Bright Solar Landscape Flood Lights

Bright Solar Landscape Flood Lights 1

Westinghouse easy installation solar flood lights these solar powered motion sensor flood lights is the brightest of them all. Click to add item patriot lighting solar integrated led landscape flood light to the compare list. Bright enough to be used as a flood light, wide range sensitive motion sensor, easy to install, especially weatherproof the low points: Free shipping in the continental usa 28 super bright leds / 450 lumens Just 1 mode, must be mounted this light is bright.

In this lineup, the brightest solar flood light is the tbi security solar lights outdoor 216 led which emits 2,200 lumens of bright light. The solar panel and the lights use a cord that measures up to 16 feet, so you can place it anywhere perfectly and so that it can provide you with light for 10 to 12 hours. It features a motion activated sensor with several lighting durations; In comparison with all the other products reviewed, it is more.

Ip 66, ik 07, extruded aluminium construction for sturdiness and long life. This super stylish set of 6 gigalumi solar pathway lights will make an attractive feature in your garden, while also providing a super bright warm white light for illumination of pathways or among the foliage in your garden. The floodlights are framed with strong aluminum and tempered glass, with at least 120 led lights that powered up to 1000 lumens.

With 80 leds and 2,000 lumens, the westinghouse solar lights are the brightest solar flood lights we've found.

Bright Solar Landscape Flood Lights 2

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solar landscape flood lights related knowledge:
  • Landscape of Water Pump

    Between Yoxford and Eastbridge the landscape is classified as valley meadows and fens. The narrow valley, which has some peat deposits, is largely drained through a system of dykes and used as grassland with some areas of mixed woodland. Suffolk Wildlife Trust maintains a 20 hectares (49 acres) nature reserve at Darsham Marshes along this stretch of the river.

    Past Eastbridge the landscape is largely flat along the line of the river. This is known as the Minsmere Level, an area of drained and re-flooded marshland with underlying alluvial geology. The area to the south of the Minsmere New Cut is used a grazing marsh.

    To the north the wetland areas are flooded and managed as part of the RSPB's habitat management strategy for its Minsmere reserve. The area provides a number of important habitats for bitterns, marsh harriers, hen harriers, avocets and Dartford warblers. The wetland areas include flooded lagoons and much of the area is designated as a Ramsar site.

    The grazing marshes to the south of the Minsmere Levels provide over-wintering grounds for a variety of different waterfowl species.

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solar landscape flood lights related q&a:
  • Best Solar Landscape Lighting and Spot Lights | LEDwatcher

    Solar power is all the rage nowadays - or if it is not yet, it soon will be. And let's face it, who does not find attractive the prospect of eco-friendly energy combined with zero power bills? Get in early and jump on the solar bandwagon, by purchasing some solar landscape lighting and solar spotlights for your property.

    Perfect for illuminating driveways, decks, lawns, balconies, and gazebos. Use them to show off your landscaping, or place on your porch to scare away intruders and tighten security around your property. Solar-powered spotlights do it all.

    How do they work? The concept is simple. The spotlights are attached to a solar panel which collects rays from the sun, and stores that energy in a rechargeable battery, so that it can be utilized as light when it gets dark.

    All they need is exposure to direct sunlight. No wires, no external power source. There are a great many number of solar outdoor lights on the market already, which vary wildly in quality, features, and price.

    In this review article, we have chosen what we think are eight of the best models out there today; we believe this selection also serves as a good representation of the variety that's out there in the market. Hopefully, by its completion, you will be better equipped to navigate this tricky terrain and choose the solar landscape lighting and solar spotlights that are right for you. So without further ado, let's go look at some lights!

    Down below are our reviews for each of the eight of the best solar landscape and spotlights. If you are looking for some high-quality outdoor lighting that also allows you to cut your power bills and save the environment, you've arrived at the right place. This 2 pack of LED solar spot lights from URPOWER ticks all the boxes.

