Who Do I Contact About a Burnt-Out Street Light?!?

Depends upon whether your local council or the electricity board are responsible for street lighting maintenance. Ask this question of your local highways authority, which may not necessarily be your local council, depending on where you live. In London or a major city try your local council, in the country it could be either the County or the District Council.

Who Do I Contact About a Burnt-Out Street Light?!? 1

1. How much does it cost to intall a street light, pole and all?

If all new ones will be about $2000 each

2. How many days of sun light does it take to power one street light?

if the lamp holder is 90w,and the street light can light 5h one day, you can use 200w PV module. PV module can absorb the sunshine everytime and store the electric energy to the battery go round and round. if three days have no sunshine,the battery still can provide electricity .

Who Do I Contact About a Burnt-Out Street Light?!? 2

3. How do you make a street light turn green after it's been red for 20 minutes?

That happens to me it sometimes take 10 min or longer just wait sometimes they have problems with it or just HONK really loudly OR Cut

4. Metal street light pole, damage for car crash?

idk its hard to tell haha, maybe around 50 mph. The street poles go under ground deeper than you think, pluss a saturn isnt the "biggest car in the world" :) peace

5. I'm afraid of street light intersections.?

Get over it. Time and experience will cure this problem

6. What things does snow have in it that makes it glitter when light from street light shine on it?

Snow is frozen water. As light travels through it, it bends into all different angles exposing the variety of colors that white light is made up of (a la the rainbow!)

7. Find the speed of the tip of a shadow reflecting off a man walking away from a street light?

You really need a picture here:beginalign L:&text height of Lamp H:&text height of man x:&text distance from lamp to man s:&text distance from lamp to tip of shadow endalignIt's helpful to introduce the part $s - x$ because you should recognize that you have similar triangles: $1$) the small one with $s - x$ and $H$ and $2$) the large one with $s$ and $L$. Those ratios must be equal:$$ fracLs = fracHs - x text or fracsL = fracs - xH frac1Ls - frac1Hs = -frac1Hx s = -fracHL(H - L)Hx = fracLL - Hx fracdsdt = fracLL - Hfracdxdt $$Note that the speed of the shadow depends only on $fracdxdt$ and not the distance from the lamp. Also note that the shadow tip always moves away from the person since $L > L - H$ which makes the coefficient in front of $fracdxdt$ strictly greater than $1$.Or you could draw this picture:Now the two similar triangles are the top, small one and, again, the large (full) one, giving:$$ fracxL - H = fracsL

ightarrow s = fracLL - Hx $$...of course we get the same thing as before!

8. Can you believe that I have the ability without even trying to manipulate street light sensors?

yes! sweet! nice work buddy

9. who do you call if your street light is out?

Call your township and they will direct you to someone. I think it might be your electric company that replaces bulbs. Good luck

10. Bill walks away from a street light whose lamp is 30 feet above the ground. If Bill is 6 feet tall and his?

Bill's walking faster than your brain is working, that's for sure

11. I was driving my ninja 250 08 idk how fast i was going but there was a street light that changed real fast and?

The problem with engine breaking is you have very little control over the breaking force. In your case as you had already reached maximum breaking force using the bikes break its self, which is to say the tire has reached its limit of breaking ability, once you reach that, which you did, there is no more breaking ability available. I think you need to put your hand in your pocket and pay someone professional to teach you to ride. Look a this as an investment. In all your years of riding, to come, he only needs to show you a method that later in life you use and so avoid just a single accident, and it will have paid for its self. A few scrapes down the fairing, a damaged decal, a smashed mirror and indicator, these easy add up to more than the cost of the riding instructor.

