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chz-lighting.com,outdoor solar street lights,In this customer-oriented society, we always focus on the quality of customer service. At CHZ Lighting, we make samples of outdoor solar street lights and other products with extreme care, relieving the worries of customers about our quality. To satisfy various needs of customers, we are also dedicated to customizing the products with innovative spirits to make them more competitive in the market.

CHZ provides outdoor solar street lights products that are selling well in United States, Arabic,Turkey,Japan,German,Portuguese,polish,Korean,Spanish,India,French,Italian,Russian,etc.

CHZ,Our company main produces china solar street lamp suppliers,solar powered street lamp manufacturer,china solar street lamp factory.

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@whuber is correct. Your tabulation yields: This treats the counts (1, 4, 8, 13) as fixed levels of a categorical variable. It seems you want to test if the counts are approximately equal. If we take the sum (26) as the total, out of which, say, 13 became c's, you can test your observed counts against a discrete uniform distribution, which is what would occur if each instance had an equal chance of becoming each sampleID. This is a one-way chi-squared test; it is also called a goodness of fit chi-squared test, as you are testing the fit of your data to the discrete uniform. In R, that would be: On the other hand, perhaps you had one subject in each condition and counted how many times that person did something. In this case, the conditions are fixed a-priori and the counts are the outcome (the opposite of before). You would need multiple participants to get a measure of variability, but if you assume the Poisson distribution (see my answer here: Help me understand poisson.test?), you could conduct fit a model, since the Poisson has a fixed dispersion. In R, this would be: From there, you can use the null and residual deviances to conduct a test (see my answer here: Test GLM model using null and model deviances). In R, you would do: Under either interpretation, your results are significant by conventional criteria

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In a single draw, your chosen integer will be drawn with probability $\frac{1}{N}$. Since you draw with replacement, the total number of such successes is binomially distributed with parameters $M$ and $p=\frac{1}{N}$

How do I effectively visualize data showing change in a lot of samples over two time periods? [closed]

One solution is to plot exactly the data you are trying to describe - the delta in your values.Consider a bar-plot (with confidence/error bars) showing the plant number along the x-axis and the y-axis showing the change in count with +ve and -ve values. For example, using the data from your question, this visualisation shows clearly that all values bar one decreased from 2015 to 2016 (please forgive the crude diagram lacking titles etc): Of course it would also be helpful to show a graph of the absolute values and it is obligatory to include a table of the exact values too.

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You want to assess whether the probability $\Pr(X>1)$ is significantly higher than $99\%$.To do so, you can derive a confidence interval about $\Pr(X>1)$. For example you can get such a confidence interval using the Bayesian approach with the Jeffreys prior. Another way is to use a lower tolerance limit. If the lower $(1-\alpha, p=99\%)$-tolerance limit is higher than $1$, then the probability $\Pr(X>1)$ is significantly higher than $99\%$ at the $\alpha$-level of significance.Example:The lower tolerance limit is $\approx 1. 35 > 1$, then $\Pr(X>1)$ is significantly higher than $99\%$ at the significance level $\alpha=5\%$.Using the Jeffreys Bayesian approach:The lower $95\%$-confidence bound of $\Pr(X>1)$ is $\approx 99.5\%$, then $\Pr(X>1)$ is significantly higher than $99\%$ at the significance level $\alpha=5\%$. If you do not like the Jeffreys approach, you can use these approximate confidence bounds of $\Pr(X>q)$:sources: The lower bound is similar to the previous one:

outdoor solar street lights related knowledge:
  • Street Lights of Led Monitor

    EESL provides a service to enable municipalities to replace conventional street lights with LEDs at no upfront cost. The cost difference is paid back through the municipalities through energy savings. The Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP) aims to replace 3.5 crore conventional street lights with smart and energy efficient LED street lights by March, 2019.

    For the programme, the total connected load of street lights across the country of around 3400 MW, can be reduced to 1400 MW, saving 9 billion KWh and Rs. 5,500 crore to municipalities annually. Use of LEDs in public lighting can save more than 50% of energy consumption.

    A total of 19.6 lakh LED street lights were already replaced, saving 7.5 lakh kWh per day, avoid capacity of 68.5 MW and reducing 627 t of CO2.

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outdoor solar street lights related q&a:
  • How to Choose Outdoor Solar Street Lights Manufacturer

    Outdoor solar street lights have become the primary lighting projects for cities and rural areas. The solar street lamp consist of solar panel, rechargable battery, lighting fixture and controller. To choose outdoor solar street lights, the most significant part is to choose a trustable manufacturer.

    How to choose one? This paper will guide you to choose a reliable solar street lamp manufacturer. The parameters of the outdoor solar street lights produced by the manufacturers are very detailed, and the specifications required by the general customers will be involved.

    The parameters provided by that part of the company are not standard, and even the products produced and ordered are different. Trustable outdoor solar street light manufacturers can provide you with more options, so that customers can buy the best street lighting fixtures at a more affordable price. EXC provide solar led street light, led street light, smart street light, tunnel light, garden light and control system.

    And the solar led street light can be divided into all in one solar street light and split solar street light. Configuration of the outdoor solar street light can all be customized. If you do not know how to select the most suitable street light, you can consult the technical staff.

    Most of the related companies in the market have just established companies, with only office locations without physical factories, not to mention production capacity. After receiving orders, many companies go to manufacturers with production capacity to entrust production, so many rights and interests cannot be guaranteed for us. Shenzhen EXC-LED Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise integrating LED application product design, R&D, production, sale, and service, has always focused on outdoor street lighting projects with led lighting fixture and the cloud control system.