    This is 100% solar landscape lighting, which means no wires and no external electricity source. Just set them up in direct sunlight and let the high-tech, crystalline solar panels absorb nature's golden rays, charging the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries so that the LED lamps are ready to go providing light to your property all night long. These landscape solar lights are configured to turn on automatically at dusk.

    Each LED emits 50 lumens light, they also come with a 'low' light, dimming mode so that you can save power and make these lights last longer. On a full charge, they are said to illuminate your property for 6-9 hours at a time. Ideal for pathways, driveways, balconies, docks, and decks.

    Completely weatherproof, just stake them in the ground or hang from a wall in your location of choice. Enjoy harnessing the power of nature with URPOWER's outdoor solar landscape lighting! It's one of the best solar landscape lights out there today.

    • High quality outdoor solar spot lights: 4 LEDs, each bulb emits 50 lumens, you get 200 lumens in total, making this some of the brightest solar landscape lighting you will ever experience. The lights are fully solar-powered, so no complicated electrical wiring and no electricity bills. Just set up in direct sunlight (stake or hang) and they are good to go.

    Perfect for pathways, gardens, porches, driveways, and balconies. • Attached, in-built lithium 2200 mAh rechargeable battery charges these lights during the day, so they can provide illumination to your property all night long. They provide 6-9 hours of continuous coverage for your property when fully charged.

    • Adjustable light and solar panel: the light head can be adjusted 90 degrees up and down, and the solar panel 180 degrees up and down. Light up exactly the areas you want, and position your light so as to maximize sun exposure. • Comes wth 2 modes - either 'high' or 'low' (dim) mode.

    • Problem-free installation: no need for complication electrical wiring, just stake into the ground or hang on your wall of choice using the screws provided. • Automatically turns on at dusk, off at sunrise. • Weatherproof design, these lights are built to withstand all the challenges nature hurls at them.

    You get 'all year' lighting with URPOWER. These upgraded InnoGear outdoor landscape solar lights do everything better. Light up your walkways, gardens, porches, decks, and balconies with an enhanced 200 lumens of light (up from 80 lumens), using the enlarged solar panel and 18650 lithium battery capacity of these lights.

    These outdoor solar spot lights also come with a lengthened mounting stake, allowing you to stick your lights deeper into the ground; combined with the water- and weatherproof design, this feature gives you even more stability and durability in bad weather like wind, rain, sleet, and snow. There are two working modes, 'high' and 'low'; on a full charge, you get 4-6 hours continuous coverage with the former, and 8-12 hours for the latter. Fully solar-powered, this solar landscape lighting option is ideal for those of you who want to light up the outside of your property, whilst saving on power bills and doing your bit to conserve the environment.

    • Fully solar spot lights, you get 4 bulbs, each emitting 50 lumens of light, that's 200 lumens of illumination in total (compared with 80 lumens in the old version), this truly is one of the best solar landscape lights on the market. Ideal for lighting up decks, porches, balconies, pathways, gardens, and whatever other outdoor areas you want to give light to. All you need to do is place them in direct sunlight.

    • Upgraded and enlarged, frost-coated solar panel, with enhanced-capacity 2200 mAh lithium rechargeable battery, ensures these solar powered spot lights are brighter and stay on longer. When fully charged, they provide all-night coverage: 4-6 hours in high mode, 8-12 in low mode. • Automatically turns on at night, off at sunrise; remember to switch to 'on' before first time usage.

    • Adjustable-angle light and solar panel: enables you to light up just the areas you want, and position the light so as to optimize sun exposure. • Installation is easy and tool-free: no need for electrical wiring, just stick into the ground or use the screws provided in the box to mount on the wall. • Weatherproof design, these landscape solar lights will stand up and be counted the whole year-round.

