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When I Connected 4 LEDs I Read 0.5 Volt on My Voltmeter.I Added 4 More LEDs and It Reads 1 Volt,why

Assuming they aren't connected to a power supply, probably the ambient room light is charging them up and your voltmeter is loading them down a little bit, too. LEDs work as light sensors as well as light emitters.

If you are trying to use your LEDs as light sensors, that's one thing. (A lot of methods are available there.) If you are trying to use them as a power source, that's going to be a lot more complicated (and mostly impractical except in rare circumstances where you actually know what you are doing and why.)

Regardless of any of that, you can't expect to increase both voltage and current without an external power supply. Useful power out is always less than useful power in. You can "optimize" the load point to improve the net power extracted from a solar cell (or, for gosh sake, an LED.) But that's circuit design, not a violation of physical laws.

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Who died withholding the biggest secret?

All the answers seems to be directed at math , and I can't find you mentioning the word 'only math' in your question . So I thought it might be interesting to put something different . What about princess Diana ? Princess of Wales died in 31 August 1997 . People around the world struggled to know if she were murdered or died in an accident.I guess she ( and the 3 people died with her ) are the only ones who can answer this question right now, although if you researched enough you'll find a whole lot of evidence showing she was murdered and a lot more other showing that it was just another road accident .Adolf Hitler There is some evidence that the nazi leader Adolf Hitler didn't commit suicide as announced but that he had escaped Berlin in the last moments (days maybe ) and lived in Argentina , there are even some books around it people even went further and said that Angela Merkel is his daughter!! ( which I don't personally believe ) But who knows , it's just Adolf who knows if he was dead or alive , maybe his so claimed daughter knows too .


Has history ever been changed by an inadvertent bodily function?

What a great question! Makes me think, and I found out I dont know any really good answers, though Im sure I must have run across some that I forgot.But, how about something simple like putting others at risk for harm?For example, let us say we can look back on history with a 2020 vision to judge bodily functions during the pandemic war. Some cannot handle the war, and would go nuts having to stay in trenches till its over. They would might refuse night vision goggles so that they wont have to know how many enemy is actually out there.SO, they might not wear masks and cough or sneeze and then others unwittingly pass thru or touch those spaces. Or some might just scream for freedom, jump out of the trenches, running without concern for putting others at risk for harm.

History could have alternate routes with something as overt as how people leave their presence in public

When I Connected 4 LEDs I Read 0.5 Volt on My Voltmeter.I Added 4 More LEDs and It Reads 1 Volt,why  1


Why did the BJP government select a young face against one of the most formidable candidate Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi election? Do they not want to win the Delhi election?

The whole voting in Delhi is a charade. Neither Congree nor BJP is interested in winning Delhi. Without having your own government in Center, winning Delhi means nothing to Congress. BJP is in central government so automatically it rules Delhi. Law and order in Delhi is not a state subject. It is in central government's control. Similarly there are many other state subjects which is not controlled by CM. Hence Arvind Kejriwal can build school and colleges and wifi and every other thing, he does not have the same power in the state as any other CM has in his or her state. Congress knows this. Hence they are not trying hard for Delhi. BJP might loose Delhi but it will still have Delhi. There will hue and cry and people will say BJP lost another state in a trot but will not matter. BJP is gunning for bigger battles. West Bengal is an instance. Winning in West Bengal open doors to full North-East. Winning in Easy gives a strong push to BJP. That is the main target. Delhi is a dummy


Which great performance by an unknown actor led to that actor being offered a role in a big budget movie?

Which great performance by an unknown actor led to that actor being offered a role in a big-budget movie?This actress came out of nowhere and performed in one of the biggest franchise films in our generation.She had been in the Hollywood game for five years and had only six films in her acting career. And, after these films, she got one of the biggest roles ever in Hollywood films.

The 1994 film - The Soft KillThe 1994 film - FlashfireThe 1995 film - TerrifiedThe 1996 film - SabotageThe 1997 film - Lethal TenderThe 1997 film - The Secret Life of AlgernonThe Trinity of Hollywood: The Matrix franchise seriesCarrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) is one of the most blessed Hollywood actresses of our time. She came from nowhere and, within five years of her career in Hollywood, received one of the biggest roles ever.I honestly never knew who Carrie-Anne Moss was till she became Trinity in the 1999 film: The Matrix.

