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Why 'street Light' Lights Up During Thunderstorm?

It may be possible that the street lights in your area run off of a photovoltaic cell that determines whether light is hitting it or not. If no light is hitting it it no longer receives a voltage from the cell which tells a computer to turn the light on

Why 'street Light' Lights Up During Thunderstorm? 1

1. Street light goes out when I walk by?

Either crazy or maybe possessed. Go gargle some holy water to see

2. What does a photon do if it finds itself alone? Say a street light emits light into the night and some photons do not hit anything to be absorbed, how long will those photons travel? Until they do hit something?

Time does not exist for a photon since it travels at c, the speed of light. Thus, until it 'hits' something, and its wave function 'collapses' it exists at all places and all times.However, from our reference frame, if we were somehow able to 'watch' an individual photon (which is impossible since light can not 'catch up with' light), it would, indeed, travel infinitely.

Why 'street Light' Lights Up During Thunderstorm? 2

3. Triangle Problem. A street light is 10m directly above the curb.?

WOW....that man is really TALL...did you mean 1167.68 mm ???... no, that would make the man rather short....better correct this...

4. A 6 foot person standing 20 feet from a street light coasts a 10 feet shadow. What is the height of the street?

From what grew to become into presented: Distance from highway easy: 40 top of highway easy: 30 Distance of shadow from highway easy: 10 With this we can do common proportions: 30.....x --- = --- 40....10 to locate the x, in simple terms multiply 30 and 10 to get 3 hundred. Then divide it via 40 which would be 7.5 That individual is 7.5 ft tall!

5. What is the average distance between 2 street light poles and the height of those within cities in India?

No such specification. Both depend on the intensity of the light fixed, so that the maximum area can be well lit.What is the average distance between 2 street light poles and the height of those within cities in India?

6. a man 1.7m tall walks away from a 9m high street light at 2m/s. Find the Rate of change of? Calculus problem?

D(t)=distance from lamp L(t)=Shadow length Ratio: L/(LD)=1.7/9 ==> 9L=1.7L 1.7D Differentiate with respect to time 9dL/dt=1.7dL/dt1.7dD/dt dD/dt=2m/s 7.3dL/dt=3.4 dL/dt=0.4657 m/s which is the changing shadow length from 7.3L=1.7D at D=20m L=4.657 m

7. Who Do I Contact About A Burnt-Out Street Light?!?

If you live in a city, see if they have a city supervisor's office. They have been wonderful and you will not believe how quickly things got fixed once they got involved. . Good luck!.

8. I was driving my ninja 250 08 idk how fast i was going but there was a street light that changed real fast and?

Buell's are a humorous tale!! do no longer even evaluate getting one! while you are a clean rider and are finding for a customary bike, i might propose the Suzuki SV650. that's what i began out on and what I nevertheless have. It does not value lots, in spite of the undeniable fact that curiously sharp and might flow.

9. street light abd illumination problem

Remove all the streetlights and issue the community LED torches with the money saved

10. Why do so many people disbelieve in street light interference?

You are talking about basing the belief entirely on testimonial evidence. Here is whats wrong with testimonial evidence. The person is looking for stuff to confirm their belief that there is something supernatural going on. When they give their testimony all you hear is about how street lamps go off as they pass by, and electronic devices fail to work. In reality this happens to all of us. From time to time lights go out and devices malfunction. However, when you only mention these incidents, it makes it sound like its the only thing going on in ones life. Paying attention to these incidents and ignoring the rest of life is called "confirmation bias" and is the cornerstone for paranormal beliefs. I have yet to see or hear about someone who walks down the street and every street lamp they are near goes out, and comes back on when they get a distance from the lamp. This does not happen. What does happen is lamps start to go on and off, and if someone happens to be walking by that lamp, then one lamp will go off. Here is whats really going on. Street lamps are filled with a gas. As the gas gets low in the lamp, it settles and does not touch the filament, and the lamp goes out. As it settles it actually stirs a bit, and when some touches the filament again, the entire lamp goes back on. At a certain level, the gas in the lamp will continue to cycle like this and the lamp will go off an on every few minutes or so.

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