    With their enlarged and enhanced efficiency solar panels, this 4-pack of solar powered landscape lights from Nekteck put out a whopping 200 lumens of light in total, and on a full day's charge they provide up to 8-10 hours' continuous illumination. Use them to show off your lawns and landscaping, light up your porch or walkways so you do not break your neck, or just amp up the security surrounding your property. And if you want to give them a break, you are in luck: these solar landscape flood lights come with a manual 'on'/'off' button so you can choose exactly when you do or do not want lighting for your property.

    Other features include 'high' and would im light' modes, and 180 degrees adjustable angle (90 for the solar panel, 90 for the light head), so you can customize your lighting experience and sunlight exposure. With IP64 waterproof design, these solar spotlights will do the job in even the most inhospitable of climactic conditions as well. Go out and give them a try today.

    • Solar-powered LED lighting, use the forces of nature to light up your lawns and landscaping. No wires, no electricity bills. These are some of the best solar spot lights on the market.

    • 4 super-bright LED solar landscape flood lights, put out 200 lumens light in total. Come with enlarged, enhanced efficiency solar panels, they absorb so much more sunshine! These are some truly bright solar spotlights.

    • 18500, 3.7 volts, 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, provides up to 8-10 hours of lighting on a full charge. • 180 degrees' adjustable angle (90 degrees for the light head, 90 for the solar panel). • '2-in-1' installation feature: either stake in the ground or mount on the wall (screws and spike included).

    • Runs automatically from dusk until dawn, but also comes with a manual on/off button for when you want to give your solar-powered spotlight a break. • IP64 waterproof and heatproof design, this top-notch solar landscape lighting option does the job in all weather conditions. With its 16-foot cable attaching the LED light to the solar panel, these fully solar-powered landscape lights from MicroSolar can be placed literally anywhere on your property, EVEN areas with no sunlight.

    That gives them a great advantage over other comparable models in this market. In addition, you get 12 LED bulbs in the box, providing a grand total of 60 lumens light for the exterior of your property. They activate automatically at dusk (then turn off at dawn), and with their ultra-long lifespan, 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium battery, they are capable of providing 8-12 hours of continuous coverage.

    Let there be light in the areas that need it most. These nifty little solar spot lights from MicroSolar will illuminate your paths, porches, gardens, balconies, decks and gazebos, no problems. One year product warranty included, grab your pack today.

    • Fully solar-powered LED solar landscape lighting, 12 LEDs and 60 lumens total, no wires, no electricity bills, no worries. • Solar panel comes separate from the lights: instead, they are connected with a 16.4 feet cable letting you place the lamps anywhere, even in areas with ZERO sunshine. That feature surely makes these lights one of the best solar spotlights in the market.

    • Extra long-lasting 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium battery, ensures these solar powered spot lights provide coverage all night long (8-12 hours). When it comes to long-lasting lights, these are among the best solar landscape lights in the business. • Automatically activates at dusk, turns off at dawn.

    True to their name, these solar spot lights 'magically' keep your property's exterior illuminated the entire night long, come what may in terms of weather conditions. This is a pack of 4, so plenty of coverage guaranteed with this purchase: allows you to illuminate multiple areas. Installation is straightforward, this particular set of outdoor solar spot lights comes with a '2-in-1' feature: either stake into the ground or mount upon your wall of choice; all installation tools are included, no wiring or extra equipment necessary.

    The unit is powered by a powerful 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. There are two lighting modes included with this solar-powered spotlight ('high' and 'low'), so the length of coverage provided on a full charge will vary. Being solar-powered, these solar landscape flood lights require exposure to sunlight, and usefully the light head is 180-degrees adjustable, allowing you to optimize that exposure.

    With their durable, weatherproof design these versatile little solar powered landscape lights from Magictec will illuminate your porch, pathways, lawns, and decks come wind, snow, sleet, rain and hail. Some of the best solar spot lights around. • Solar-powered outdoor solar landscape lighting; light up your pathways, drives, lawns, and balconies by harnessing the power of the sun itself.