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Who Invented the Street Light?
Who Invented the Street Light?
someone retarded1. which china led street light manufacturer is better?My english is poor and can not tell you too much about street light products, but I suggest you see products here WWW.IBTSLED.COM2. why does the street light in front of my house keep turning on and off every few minutes?Its the ballast. When the bulbs go out they just quit working. When the ballast starts to go bad, they heat up, shut down when it cools down again they come back on till they heat up again3. Street light goes out when I walk by?please dear, do not you call yourself 'crazy' ever, please. i do not know anything useful information to help you but i do know somethings; 1st of all whoever made fun of your question is himself/herself a jerk and i knew it & so many other people know it too that when they read your question they thought of the " power" of your's & maybe a lot of them wanted/wished that what if they had the power that you have. once i watched a show on t.v. ( not faking) that on peiple with some mysterious things/power or events. on 1 particular episode, there was a man, whenever he saws a bulb or like he went into a shop & if there's a bulb it just went off without any reason like, its just fused( suddenly & it happens every-time) and did not light again( he told that himself & demonstrated it also; he said why it happenes i do not know & that's why in my home i do not have any bulbs for lighting purpose.) so i think maybe you can find some similarities inyour & his case if you believe. otherwise i just wanna say that just believe in yourself & in the good things in yourself ( by good things i did not mean that your gift is a bad thing). do take some time from your daily schedule & do some research, it will help you to find the qualities in yourself because knowing oneself, one's mind, heart & soul is like knowing or get fascinated by a superstar ( if you can like a celebraty & his life how come you do not like your's? hope you will get it what i wanna say, right na?). who knows you would be among some very lucky people who help me & other normal people like me through their gift. thanks for reading my message to you and if you like you can share anything with me. take care.4. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?My Dad was a Sergeant in the Army during WW 2. Have you ever heard one of those guys yell? We made it home as soon as the lights came on. Having the entire town know you were late just was not a pleasant event.. we would hear all about it at school the following day.. Sigh.5. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?sometimes i stay at my friends house till like 3A.M. im 14 so yea, but one time i broke a streetlight, i shot it with my bebe gun6. what does it mean when you drive under a street light and it goes out?I had a physics teacher in High School who let us ask him random questions at the beginning of class each day. One of the students asked him this question, and his answer was that each of us emit a certain energy. If the light turns off or on, it was because your energy was at the same frequency as the electricity in the bulb. He also dedicated a day of class to ESP, and got mad at us when we threw off his vibe... and he thinks JFK was abducted by aliens, and will return in the year 2025... so, you can judge yourself whether or not to give his explanation any merit... :D7. PSE Begins Smart Street Light Installations To Help Customers Save Energy, Reduce CarbonPuget Sound Energy will begin installing street light control capabilities, also known as smart street lights, to help its lighting customers save money and reduce carbon. The technology will give PSE municipal customers more choice on how they light up their roads and communities by measuring energy consumption and using adaptive controls to lower usage in specific locations and times of day while also enhancing safety measures. The smart grid technology will add controls and software to LED street lights to enable two way communication. Smart street lights can be instantly turned on and off or dimmed for benefits like energy conservation or reducing light pollution at night. The ability to monitor each light's performance means broken and failing lights can be quickly identified and repaired. Because smart street lights can operate more efficiently, customers will be able to optimize their energy use, lower costs and reduce carbon in our environment. "Our lighting customers told us they wanted more control over their energy usage to save money and reduce carbon, and this technology will help meet both those needs," said PSE Director of Product Development and Growth Will Einstein. "New technology such as smart street lights will help us partner with our customers to meet their goals and improve the customer experience." Energy measurement that would facilitate metered billing as opposed to flat rate billing Remote control for dimming, turn off and turn on Uses less energy through dimming and reduces carbon as a result The City of Bellevue will be one of the first to receive the installations. PSE will be replacing around 300 roadway lights in some of Bellevue's arterial roadways with LED lights. It's part of the city's overall effort to reduce its carbon footprint. "We value innovation as a community and so appreciate that PSE partnered with Bellevue as one of the first two cities to receive new smart street lights," said Mayor Lynne Robinson. "In addition to energy efficiency and cost savings, it has the potential to help PSE respond more quickly to burned out lights owned by the company. It will be a positive safety boost for our Vision Zero effort to eliminate serious-injury and fatal crashes on city streets by 2030." Smart street lighting installations will also soon begin in the City of Edgewood with the installation of about 50 smart light controllers. "The City of Edgewood is excited to partner with PSE to incorporate Smart technology for immediate two-way communications and control of our street lights," said Edgewood Mayor Daryl Eidinger. "This control will give us feedback for malfunctions and allow us to reduce our usage, light pollution and our carbon footprint." Other cities within PSE's service area will also be able to engage with PSE on controls. PSE has partnered with Landis Gyr to equip 25,000 street lights with smart controls over five years. This is another way PSE is working together with customers to create a clean energy future for all as the company has also set an aspirational goal to be a Beyond Net Zero Carbon company by 2045. PSE will target reducing its own carbon emissions to net zero and go beyond by helping other sectors to enable carbon reduction across the state. Partnering with municipalities in its service area will help towards that mission. For more information on the smart street lighting program.
