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Who Do You Call to Trim Branches in Front of a Street Light?

It depends on if the tree is on your neighbors property or not. The city will cut it if it's on city property.You can call the city about it but if it's on his/her property, the city may bill them if they do it. The power company will only trim the tree so it does not affect the lines. What you can also do is get a step ladder and pole pruner and saw, and do it yourself or your neighbor can....... Hope this helps you.......

Who Do You Call to Trim Branches in Front of a Street Light? 1

1. i hate the street light?

You can. But Orange light resembles daylight and the vision is better

2. I hate street light cameras?

well, sometimes it just goes off by itself but other times when your making a right turn and u DONT stop, then u get cited.. but u did stop so that is really weird why it would still take your picture. but dont worry, i dont think it will get a ticket.

Who Do You Call to Trim Branches in Front of a Street Light? 2

3. need help on street light flashes?

yea itll probably depend on your city. Usually there is some leway. Where I live, I doubt you would have gotten a ticket

4. If I have a street light post that has two 150 watt light bulbs; how much do I pay?

Why pay anything at all. Use a solar light. They make all kinds of solar lights now even spot lights that would give you just as much light, turn on at night by themselves and off in the day

5. What is the height of a street light?

The mounting height from lamp to roadway: for 200-watt lamp, 9.6 to 10.5 meters for 310-watt lamp, 11.1 to 12.0 meters

6. i have a pocket bike it has street light,turning signal and break light is it still illegal?

dont know, WHAT STATE are you in????

7. In my city, I see a little "device" thing on top of every street light, what are those?

They are used to assist firetrucks and ambulances

8. Do you think your city would welcome a more efficient street light system like Los Angeles will have?

I am sure Baltimore would welcome any improvements that might help reduce violent crime assuming the cost was reasonable

9. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?

sometimes i stay at my friends house till like 3A.M. im 14 so yea, but one time i broke a streetlight, i shot it with my bebe gun

10. Street Light cut off when i go near them?

Hi Corey, Please call the council to get those lights tested thank you. Good Luck. Best Wishes. Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Near Yours.. Source(s): Studies..

11. How to Make Light Sensor - DIY Automatic Street Light

I tested it with one 2n2222a transistor and it worked but it was not so efficient and the LDR was not sensitive also the LED was not Bright . so I decided to make it with two transistors and as you can see in the video the results are perfect

12. Can I contact someone to turn off a street light?

Just climb up there and put a dark lamp shade on it

13. my wife climbed the street light pole?

call the cookie monster and the count

14. Why is there only 1 street light on Calle Vejar street in city of Rancho Cucamonga, California?

It's all the usual. Whoever has the money, money, money gets to be on the top of the cities' list for improvements, no matter what the actual priority of need is. I also live in California, and there are areas near me where literally the pavement will be cracked open, pot-holed, center dividing lines so old and faded they no longer exist. Then you turn a corner into the next zip code, where a new housing development project has been opened, "Grand Opening! Beautiful Homes Starting In The Low $600 Thousands!!" and the streets are smooth, all utility lines are underground, streets are tree lined and landscaped, all compliments of the city. Gee, I wonder why that is also? I have a sign at the corner of the intersection I live on that says "U Turn Only", with a picture of an arrow turning left. And a motorcycle cop hides under a tree most days waiting for confused motorists to turn left, so I get to listen to his siren all day

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