    Reduce your electricity bills AND your carbon footprint, Magictec lets you kill two birds with one stone! • 4 solar LED landscape lights, powered by a 18650 rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery, provides up to 10 hours' coverage on a full charge. • Comes with two brightness modes, high and low.

    • Light head is adjustable up to 180 degrees; lets you create just the light effect you want and also position the solar panel so as optimize sunlight exposure. • '2-in-1' installation feature: mount on the wall or stake in the ground. All screws and stakes included, no need to go out and buy extra tools.

    • Durable and weatherproof design, these are solar landscape spotlights that get the job done under all weather conditions, makes it an excellent choice for any sort of outdoor lighting. These Frostfire solar LED landscape lights (pack of two) are suitable for your gardens, pathways, decks, porches, and gazebos; you can even use them to provide light to your shed or garage. What is more, they are fully solar-powered, so no wiring or external electricity source is required.

    Just set them up in direct sunlight, using the installation plugs and screws provided, and let the powerful, high-tech solar panel absorb rays from the sun, charging the batteries so that the LED lamps can illuminate your property's exterior when it gets dark. These landscape solar lights are sensitive to ambient lighting and are configured to turn on automatically at dusk, and off at dawn. With their heat- and waterproof design, these Frostfire solar spotlights will also withstand the harshest of weather conditions, providing your property with lighting over the entirety of the four seasons.

    All in all, a good, solid outdoor solar landscape lighting option, that also allows you to save on power bills and reduces your carbon footprint at the same time. • Fully solar powered landscape lights, just place them in direct sunlight. No cables or external electricity supply needed.

    • Powerful LEDs, provide excellent lighting for your pathways, porches, gardens, gazebos, and more. • Sensitive to ambient lighting levels, they activate automatically at dusk then turn off at dawn. • Easy to install, just use the plugs and screws provided to mount them on your wall or fence of choice.

    • Waterproof and heatproof design, these LED solar landscape lights will be emitting their warm, welcoming glow for many a night to come. This stylish, Malibu solar spotlight is a fantastic product for accenting your landscaping, lighting up your porch or pathway, or just beefing up security surrounding your property. It has a crystal clear glass lens delivering absolutely unfiltered lighting, and with its bulb that emits 15 lumens of warm, white light, it is sure to enhance your out-of-doors living experience.

    It's fully solar-powered, of course, and thus easy to install, just use the stake included in the box, and position in the path of the sun. No wires, no worries. This solar-powered spotlight provides up to 9 hours' continuous coverage when fully charged.

    It is built from corrosion-resistant, waterproof plastic material, so you need never worry about this light being damaged by the elements. With Malibu's solar landscape lighting, you are getting some of the best solar landscape lights around; you can be sure your property will be receiving high-quality illumination for many nights to come. • Fully solar powered outdoor lighting: no wires, no power bills, almost everything you need is contained right here in the box.

    The only other thing required is a steady supply of sunlight. This LED solar light will provide 15 lumens of illumination to your property's exterior. • Includes one super-dependable, high capacity 400 mAh lithium battery.

    When fully charged, provide 9 hours of continuous illumination. • Hassle-free installation, just stake your lights into the ground using included installation stake. • Durable plastic design, which is also corrosion-resistant and waterproof: this solar spotlight will make it through all weather conditions, rain, hail - you name it.

    With this APOLLED outdoor solar spotlight, you get 8 LEDs and a whopping 400 lumens of light, more than enough to illuminate your entire pathway, porch or lawn. This is an upgrade of a previous version of this model, the solar-powered spotlight is 20 times brighter, and comes with an enlarged solar panel which converts light much more efficiently. Because it is solar-powered, installation is a breeze: no need for complicated electrical wiring, just use the screws and brackets included in the box to mount the light upon your walls or decks.

    All it needs is exposure to direct sunlight, and in addition, the light conveniently allows you to adjust the angle of the solar panel 360 degrees to maximize sun exposure. It provides 10 hours of lighting coverage on a full charge. With its sturdy construction and watertight seal, this solar spotlight will reliably provide lighting where you want it, when you want it, regardless of external weather conditions.