Selling Product All in One Integrated Solar Led Street Light
Selling Product All in One Integrated Solar Led Street Light
china energy saving lamp supplier, led, light manufacturers/ suppliers - xiamen gold union industrial co., ltd. sign in. join free for buyer led bulb, solar led street light, solar led flood light, led flat light, led downlight, led ceiling light, 40w led solar motion sensor light arm wall street, energy saving lamp, led tube. city/province . guangzhou, guangdong, china. hot sale spiral t2 7w 9w 11w e27 warmwhite energy solar lights outdoor [42 led/3 working mode], sezac solar security lights solar motion sensor lights wireless ip 65 waterproof outdoor lights for garden fence street garage (6 pack) [three intelligent lighting modes]: the upgraded solar lights outdoor has 3 high power 100w 200w led 550/450/250/150w solar flood street light outdoor garden outdoor road lamp is a high-quality weather resistant industrial-gradeBetter life span for halogen bulbs in ceiling lighting?These bulbs can fail from overheating. If there is insulation in the space around them you may need to remove some to give them some ventiation, and it may even help to cut a small hole in the attic flooringAt my OFFICE job, I'm sitting right underneath a pretty annoying, bright CEILING light. Suggestions?I suggest taping some paper together, unless you have newspaper, and tape it up. Your question did not indicate if there was also a sound coming from it. Get an office mate to spot you while you stand on a chair. Good luck!I am installing a ceiling light. The wires coming out of the ceiling are yellow and white. Is yellow negativwhite is your com (ground) the other should be black (hot), the best thing to do is go to ace buy a $3.00 tester and test the yellow, if the tester lights up when you touch the yellow that's your hot wireI want to make a cheap ceiling light.?Instead of "making" a fixture, go out an buy one that is designed to be "swagged" and hung from the ceiling. If you do not have an existing overhead fixture, then you almost certainly have a receptacle (outlet) that is controlled by a switch. It may only be half of a standard duplex receptacle. Plug the swag lamp into this. Trying to use a table lamp upside down is a bad idea. The heat from the lamp will likely cook the electrical wiring as it is designed to be below the lamp. To do differently would be a great way to meet your local professional firefighters (if you are lucky enough to make it out alive).Electrical Question.. Bedroom ceiling fan switched out with ceiling light.. now plug in outlets not working. Why?check the breakerWhat to do with my room?Paint it yourself. It's really easy. The cost of one gallon is roughly ten bucks at Lowes. All you need is a lil painting kit (roller, brush, and roller handle rolling tray). It is a bit time consuming, but if you take all the stuff off the wall you do not want painted (electrical socket plastic covers & ceiling light etc.) then it's a no brainer. Just remember how you used to do coloring books. That's how professionals paint! Do one wall at a time, and paint the outline(border) first with a brush, then roll the middle. The only part you may want to use painters tape on is the baseboard. A trick to painting though-do not go over any places you painted until it has properly dried. If you go over a place you just painted (like when you are rolling), you will roll-off the paint (which has started to dry) back onto the roller. Just fyi. Good luck and have fun! P.S. If you do not like the color you chose either during or after you are painting, remember it can be repainted just as easy.[PLEASE HELP!] I Need To Know The Name Of These Ceiling Lights.?paper lanternsNo power to ceiling light. Breaker box has been checked. What's wrong.?IT COULD BE A BAD LIGHT OR YOUR SWITCH MAY HAVE GONE BAD, TRY TEST WITH A TESTER TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ELECTRIC ON ITWhere to find battery powered ceiling lighting ?There are many lighting vendors who now cater to the solar-powered crowd using 12-volt lights. The same lights can (are) run from a battery
China How to Choose Good All in One Solar Street Light, 10080lm Solar Street Light 351w Outdoor Ip65
China How to Choose Good All in One Solar Street Light, 10080lm Solar Street Light 351w Outdoor Ip65
Best Quality Solar Lighting for All Seasons. Free-Light Free-Light Solar Lights: An Investment Into Your Home. Solar lighting drastically improves the appearance and security of your home. During the night time, you can relax and enjoy near your garden or on your porch or patio with our high performance solar light products.Solar light fixtures should give you the flexibility to maximize your space after dark by providing the light you deem necessary.In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke?Go to classic-enotes with your query for expert help on it. Good luckWhy are Tamils dark complexioned?Guess what, we love Black!.We have a nice number too.Karupputhaan Ennaku Pudicha Coloru Tamil Song | Vetri Kodi Kattu movie | murali.Enjoy the difference. Do not hate itDark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?dark if you want a wonderful tangy sensation. milk if you want sweet and milky. dark is very healthy apparently! i would choose neither. i prefer chocolate biscuitsdark or light?Dark Beer if I am going for taste or just hanging out Light Beer if I am trying to get drunkDying hair that is naturally dark?It will be reddish but you canAre chickens active at night...?A wonderful educational film on this would be a documentary called.....Chicken Run. I know that in our hen house the all go to bed on time..around dark, but sometimes...in the middle of the night... I could swear that there is a 'gabby girls' meeting. They start to talking to each other until one of the quiet ones yells at the others to shut the beak up. Chickens are fun!If Satan is the Prince of darkness who is the king of darkness?Ozzy is the Prince, and Satan is the King. I do not care what you say, though, if you are in darkness, you are a low-life druggyDark red gums and a cold?If you do not regularly brush your teeth you need to start now, once the gums go it's nearly impossible to keep your teeth looking nice for long. I would start flossing once or twice a day (at least until it gets better) and brushing, also find a good rinse. Crest Pro Health is a really good one that keep infection away, it's alcohol free so it does not burn to much in your mouth and within a few days you should see a differece in your gums. Good luck and if it does not clear up soon I would really try to see a dentist or add and extra cleaning in throughout your day.Are dwarves and dark elves the same?The issue with figuring the answer to