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Why Do Street Light Always Go Out When I Walk By?

It is most likely sensored, although for streetlights that's rare. Probably a coincidence... Kintalia

Why Do Street Light Always Go Out When I Walk By? 1

1. What does it mean when my car won't move after I come to a stop at a street light?

your torque converter is going bad. on newer cars the torque converter has an electric lock out to help the in prove m.p.g. when you come to a stop it is staying engaged

2. Street light intersections; on top of each light has the senors that tells it to turn green?

i do not think it has a weight sensor but it needs you to be behind and close enough to the line on the road for it to sense you

Why Do Street Light Always Go Out When I Walk By? 2


Street lights turn on because it gets dark. If the photosensor, usually on top of the light, is aimed at a wall or other object that is normally partly lighted, the extra light from your headlights will cause it to shut down as in daylight. If you were to park and turn off your lights, after a couple of minutes it would come back on. In the worst case, the sensor picks up it own light reflecting off of something and turns on and off every couple of minutes all night which is really tough on the bulb. The time delay is built in so that it does not flicker from lighting bolts

4. When you were a kid did you often break the street light rule?

We did not have that rule. We never use to stray far. It was come in when you heard your mum shout. Lights or no lights

5. How much does it cost to run a street light in Lincoln, UK?

There is no fixed answer.I don't know whether this might be dealt with as a fixed penalty matter by a policeman, but he has discretion to let you off if the light had only just gone red, or to charge you with dangerous driving if you flagrantly ignore a red light thereby putting lives in danger. This latter will involve a hearing in the magistrates' court.If you are convicted, your fine will be related to your ability to pay it. The magistrates will fine you a fraction of your annual disposable income.You might also be banned from driving for a year or longer, which could cost a fortune in taxi fares or lose you your job.Should you cause an accident as a consequence, then your insurance for the next five years (at least) will reflect the cost to your insurer of the accident and your high level of risk as witnessed by your motoring conviction(s). Finally, despite the best efforts of the NHS, you might yourself end up in the mortuary. So, drive carefully and legally!How much does it cost to run a street light in Lincoln, UK?

6. Did you have the street light rule when you were little?

Nope. There was no exact time I had to come in. When it got too dark for us to play, that's when my friends and I decided to go inside. It gets dark around 8:00pm

7. Street Light Interference Phenomenon [closed]

You asked if there is any "scientific approach" that can explain the so-called street light interference phenomena and the answer to that is yes.Hypothesis: Street light interference phenomena exists.Prediction: Street lights do not turn off randomly, they show a bias to turning off when a human is walking nearby. Experimental test: Randomly select many (hundreds or thousands) of street lights and setup recording equipment to monitor when they turn on and off and when humans are nearby. The more events that are recorded the better.Analysis: Perform a statistical test to determine if street lights turn of or stay on more than expected when a human walks by. If you perform the above experiment you will find that street light interference phenomena does not exist. If it seems like it does the most likely explanation is confirmation bias.One way to try to combat this confirmation bias would be that every time you walk under a street light tell yourself "it's about to turn off". After all of the negative predictions your confidence in the phenomena will probably be diminished (although this is not a scientific test and it can fail for various reasons)

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