One of the luckiest actors or actresses in Hollywood ever after a very short amount of time in the film industry. This is very rare to see in someones acting career


If police kick down your door in the middle of the night (no warrant) and you think itu2019s an intruder, pull your gun out, and fire on cops (because youu2019re half asleep and think youu2019re getting robbed), is there a legal defense for this?

Does this happen to you a lot?First, its unlikely that the police will kick down your door in the middle of the night without a search warrant. Police can make a warrantless forcible entry under exigent (emergency) circumstances, but it would have to be something like the building being on fire or someone screaming for help inside. They would try to get your attention in the conventional way first, and it would be unlikely that you would sleep through it.

Second, any cop that would be making entry under these circumstances would be screaming POLICE OFFICER! or something similar very loudly and repeatedly. They would also likely be wearing a uniform or raid jacket that said POLICE in big letters.Third, anytime you shoot at someone without being very sure that they are a legitimate threat is likely to incur criminal liability for you.

Is there a criminal defense for this? Sure. Mistaken identity, personal defense, defense of castle, police misconduct, etc. A better question would be Are there any good defenses for this? Probably not.


Is India doomed if Modi wins 2019 general election?

Yeah.We will be doomedOur PM works hard sleeping 4 hours a day.He is definitely trying to destroy our country.He doesn't make crude remarks and shows utmost respect to his opposition who do not reciprocate.

Nor does he concenrate on unwanted politics or gossip.Surely this is bad for our country.He tries to initiate policies that will help collective and wholistic growth rather than just give freebies and use vote bank politics to achieve short term personal gain.How selfish?He makes foreign trips to keep up better foreign relation which will help ultimately.


Even I want to go on tours.

I could go on about the endless natural disasters happening in our country because of our PM because what else could be the reason.I hope I made myself abunduntly clear.Not asking anyone to vote for the BJP.There are sour grapes in every vineyard.Just realise that our PM is working hard and the least he doesn't deserve are questions like these

When I Connected 4 LEDs I Read 0.5 Volt on My Voltmeter.I Added 4 More LEDs and It Reads 1 Volt,why  2


How would you rank the albums of Led Zeppelin, worst to best?

In Throught the Out DoorPresenceIIIIIIHouse of the HolyPhysical GraffitiIVThis is not random: you can see three periods of Led Zeppelin in this ranking.-The last two or three records (Coda would be bottom if you want to include it) are the worst. The worst for Zeppelin is still magnificent and they are both full of gems (cant include Coda there). Achilles puts Presence ahead, but they have a similar vibe.-The first three are Zeppelins blitzkrieg on the 70s. Its the pillars of the band pushed to their maximum : hard rock, blues, folk. To me, the three are similar in quality and the order was hard to make. In the end, III is where they began to put so much work in sound and arrangments.-Then you have magic. IV, House, and Physical Graffiti are the best of Led Zeppelin. The main achievement of Zeppelin was this ability to create new songs and new sound. In three records, they had more diversity than most bands could achieve in their whole career : and always perfect


Could you write a one paragraph bio/testimonial about yourself that sounds entirely fictitious/embellished but is actually completely true?

Professor Michel Clasquin-Johnson has lectured to a quarter of a million students on the topic of Religion Education and Religious Studies. Students regularly describe him as the best lecturer they ever had. For about ten years he was the entire Buddhological establishment on the continent of Africa. He has published books and articles on these subjects, but also on programming and computer language. In his younger days, he was active in alternative UI design but later turned to the creation of fundamental utilities for various Operating Systems. He has published poetry, non-fiction, and fiction, and is the editor of online magazines with over ten thousand subscribers. He serves on the editorial boards of specialized academic journals and has been Secretary-General and later Vice-president of a learned society. Professor Clasquin-Johnson was awarded the C3 rating by the National Research Foundation, an honour held by less than 0.001 percent of the population. As a professor in the field of Religion, he is entitled to put forward nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.


If you could go back in time, which bands would you watch perform?

The Sex Pistols gig at Manchester Free Trade HallTogether with Woodstock (which I'd also loved to have seen) probably the most influential gig ever."We know that Morrissey was there, who went on to form the Smiths. We know that the lads who went on to form the Buzzcocks were there because they organised the gig. We know that two lads from Lower Broughton were there who went out the next day and bought guitars at Mazel Radio which used to be on Piccadilly Station Approach, they formed a band called Joy Division; We know that Mark E Smith was there who went on to form The Fall; we know that Paul Morley was there who went on to become a writer and wrote about the scene for the NME etc.nFamously, about 7000 people claim they were there - but actually attendance was dire and only about 40 people were there !Sex Pistols gig: the truthWoodstockVelvet Underground - perhaps at Max's Kansas City S(since I know the play list & have the record) or perhaps in New York (seem's more appropriate)


Where did Led Zeppelin record their albums?