this is to know that Norse mythology now has been convoluted by old Christianity. This was done to make people who follow the Norse mythology to be easier to lead into Christianity. As Helheim was made after Christianity helped change it. The original realms were as soThis was the original list of the realms but as stated it was later changed to make it easier to convert Nordics to Christianity. As it was easy to link Ragnarok meaning the end of gods with Christianity. As the world will be born again from the fires of Surtur. Christians of old used this to convert many Vikings or Nordics into their faith as they could use this for how Adam and Eve started as only 2 humans are to survive Ragnarok. Another thing that contributed to this was that Hel daughter of Loki whom watched over the dead was doing this in the realm of Niflheim. But in order to link the bible and Norse mythology more. They changed a little in order to add the realm Hel where the dead are that are not taken to Valhalla or . when originally they went to Niflheim as Hel resided there. others who died in battle or not of age or sickness went to Valhalla located in Asgard or Folkvang in Vanaheim. So other then the changes do to different religions leaking in these were the original nine realms. So in turn the answer is no Dwarves and Dark Elves are not the same. they were mixed together to be able to add in the realm of Hel.
The Hottest Questions About Street Light
The Hottest Questions About Street Light
Do you want to know about street light? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. a) You are holding a convex lens at arm's length and looking at a distant street-light. You observe the up-sid?convex lens looked like this an oval shaped egg2. If your street light are off can you go in your basement in hit the name of your street want it come on ?if so you may own the light by your house have this cheacked by the building inspector you may be paying for that huge bill for the out side light on the street some folks buy a light and share the costs with the neighbors in some areas to make the criminals fade out3. How do you make a street light turn green after it's been red for 20 minutes?Most lights are operated to change via a wire loop under the road, when your car stops on top of this wire loop, the wires resistance changes from the electromagnetic field around your car. The problem is either in the wire loop system, or you are not stopping on top of this loop. Next time you pull up to the light, drive up to it slowly and you can see where the road has been cut to allow the wire underneath. Stop directly on top of it.4. So I've got a street light right outside my appt room and it keeps me up at night.?Had this problem before. Ask the utility to paint your side of the plastic shield black. It works5. i was a sick wet boy diving too deep for coins all of the street light eyes wide on my plastic toys?but u have forgot to get some drugs from the pharmacy cos yours are clearly got lost6. A woman of height of 6 ft walks at a rate of 7ft/s towards a point P directly beneath a street light that is 30 ft above the ground .What is the rate of change of the distance between the tip of her shadow and the point P?Let the length of the woman's shadow = xand let her distance from the street light = yThen by similar triangles, we have6/x = 30/(x y)6(x y) = 30xx y = 5xy = 4xThe tip of the shadow is always (x y)/y = 5/4 times as far as the woman from the point P, so it must be moving at 5/4 times her speed.Thus the rate of change of distance of the tip of her shadow from the point P (or its speed) is7 ft/s * (5/4) = 8 3/4 ft/s.A woman of height of 6 ft walks at a rate of 7ft/s towards a point P directly beneath a street light that is 30 ft above the ground . What is the rate of change of the distance between the tip of her shadow and the point P?7. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?My Dad was a Sergeant in the Army during WW 2. Have you ever heard one of those guys yell? We made it home as soon as the lights came on. Having the entire town know you were late just was not a pleasant event.. we would hear all about it at school the following day.. Sigh.8. I'm afraid of street light intersections.?I often throw them a crumbled up greenback bill, smile and wave, and proceed into the city whilst i bypass there. even even with the shown fact that, i am having a tough bypass at it no longer in view that that's in simple terms yet another attempt to stereotype religious human beings as crazies as I actual have seen human beings doing an identical difficulty who have been something yet "religious crazies'9. need help on street light flashes?yea itll probably depend on your city. Usually there is some leway. Where I live, I doubt you would have gotten a ticket10. I was crossing the street and the light turned green was it my fault?No it was not your fault because whenever the other side turns red, then of course ur side will turn green unless you think differently and end up in an accident!!!
Telephone System and Street Light System?
Telephone System and Street Light System?
try city hall or the public library1. I was driving my ninja 250 08 idk how fast i was going but there was a street light that changed real fast and?First idea, slow down, you are out of CONTROL. Do not ride faster than the conditions allow.2. My neighborhood's street light has been out for many years and need repair. Who do i consult?Trouble is right3. my wife climbed the street light pole?she is meeting a guy at the top of a light pole? well, thats a weird place to meet. but how can she lose the ladder? unless you took it to punish, or laugh at, her. leave her there untill the sun comes up. then get her down. hahahaha4. Chemistry Help - street light colors?It has to do with the chemical make up of the inert gases/compounds inside the bulb. Might want to look up flame tests5. How do you get residential street light bulbs replaced.?call your city mayor they will tell you who to call6. Why is there a street light in my backyard?