    Sit back and relax! Reducing your power bills and becoming a good environmental citizen has never been easier, than with APOLLED's outdoor solar landscape lighting. • Fully solar powered outdoor lighting, no need for electrical wiring or external power sources.

    Set your solar-powered spotlight up in the path of the sun, then watch it gather solar energy during the day, before turning on automatically at dusk to provide light for you all night long, exactly where you want it. • 8 LEDs provide 400 lumens of illumination, 20 times brighter than traditional outdoor lights: these solar landscape spotlights are more than sufficient to light up your entire driveway, garden or gazebo. This is just about the brightest solar landscape lighting available today.

    • Provides up to 10 hours' continuous coverage when the battery is fully charged. • Can adjust the angle of the light and solar panel 540 degrees (180 degrees for the light and 360 degrees for the solar panel): create just the light pattern you want, and position the panel so as to optimize sun exposure. • No-fuss installation: just mount onto your wall of choice, using the provided screws and mounting brackets.

    • Sturdy plastic construction and watertight seal: withstands all weather conditions, this is the solar-powered spotlight that just keeps going. As we have seen, modern solar landscape lighting and solar spotlights are super handy, they can be used to illuminate driveways, lawns and landscaping, porches, decks, and balconies. They also give you plenty of options as to where and at what angle you install them, some come with multiple lighting modes as well.

    In this article, we have reviewed a number of high quality solar outdoor spotlight models, hopefully at least one of them suits the particular requirements of your property. Whatever product you end up choosing if you are looking for a set of low maintenance outdoor lights, that also allows you to reduce your power bills and your carbon footprint, solar landscape lighting, and solar spotlights are definitely the way to go.

  • Best Led Solar Flood Lights

    This presentation will show you why led solar flood lights are the future of your flood lights. What are the main benefits of using solar powered flood lights. Solar flood light advantages over regular floodlights.

    You can find out what are the best solar flood lights and what types of solar lights are popular. Also here are listed all the best solar powered lights for each category of flood lights.

  • Top 10 Best Solar Flood Light in 2021 - Solar Power LED Flood Lights

    Solar flood light does an excellent job in adding bright lights into your outdoors. If you are here to hunt for the best solar flood light, you have come to the right place. This article is going to address the top 10 best solar flood lights in 2021 on a basis of performance, ease of use and setting up as well as previous customers reviews for you to purchase.

    List of the Top 10 Best Solar Flood Light In 2021 - Solar Power LED Flood Lights Get it now on As a bestseller item, this InnoGear Waterproof Solar Flood Light is equipped with an upgraded frosted solar panel, so it does not need any protective film. It is waterproof, heatproof, and very bright. For installation, you can either stick the solar flood light into the ground or mount it on the wall using the included screws.

    It turns off/on automatically according to night times and day times. The rechargeable battery allows this item to work longer than most other solar floodlights. You can also turn the light on during daytime by simply covering the solar panel and ensuring that there is no other light source shining through.

    Get it now on Made of heavy-duty aluminum light fixture, this is a durable waterproof solar Power LED flood light. It works automatically from dusk to dawn; continuously 8 - 12 hours/day. For the long life Lithium battery, it lasts over 2 years.

    And, the solar floodlight can be either stuck into the ground or mounted to the wall. Get it now on Able to power about 10 hours, this solar powered flood light can surely work for a whole night. With no wire needed, this flood light automatically turns itself on at night.

    You also do not need to charge them as the solar flood light will charge itself with the sun. It is waterproof and weatherproof, providing you its best performance in every season all year-round. Enjoy decorating this powerful tool to light your lighting signs, walkways, doorways, etc.

    Get it now on This one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. With the power to run 6 - 15 hours straight, its battery is charged very fast even on cloudy days. It can withstand rain, snow, strong heat and all kinds of weathers because of the rotatable cast aluminum black finish light fixture with locking ring and rubber gasket.

