's not nice!!! Your not evil Lauren. I probably was tired when I wrote that. Im sorry , please forgive me. I have evil going on around me too. Everybody does!!! The way I worded it does not sound right!!!

5. Can you believe that I have the ability without even trying to manipulate street light sensors?

no, I can not believe it. I am in complete shock and awe. You are amazing. Every woman wants you and every man wants to be you

6. Help me in my mission to stop this effing street light!!!?

You can not break it. You will get into trouble. Just buy some black construction paper and tape it over which ever window the light is shining through

7. Related Rates question street light pole [duplicate]

Hint: draw a picture. There are similar triangles from the tip of the shadow to the man and from the tip of the shadow to the lightpost

8. A street light is mounted at the top of a 15-ft-tall pole. A man 6 ft tall walks away ...?

This is an example for 5 ft/s along a straight path and 40 ft from the pole, so hopefully it helps. A street light is mounted at the top of a 15-ft-tall pole. A man 6 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of 5 ft/s along a straight path. How fast is the tip of his shadow moving when he is 40 ft from the pole? Solution: USE SIMILAR TRIANGLES. Let d be the distance between the man and the pole and let x be the length of the man's shadow. Then x=(d x) = 6=15, so 15x = 6x 6d and 9x = 6d. Then x = (2=3)d. The problem wants us to find d(d x)=dt = d(d)=dx dx=dt, since this is the speed of the tip of his shadow. We know dx=dt = (2=3)d(d)=dt and we know d(d)=dt = 5 ft/s, from the problem. Then d(d x)=dt = (5=3)d(d)=dt = 25=3 ft/s.

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