(it borders 4 properties as you say-so could make sense?) cheers.7. Triangle Problem. A street light is 10m directly above the curb.?WOW....that man is really TALL...did you mean 1167.68 mm ???... no, that would make the man rather short....better correct this...8. How to Report a Faulty Street LightA faulty street light puts citizens in danger and should be fixed immediately. If you've noticed a broken street light near you, you should do your public duty and notify someone so it gets repaired as soon as possible. Luckily, the process is similar in many places and is incredibly easy to do once you know where to look.9. Why do so many people disbelieve in street light interference?Well I do not know . I used to notice it happening to me and then i seemed to stop noticing it ,but my husband now notices it whenever i am around he commented it to me the other day.I am inclined to think it is coincidence though. Go figure10. Can you believe that I have the ability without even trying to manipulate street light sensors?Sure, I do too. Whenever my car rolls over one, the sensor know it. I do not have to do anything!11. do you remember back in the day you had to be home before the street light came on?Well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He's climbin in your windows, he's snatchin yo people up tryin to rape em so ya will need ta hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya husband because they rapin everybody out here. We got yo t shirts an you left fingerprints an all. Ya are so dumb, ya are really dumb. For real. You do not have to come and confess that ya did,we lookin for you. An we, we goin find you. I am letting you knowin that. So you can run an tell that. Homeboy!12. Do you have a timed street light that is always red when you come to it?YES! There's one such light a mile down the road. Turns red even if nobody is waiting for it across the street, and stays red for about 10 seconds before turning green13. why does the street light in front of my house keep turning on and off every few minutes?when High Pressure Sodium bulbs reach their life's end they blink on and off. A call to the City Public works will help them find it and have it fixed in a jiffy. Light color is an indicator of what type of street light you have, orange bulbs are high pressure sodium, blueish white color indicates mercury vapor, bright white is metal halide, the proper bulb must be replaced since they only work with the matching ballast for the type and size bulb. Singlepole14. Street light problems?I am guessing your security light does not use a motion detector (which could be defective). That leaves the most likely possibility: Your light bulb is "cycling" because it is dying; you should replace it. Cycling is common to most HID (high intensity discharge) lamps (such as street lamps and those blue bright car headlights) at the end of their life. Here's the cycle: 1. cool lamp -> arc starts -> lamp turns on 2. after a little while: hot lamp -> needs high voltage -> ballast fails -> lamp goes off 3. after a little while: cool lamp (go back to 1 and repeat)
Street lamp is a necessary part of every part of the street, with a primary function is to provide comfort to the driver and pedestrian. Street lamp also has a security function that is to prevent accidents and criminality. On the other hand, from environmental and economical perspectives, solar street lamp is better than the traditional street lamp, since the traditional technology uses far more energy during its operational life [1], [2].Solar street lamp is a lamp that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrical energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then stored in the battery [3], [4]. At night, the energy saved in the battery is used to provide light on the street. Generally, there are two types of solar street lamps: (a) unintegrated lamp; (b) fully-integrated lamp, as shown in Figure 1. Unintegrated lamp is a lamp which are each component, i.e. lamp, solar cell, controller, and battery, separate from each other, as shown in Figure 1(a). However, the lack of this type of solar street lamp is in need of a complicated installation. Different from un-integrated lamp, fully-integrated lamp has integrated all the components of each lamp, as shown in Figure 1(b). The fully integrated lamp causes easier installation, although the component price of this type is expensive [5].Semi-integrated lamp (Figure 1c) tries to overcome both problems that is expensive and complicated installation. Semi-integrated solar street lamp only integrated solar cell, controller, and battery, while lamp is separated using cable. This configuration makes semi integrated lamp cheaper and easier for installation that is suitable for rural area.Why arenu2019t solar cells used much in producing voltage?The current delivering capacity is the issue. Combination of the good quality cells could probably deliver the high currents required, but setting a solar plant may cost more than the conventional plants.However, solar cells are used in low current circuits quite frequently.how many panels of solar cells i need to produce enough electricity for running a house's devises and machinesIt depends on what you want to run. There are systems out there that will run your entire house "off the grid" with very few panels. In this situation you can have as few as one panel up to 3 or 4 to run the whole house. Then there are panels that will only run things like a small appliance or cell charger. It really depends on your needs and your budget. The bigger and more expensive the systemWhat happens to solar cells in water (or in anything other than air)?This causes a drop in efficiency. For single junction cells, which are very tolerant to changes in spectrum, the drop will be much less than for multi junction solar cells which are designed for particular spectral conditions.The IV characteristic will change because the surface resistance will decrease causing a leak current. This will also reduce efficient.Reflection occurs at the interface between materials of different refractive index. Semiconductor have a high index, say around 3.5, so the reflection is high. For these reasons solar cells have surface antireflection treatment which tries to place a materials of intermediate index between the surface and air (#1). If you place this in water you will skew this behaviour away from the design specification. (#1) the details here are quite fascinating, I slightly over simplified this pointWhat is the cost of solar cells compared to the cost of fossil fuels?That's a very complex question, and somewhat of a moving target. Solar cells are getting cheaper. However, it's not really a direct comparison. If I buy a solar cell, it produces a kilowatt hour, continuously -- as long as the somewhat less. If I dig a gallon of oil out of the ground, refine it (which takes energy), it's use up. I think the best comparison would be to take the expected lifespan of a solar cell and calculate the cost of a kilowatt hour, including the cost of the solar panels, installation, etc., etc. my guess is that the solar panels would be much cheaper.besides batteries or solar cells or fuel cells, or generators what else is there that can produce high voltageYou are correct a nuclear power plant = a coal powered power plant with the boiler replaced by a nuclear reactor. Yes we can create electricity through other means, but we can not do it without electrons. A thermocouple can also be added to generate electricity by inserting two dissimilar metals in the reactor pool, but that would just create more radioactive elements