    Plus, setting it up is a snap. If you look forward to lighting up your beautiful garden, this is indeed a great option. Get it now on With a very affordable price tag, this is a super bright solar flood light of 3 LEDs on both sides.

    As it requires no wire to set up, assembling it is a breeze. Place this item directly under sunlight to make sure that it can be charged properly. Comes in 3 optimal modes, this solar powered flood light has a full-on mode, a reduced light mode, and a motion detected mode.

    Therefore, whether it's lighting your outdoor patio, deck area backyard, driveway, path, fence, balcony railing - you can play around with these settings and pick the most suitable one. Get it now on This is another very bright floodlight that stays on all night and turns itself off at dawn. Some of the significant features of this one include durability, waterproofness, and the efficient lithium battery.

    Installation is quick and easy. With 2 brightness settings, this is a versatile solar floodlight that is also suitable for camping when the light housings are detached from the solar cell. So, we can use it as a large flashlight, too.

    Get it now on If you are looking for something extra bright, feast your eyes on this super bright solar power LED flood light. It works from dusk to dawn for 8 - 12 hours straight. Comes in the purchase, there also includes a 16.4 feet cable for you to use.

    You can either attach it to the ground or mount it to the wall. Featuring the modern look, this solar flood light not only saves your money on electricity bills, but also decorates your space nicely. Get it now on The next most-loved item is the Guardian 580X Solar Flood Light.

    You can either choose this solar flood light to work under normal operation or dim mode. You can also select either one of its 3 newly improved lighting modes - green LED, blue LED, or red LED. However, this one works only during night times.

    Its total cable length for PIR motion sensor is 3 meters. On a side note, it is a waterproof, strong and anti-corrosion solar powered flood light. Get it now on Coming nearer to the end of the list, we would like to introduce to you the powerful Reusable Revolution 28 LED Solar Powered Flood Light.

    It automatically lights up when the sun sets and provides up to 10 hours of light at night. It can be mounted to the wall using the 9-foot cord. When mounted, it can be charged more properly, too.

    It indeed works like a horse. Get it now on If you are in the mood to splurge for a top-notch product, you should check this one out. This 2-piece outdoor solar powered flood light is perfect for all kinds of uses - household uses, commercial uses, etc - or any high demand flood light needs.

    The estimated runtime per battery charge is 10 to 12 hours. And, this product also gives you peace of mind for its warranty of 3 years for the LED lights, 1 year for the solar panel, and 90 days for the battery, connectors, wires, and accessories. A good lighting solution can make a huge difference to your space at night.

    After looking into these Top 10 Best Solar Flood Lights, which one is your favorite?

  • Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor, Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light, Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Flood Light Manufacturer in China

    Product categories of Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light , we are specialized manufacturers from China, Best Solar Flood Lights With Motion Sensor , Solar Motion Sensor Flood Light suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Flood Light R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation! Whether you`re looking to illuminate your driveway or swimming pool, motion sensor lighting is a must when it comes to security and safety on your property at night.

    If you`re not in the know, movement triggers lights like these, so they work best in areas that don`t require continuous illumination. The trick to buying the best make and model for your household needs is knowing what`s available. The most popular types were designed to brighten the areas outside of garages and also doorways.

    Additional options are used to light up potentially dangerous spots such as walkways and stairways. To help you navigate the large sea of lighting choices, here are the best motion sensor lights available now. When choosing the right security lights for your home, there are many factors to consider before making a purchase.

    You will want to think about the design, brightness, light range, and reactiveness. If you are looking to invest in a lasting product, one of the best security lights available today is the Our BSPRO Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Security Flood Light with Motion Sensor. It's durable, bright, and can detect motion up to 8 meters away.

    The light is powered by bright LEDs that will last for years and save energy, and the motion detector can sense motion up to 70 feet away, making it ideal for those with larger yards.