Led Zeppelin(album)-Olympic studios, LondonLed Zeppelin 2 - This album was also recorded at Olympic studios, London.Led Zeppelin 3-Headley Grange,and at Olympic, with further recording at Island Records' Basing Street Studios in Notting Hill the following month.Untitled/Led Zeppelin 4/ Zoso-Rolling Stones Mobile, Headley Grange, Hampshire Island, LondonHouses of The Holy-Houses of the Holy was mostly recorded using the Rolling Stones' Mobile Recording Studio at a country estate in England. 2. The album's cover art was inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clarke's book Childhood's End and features a photograph taken in Northern Ireland.Physical Graffiti-Recording. The first attempt by Led Zeppelin to record songs for Physical Graffiti took place in November 1973 at Headley Grange in Hampshire, England, where they had previously recorded their untitled fourth album. The recording equipment consisted of Ronnie Lane's Mobile Studio.Presence-Musicland, Munich, GermanyIn Through The Out Door-In Through the Out Door is the eighth and final studio album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded over a three-week period in November and December 1978 at ABBA's Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and released by Swan Song Records on 15 August 1979.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Lithium Battery Led Solar Light Street?
What are the disadvantages of lithium battery led solar light street? The lithium battery is like a gust of wind quickly occupying the led solar light street system market. The 18650 lithium battery is the most used in the market. The model means the battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. Today we will introduce the shortcomings of lithium battery led solar light street.In terms of maintenance and after-sales, led solar light street will inevitably have lights that are not bright or some other malfunctions. The traditional controller installation we installed at the bottom of the pole, so that it is easy to replace the repair and after-sales. Lithium batteries are usually installed on the back of the solar panel, which poses a problem. When a fault occurs, we must use a crane or climb to the top of the street light pole, which will increase the post-sales cost of the repair. With the improvement of the quality and technology of the street lamp controller and lithium battery, this situation will appear less and less. If the solar panel street lamp working time is not long enough, the capacity of the solar panel and the lithium battery can be increased, and the lithium battery controller increases the automatic half power function, which can greatly prolong the rainy day working days of the solar lithium battery street lamp.The discharge voltage of the lithium battery for lithium battery solar panel street lamp is very stable, generally 3.2V. At the end of the discharge (when the remaining 10% capacity), the voltage changes faster, and the cut-off voltage is generally 2.5V. The ambient temperature, especially at low temperatures, affects the discharge capacity of the lithium battery. The discharge capacity at -20 ° C is 45% of the normal temperature capacity, -10 ° C is 65% of normal temperature, -5 ° C is 80% of normal temperature, and 0 ° C is At 90% of normal temperature, the discharge capacity change from 0 °C to 20 °C is very small. So in such a cold place in the north, there are some difficulties in using ordinary lithium batteries. However, lithium battery manufacturers have begun to produce lithium batteries suitable for low temperature, and the cost is relatively high at present.The lithium battery is small enough to fit on top of a solar panel street lamp pole to avoid the risk of theft. The discharge depth of a lithium battery is 100%, that is, how much electricity is stored in the battery, which can provide much energy to the solar panel street lamp. The number of cycles of lithium batteries is more than 2,000 times. The average lead-acid battery of colloidal batteries is only 500–1000 times, which greatly prolongs the service life and maintenance cost of led solar street lamp.From the performance and use of lithium battery led solar street lamp, we found that the use of lithium battery led solar street lamp is more beneficial than the disadvantages.·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
What Are the Disadvantages of Lithium Battery Led Solar Light Street?
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What Are the Disadvantages of Lithium Battery Led Solar Light Street?
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Have You Ever Noticed That Your Electric Bill Goes Up at
Common Led Solar Light Questions
LED solar lighting and traditional lighting comparison
Solar Wall Light Is the Best LED Solar Light for Your Home
All in One Solar Street Light High Power 100W_Judn LED Solar Lights Factory | 10 Years Outdoor Solar
What Are the Disadvantages of Lithium Battery Led Solar Light Street?
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