to mess around with. A fusion reactor will probably be used to boil water to turn a generator as well. Electrons are the source of electricity without an electron there is no electricity. So you can not create electricity that way. A nuclear reaction passes neutrons around and creates neutron radiation; the electrons and protons are not altered or affected in any way. Instead they reform smaller radioactive elements through the process of atomic decay. A generator spins a coil of wire in a magnetic field to create electricity and beyond chemical reactions (batteries) and solar cells we do not know of any way to create electricity. Is there another source of high voltage; yes, lightning. Lightning is static electricity created by the clouds moving across the earth. It is the same force that creates a spark when you rub your feet on a shag carpet and touch a door knob. If you run a huge thermocouple into the volcanic earth and then cool the other ends in the artic atmosphere then you can create electricity, but the people in Iceland prefer to use the steam created to run conventional generators; they get more power that way.
Good Quality Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab
Good Quality Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab
Wolta Power System is India's a standout among the most conspicuous organizations, assembling and providing an extensive variety of Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab. As a perceived firm, we convey quick and solid road lighting frameworks. Sun oriented vitality is perfect and contamination free and sustainable environmentally friendly power vitality. Using sunlight based power, unparalleled tidiness, high well-be, generally broad and adequate vitality, long life and upkeep free advantages from other ordinary wellsprings of vitality, photo-voltaic vitality is thought to be the twenty-first century the most essential new vitality.Wolta Power System is giving the best quality items as a result of consumer loyalty is our first need. Our item is dependable and simple to keep up. Incorporated sunlight based road light is an exceptionally proficient sun based board, high brilliant effectiveness LED lights, shrewd controller, Anti-burglary establishment section and other packed in one of the sun powered road lights. The principle objective is to outline vitality effective brilliant streetlight for vitality protection in existing streetlights of rustic territory, urban region and only for savvy urban communities.Components of Solar Street Light:• Solar Panel• Lighting Fixture• Rechargeable Battery• PoleContact Us:-Wolta Power System Amit Singh (CEO)Address: - B-91, 1st Floor, Sector 64, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaPhone - 0120-4560031 91-9266533533Email - info@woltapowersystem.comFor More info visit our Website - ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Why Is the Solar Led Street Light Price Higher Than Commercial LED Street Lamps?
Why Is the Solar Led Street Light Price Higher Than Commercial LED Street Lamps?
In order to create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly city, LED street lights are now being promoted all over the world. The issues that need to be addressed in road lighting are light decay and efficiency, which directly affect safety issues. Many years ago, the luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps was as high as 140 Lm/W, which exceeded the working efficiency of LED lamps at that time. It is selected Lampshining of Venus LED Street Lights, because it has a high-efficiency 150Lm / W, thermal performance, and reaches the IP67 degree of protection. The high reliability, high stability and high luminous efficiency brought by LED street lighting provide better road lighting demand and road safety for the public. If you have the idea to replace the traditional street light and use the LED street light, you can click to view the street light style: LED Street Lights.Nowadays, the sales volume of solar street lamps is the hottest among all street lamps. The state strongly supports new rural construction projects, while the installation of street lamps in rural areas mainly chooses energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar street lamps. However, the solar led street light price is higher than that of LED street lamps of the same height. LED street lights are also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Why do not rural areas use cheaper LED street lights? Why is the solar led street light price higher than that of commercial LED street lamps?Firstly,street lamp cost.It is the main factor affecting the solar led street light price. Solar street lamps have different parts. The price of each part will determine the final led solar street light price list. The original of the solar energy street lamp is more expensive, which is the reason for its high cost.Secondly,the use of led bulbs.Led bulbs in use when the stability is very high, basically no long-term use will not cause problems. As long as you choose the right LED light, the sun light in the day is sufficient, you can meet the power consumption of the street lamp for one night, and it will be more convenient for the use of the street lamp.Thirdly,the use of safety.some ordinary street lights in the process of use, if the wire is broken or broken, the leakage of electricity in the rainy weather, these conditions will bring some safety hazards. Solar street lights do not have this problem, and the degree of security will be very high. Fourthly,environmental protection and energy conservation. Now no matter what energy, there will be a certain consumption of nature. But the inexhaustible use of solar energy is a very environmentally friendly energy source compared with electricity. Moreover, there is no need to pay any fees when using it. When the ordinary street lamp is used, the electricity fee is also paid every month. As long as the weather is better, the street light can be used normally, which is convenient. The solar street lamp has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, low working temperature, strong safety and reliability, small unit size and green environmental protection, so its led solar street light price list is definitely slightly higher than ordinary street lamps. But compared to its advantages, the led solar street light price list is actually not expensiveWhat are features for solar led street light all in one have developed so fast?With the advancement of the times, people's demand for energy is also increasing, and mineral resources are limited. Therefore, the development of new energy sources is imminent, and the characteristics of solar energy conservation and environmental protection have been valued and applied by all walks of life. Especially in the field of solar led street light all in