  • 12 Volt Solar Flood Lights?

    why use a batt, and solar cell there, are solar flood lights on the market, and solar garage lights, that will light the whole area up, go to harbor

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Solar Landscape Flood Lights
Solar Landscape Flood Lights
Solar street light outdoor, 120/180 leds ip67 dusk t. With 80 leds and 2,000 lumens, the westinghouse solar lights are the brightest solar flood lights we've found. Solar landscape lighting 150 results. The average price for outdoor lighting ranges from $10 to $2,000. Solar lights outdoor, kufung 48 led lamp, wireless waterproof solar flood light, security motion sensor light outdoor luces solares for deck, fence, patio, front door, gutter, yard, shed, path (4 pack) 2,664 $65 99 ($16.50/count)Getting Flooded By Registry Ads?to make you satisfied i recommend to back up all your files and format your pc. it's the best way to remove spywares and be sure you wont do the same errors again.Do you/would you feel "robbed" when your house is/could be destroyed by a tornado, flood, or fire?Hell, I would be happy. My house was moved to it's current location...many MANY probs, un-plumb windows, wet basement, uneven floors... I could rebuild a much better house with the insurance I carry. I would miss my photos and videos of my kids, though!Did you know that the 30 million flood casualties God caused would make a stack over 5,000 miles high?And God let the sun shine over good and evil. God BlessIs there enough water on earth to cause a flood that would cover the earth, including Mt Everest?No.In fact, you need around three times all of the Earth's water - from tiny ponds to the Pacific Ocean - to get water levels that high......and then, where does it go?will the caribbean islands be flooded by global warming?people have predicted from 6 " to 20 feet rise in oceal levels, but in your lifetime, nadaWhy does the Old Testament mention the use of iron before iron was discovered before the flood?Why did you ask this quesiton twice? It was pretty clear by the answers to the previous question that Iron is an element and was in common use about 15,000 years ago. The OT is telling the story of a person who apparenly made a living as a metal worker. The likes of which had been around for about 10,000 years before Genesis was written.Why is Obama just playing golf while Nashville suffers from a catastrophic flood?Obama calls it the BIG PAYBACKWhen the warmies talk about sea level rise dont they just need to be educated about erosion, flood plains, etc?Bottom line is that the entire issue of AGW is false and the train is running off the track. Just a matter of time until it competely falls apart and scientists (climatologists on the left) will be forever ridiculed for their fraud. Starting next year, the house will hold hearings on this (actually re hold hearings and this time they will be legit hearings). Time is running out for the warmers and hopefully jail will be in their futureHow was it possible for eight people to feed and clean up after so many animals during the great flood?And I guess you want to question the practicality of using humans as an energy source in the Matrix movies, do not you? Spoilsport!If ocean water is going to expand and flood the world as it warms, why does water heated in a cup not overflowA couple of factors: The cup itself expands with the rise in temperature The oceans are thousands of times deeper than the cupDo I need flood insurance for my condo unit or the building as a whole?heres a site tht will help: www.FloodSmart.GovIf fossils are supposedly from one worldwide flood, why do we find fossils of plants & fruits from all seasonsBecause the whole climate of the world was different before the flood.. That is also why you find the elephant like mammoth frozen in the Alaska glaciersSince science clearly proves there was no great flood on the Earth a few thousand years ago, how can people still insist that what is written in the Bible is true?You cannot easily prove something historically. Science is good at proving what is now, not what was. Our understanding of history is constantly changing because we find new things and make new conclusions. Theories are constantly being proven wrong and each time they are they are replaced with other theories. You say science has proven this is the case, however, I do not find such conclusive proof that you choose to put your faith in. Yes, that is what it is, faith. Any way you look at it, that's what supports your understanding of the subject. You were not there, so that's all you can do. It's not enough in science to say what is most likely given what we've found, in any subject other than history. Well personally, that does not work for me. That might work for you and your faith, but that does not work for me
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