Whats Wrong with My Security Flood Light on My House?

I agree with the wiring, but I would suggest taking it back and getting a new one. That would probably be the best idea. That way, you will know if it is just either that ONE or if it is the whole line of that product

Whats Wrong with My Security Flood Light on My House? 1

1. Am I allowed to have a flood light outside my condo?

Get a copy of the HOA rules and see what it says. Most likely, if the rules state a certain wattage, your only option would be to work to change those

2. What's wrong with my flood light?

Is it a Motion or dusk to dawn light? could be the problem

Whats Wrong with My Security Flood Light on My House? 2

3. Older Zenith motion activated flood light not working properly

In this particular case, since the red light flashes, it sounds like the sensor is OK but it is not activating the relay for the light. But on an older halogen unit it is not worth repairing - just replace it with a new LED fixture. The electronics do wear out over time, especially with outdoor fixtures, and you will save money on electricity with a new LED fixture. Look at the existing bulbs to find the power (watts) used and then translate that into an equivalent LED. For example, if your existing fixture has 2 x 100W Halogen bulbs, that is roughly 2,000 to 2,500 lumens according to this chart. Replace it with a new fixture like this one picked at random from Home Depot and you get 2,400 lumens for 26W. At 0. 13/kWh (average US according to a quick search), saving you $8.25/year for each hour/day that the light is on (motion detected -> lights actually on; the motion detector (old or new) uses very little power)

4. Flood light bulb blew- regular okay for now?

It will be fine. You just will not get the directed lighting you do with a flood bulb. No harm will come of this. Good luck

5. Was there rain before the flood, was there light in the beginning without the sun?

the world we know is the second world.... there was a first world inhabited ..... the light was the same light from that time... also it speaks of a dew that watered the garden

6. Was there rain before the flood, was there light in the beginning without the sun?

If you reread genesis, you will have your answers

7. is a 50 watt flood light ok for a ball pythons note it is a 55 gallon tank?

NO. Ball pythons are nocturnal, they need no more light that what they get in your house throughout out the day.The only light you should put on it is a red or black night time bulb and really need to have an under tank heater under it at all times. A 55g tank is great and gives it lots of space, but balls feel better when they have small tight places to hide and sleep.

8. The new flourescent spiral flood light bulbs are good for indoor growing?

Sounds a bit dim to me unless you have a bunch. For indoor growing I prefer a four foot florescent shop light fixture(s) with one warm white and one cool white bulb to give you a more complete spectrum. -Brian

9. what size halogen or flood light bulb for bearded dragon?

Pretty much all bulbs give heat. The watts are what is important. The size dosent matter. Maybe try a 100 watt. That's what I use on my 40 breeder. You can buy the bulb at Walmart. Usually petstores over price their heat bulbs

10. I want a security flood light that can be manually turned on or off all the time or switched to auto motion sensor.?

Yes you can as long as a existing switch is already in place .Most motion lights have a feature that if you quickly turn it off then on again two times starting from the "OFF " position it will override the motion sensor keeping the light on to set it back to normal mode simply turn it off for a few seconds . But if you just want to turn it off anytime that obviously can be done too As long as you do not quickly turn it off then on rapidly ( it will stay on until switched off) and of course you can simply turn it on once and that will put it in motion sensor mode.

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