one ,it has been well applied and developed. What are features for solar led street light all in one have developed so fast?Firstly,the cost of a one-time investment in solar led street light all in one is very large, which is why many investors are discouraged. The cost of solar panels and batteries is quite high, which increases the overall value of solar led street light all in one. In fact, although the solar led street light all in one has a high input cost in the early stage, it does not consume power and maintenance-free features, and can save a small amount of overhead in the later stage. Secondly,the battery is an indispensable part of the solar led street light all in one. In the case of normal use of the street lamp, the battery life can be maintained for 6-10 years, the service life is long, and the normal light can still be guaranteed in the rainy weather, and it does not need to be like a traditional street lamp.Traditional street lamp need to check the line and it will be more worry-free to repair. Thirdly,in places where there are few people in urban suburbs, the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps have been stolen and destroyed, but they have been repeatedly banned.Solar led street light all in one also need to pay attention to the protection work. They are buried in the ground when the battery is installed, and then poured with cement, which can be used for anti-theft. Finally,in thunderstorms, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps are often eroded by rain and lightning,often caused by inability to maintain in time, and solar led street light all in one are equipped with lightning protection systems to avoid lightning strikes during thunderstorms. It can still maintain normal glow on rainy days.Solar led street light all in one have many advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, long life and high safety, which have been trusted by people. This is why solar led street light all in one can develop so fastWhat the Lighting effect after replacing the HID Street Light with LED Street Light?LED lighting has grown to 2019, and LED street lights are well-known. In order to create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly city, LED street lights are now being promoted all over the world. It also promotes environmental protection while improving safety. The issues that need to be addressed in road lighting are light decay and efficiency, which directly affect safety issues. Many years ago, the luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps was as high as 140 Lm/W, which exceeded the working efficiency of LED lamps at that time. However, the LED light effect has developed very rapidly, and now the road lighting can achieve 150-160 Lm/W light efficiency, and the life can reach more than 50,000 hours. What is an LED street light? I am very happy to share with you our LED street lights, which can be used in areas, streets and highways. In fact, this street light is the new street light that we launched in 2019. It is selected Lampshining of Venus LED Street Lights, because it has a high-efficiency 150Lm / W, thermal performance, and reaches the IP67 degree of protection. And so the effect of replacing the HID street light with LED Street Lights is very good and satisfactory.LED street lights make night roads bright and have high color rendering, which can reduce the probability of traffic accidents. Driving at night will also become safer.More and more customers recognize LED road lighting. The high reliability, high stability and high luminous efficiency brought by LED street lighting provide better road lighting demand and road safety for the public.Shown in the picture is 50w LED Street Lights.For more and more outdoor LED lighting projects, the road simulation design launched in the early stage provides customers with more comprehensive technical support. The road simulation design can show the road to customers.The lighting effect and overall quantity after installing the LED street light can better communicate with the end customer to calculate the project cost more accurately. At the same time, it also shows detailed road lighting data for customers. This can meet the different lighting requirements of customers.Thank you very much for stopping to watch here. If you have the idea to replace the traditional street light and use the LED street light, you can click to view the street light style: LED Street Lights.
Solar Street Light Manufacturer, LED Street Lamp Supplier
Solar Street Light Manufacturer, LED Street Lamp Supplier
Shenzhen Green Tech Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, Certified with ISO9001:2008 management system. We are professional Outdoor lighting manufacturer in the LED semiconductive lighting industry who has been all the time devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, selling and design of LED Street Lamp, Solar Street Light, High Mast Light, LED Flood Light. Through hard working and continuous innovation, we have earned good reputation as one of the larger suppliers in China.Uknown high pitched 2 tone house noise?As with anything you have to go through the process of elimination. One evening when you hear the noise shut the house's electric it's quiet at the main. With the main off see if you can hear the sound. If you do not hear the sound with the main off then a speaker or another magnetic electrical device is causing the issue. If the sound continues go outside listen for a transformer or street lamp on a pole many times they will emit a noise when they are in the process of going. If that is not it then listen around the outside of the house to see if you can isolate the noise. As mentioned it could be a gutter or soffit. Or something else creating a reed noise in the wind. Lastly indoors with the electric off check for a pipe vibration noise and attempt to isolate it.Related rates help! A 6 foot tall woman walking at 4 ft/s away from 24 ft. street lamp. How fast is the..?If she starts under the lamp her shadow has zero length. In 1 second she will be 4 ft from the lamp. Looking from the side we can see 2 similar triangles - one triangle is formed from the connection of the top of the lamp, the bottom ofthe lamp and the far end of her shadow; the other from the top of her head, her feet and the end of her shadow. From this we can calculate that her shadow will be 1ft 3ins long so the speed at which her shadow will change must be 1ft 3ins in/secWhy does my body discharge so much electricity?This happens to most everyone who lives in dry northern climate found in Alaska and some parts of Canada west and northern central tier USA states.But some people do have more natural electricity. Even though I do medical and electronics I do not know the precise reasons why. I have been such a person at times. For example, just turning on lights I far more often than others cause them to burn out. At times I have set off those RFID chip detectors when exiting stores, even when having zero store items on board.I have heard believable stories about people who seem to have effects on street lamps just walking by. In 6th grade in Alaska the thoughtless boys would shuffle across floor (even better with wool sweater) and touch girls behind ear, the effect greatly enhanced with small magnet in fingers. ZAAAP ! Fortunately I became more conscientious and stopped. You would not want zappy unexpected blue spark yourself, but you get one reaching to put key in door at home, touching metal door handle and so on. Shuffling across wool carpet builds up a big charge of static electricity. Kids like experimenting with this a lot until the novelty of it wears off.In my old age I am studying and thinking about used and unused human forces and capabilities. Some of this in answers here. Check out Harry Oldfield stuff for some of the latest new science on that.BEING POLITE: You can discharge YOUR built up Static Charge by touching a metal desk or window frame (or some metal item) BEFORE shaking hands with another person and [Important !] BEFORE touching your computer. Touch the METAL CASE of your PC first, if it has one. Good idea to turn it OFF completely during bad lightning storm too. That is called discharging to "ground" and the electrons go through the ground prong when they leave your PC.Similarly you do NOT want to be wearing a lot of metal items, nor being tallest item about during lightning storm. Get off horse, do NOT stand under tree, nor flag pole, nor street lamp, nor be touching a metal fence ! ! ! The lightning is searching for best connection to "ground" see? Let that pathway NOT be you... The dog with metal chain should be detached from it and taken inside. Standing in mud or on high rocky place or in rain puddle during lightning is also a bad idea. Go inside car, and inside dry house or barn is better. Lightning likes tall items like CN Tower. A very good idea to keep your laptop in a foam lined metal case these days, for reasons I won't detail here. Does no good to protect it from awful damage, unless the metal case is kept completely shut with latch(es) fastened.Why does my body discharge so much electricity?.
Smart Street Light Establishment  JC Global Foundation
Smart Street Light Establishment JC Global Foundation
Scheme to set up solar street lights is being implemented across the country to facilitate solar street lights in in general villages. Recent technical advancements have paved the path to the rebirth of solar street lights. As this is one of the best energy efficient solutions. In a tropical country like India, adoption of solar street lights can make more practical sense while empowering the energy management system of the country. Currently, the solar street lights are established in rural areas as they are more useful in villages and provide lighting in streets. There is an inevitable need of electricity in rural areas, mainly for night lighting and tis problem can be easily solved through solar light establishment. Keeping in mind the electricity needs of such households living in rural areas, solar street establishment are made available in rural areas. We, at JC Global Foundation, aim to bring energy management solutions across the world through solar street light establishment at public places. With the solar street lights establishment, we intend to empower the adoption of solar based energy efficient systems along with the cutting-edge solar lighting technologies. It is necessary to create public awareness regarding renewable energy in order to establish solar street lights on a large scale.1. Is this a good tank set up?Too many fish... I think the max rule is 1 fish per gallon of water. You will need more algae eaters too. What kind of lighting are you using?2. question fo professional photographers Canon lens?If you've been using your XT for a while, you should have a good idea of what focal length works best for you. My guess is something like 50mm. If you want better image quality in that range, you coud pick up a Canon 50mm f/1.8. These are fairly inexpensive and you can use a larger aperture than with any zoom lens. But a zoom lens - even the 18-55mm kit lens - should work nicely until you have specific reasons to upgrade. Also pay attention to how other portrait photographers use lighting. This is at least as important as buyng a better lens.3. how to get the best video quality out of canon dlsr?It's not a question of "the best setting." It's a question of understanding exposure, lighting, dynamic range, lens quality, which aperture to use, etc. etc. etc. In other words, go learn the basics of photography and the basics of cinemaphotography -- then your video will improve. The camera is quite capable of stunning video, but you need to know how to get it. Peace.4. Can seeds from store bought ORGANIC fruits and vegetables be planted to grow your own vegetables or fruits?As others have said, just avoid the hybrids. They do not usually have much flavor. You want to look for "heirloom" seeds. These are the ones that usually have not been altered in some way. Some of my favorites are not heirlooms at all, but if you are inexperienced, that's always a safe route. I get my seeds from locals I trust, from my own plants that I've harvested, from nurseries, even sometimes from Home Depot, because I've come across some great ones in hardware stores (not always, but consistently). You can even try places like ebay, at least as long as you trust the source. (After all, anyone can claim they are growing organic/heirloom/whatever seeds.) If you are going to grow indoors, though, you need to consider germination temperatures and lighting. Some peppers require higher temperatures to germinate. Other seeds need to be frozen or refrigerated first. You also need to consider your climate and whether or not you will be moving the plants outside. If you are going to do this often, I have some suggestions for indoor lights. Feel free to email me if you need help with anything. I've been starting my plants indoors in many different climates for years.5. Do you look different (bad lol) in certain lighting, like fluorescent? BDD?When a person has BDD, things like lighting can make them see a completely different person in the mirror. The truth is, you looked exactly the same without the lamp as you look with the lamp. Some types of lighting can flatter certain people, or make them look worse, but the difference is not too dramatic. If I were you, I would put a dimmer lightbulb in your lamp or get rid of it. Even though others are not seeing what you are seeing, you should avoid things that cause issues with your BDD
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