    SHENZHEN EXC-LED TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has a physical plant of more than 40,000 square meters, committing to provide stable and reliable all round lighting system solutions for customers all over the world. As a professional outdoor solar street light manufacturer, deeply involved in the industry for 12 years, provide customers all kinds of street lighting solutions: Solar Street Lights, LED Street Lights, Smart Street Lights, Street Lights (General), Garden Lights, Tunnel Lights and Control Systems. EXC outdoor solar street light is made of advanced aluminum alloy material with eximious thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance, the surface is anodized for strong corrosion resistance, good weather ability and waterproof structure.

    These features guarantee the long-lasting durability. Equipped with professional optical design, high-efficiency optical-grade lens and multiple configurations light are optional. Structure and electrical safety of the outdoor solar street light comply with the requirements of EN60598 and GB7000 standards.

    EXC outdoor solar street light manufacturer commit to the customers that will always provide the best customer service that users expect from us. Different solar street light manufacturers provide different after-sales guarantees. The warranty period of EXC's city circuit lights is 5 years, and the warranty period of outdoor solar street lights is 3 years.

    SHENZHEN EXC-LED TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a Chinese outdoor solar street light manufacturer established for more than 12 years with a good reputation in the solar street lighting industry. EXC's products are of good quality, good after-sales service, and it is the original manufacturer. Therefore, the company's annual trading volume is very impressive.

  • 30W Solar Street Light | Best Outdoor Solar Street Lights | Aelight

    Solar lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to save energy without lowering performance. AE LIGHT offers Solar lighting, designed to produce high levels of illumination at relatively low installation costs. Installing outdoor solar lights eliminates the high cost of bringing power to an area without electricity.

    Typically the upfront cost of a Solar Light fixture is more than a standard fixture, but it is important to compare not only the upfront costs but the long term savings in energy, maintenance, replacement, and electrician costs. Once a Solar Lighting System is installed it virtually costs nothing for the remainder of the light life. At AE LIGHT we are optimistic about the future for solar energy.

    Our endeavors are directed towards harnessing the sun's clean and renewable energy to power our LED & Metal Halide Solar Lights. The sun is a gigantic fusion reactor that converts approximately 5 million tones of matter into energy every passing second. This energy reaches the earth in the form of visible light and infrared radiation.

    We are continually advancing our LED Solar Lighting technology and offering a host of Solar lighting solutions for, Outdoor, courtyard, garden, walkway, Street, & Emergency solar lighting. Our energy-saving solar lights are great for illuminating large & small areas with bright and shadow-free light with extended run time and maintenance-free operations. Call now to see how we can help you save on your electric bill with our stand-alone LED & Metal Halide solar lighting solutions.

    100% bright lighting infrared motion sensor+60% lighting before midnight and 30% lighting till dawn (energy saving mode to prolong overcast backup days )

  • Solar Garden Lights, Wholesale Solar Outdoor Lights

    Outdoor solar garden lights are a great alternative to mains powered outdoor lights with many benefits. Solar powered lights are both simpler and safer to install as you will have the freedom to put your lights wherever you want without the restraint of having to plug into a mains outlet. the solar garden lights is safe and easy to install.

    Solar lights are also environmentally friendly and will be completely free to run! We have a great selection of outside solar lights, perfect for any garden or outdoor space, our range includes, solar LED garden lights, solar string lights, solar spot lights, solar shed lights, solar fairy lights, solar light multi packs and much more.

  • Common Faults and Solutions Street Light 200w Solar Power Led, Solar Street Lights - Solar Lights Manufacturer

    SW Series All In Two Solar Street Light 120w-200w Now We have developed a full range of Split-type all in two solar street light which covers different powers from 10W to 200W. Our latest model is (Swan all in two), it is especially for the highway lighting, its equipped with a high capacity LiFePO4 battery pack which can allow light to work 12 hours stay at 100% brightness. The top-of-the range Optimal One Street Lights come with a Passive Infrared Detector: The LED lights shine at a chosen brightness level until activity is detected, at which stage they switch to 100% brightness, extending the life of your battery as well as alerting you to ...

    Many solar street lamps use dot matrix LED light sources. In addition to the quality problems of the LED light sources themselves, some lamp beads will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp bead, solder it firmly or replace the entire lamp head.

    Do not buy a solar street light that does not fit to your situation.You do not want to have lack of light for your solar light.Designing the correct solar light means save money, avoid lot of problems and have happy customers.In Hong Kong we can design and size the perfect solar street light solution.Check the video about what we need to know to size your perfect solar street light. What factors might cause outdoor solar powered LED ... The outdoor solar powered LED garden light just work one time after installation, it would be stop to work after battery being run out of power.

    Solution: Correctly connect the positive (+) and negative (-) for solar panel and battery. Above is three common possible problems to cause outdoor solar powered LED garden light not to work. 4.

    Solar street lights do not light up after sunset. Common faults and troubleshooting are as follows: (1) If the test lamp does not turn on immediately after unpacking, first check the indicator light of the controller; a. Please check whether the solar panel and the lamp head are connected well and tightened.

    b. stepped pole. with heritage of designing, manufacturing and distributing of solar street lights, 7m40w all in one solar street light in algeria - yangzhou, led products, octagonal, conical street light poles for the lighting market across mena region.

    orbix dubai has developed a highly regarded reputation for innovation, quality and reliability in any of its products it produces. 12/24/2009· Although different municipalities use different street lighting systems and have a different approach to their management, there is a range of problems that is common for all of them. The first, without any doubt, is the high consumption.

    Each year, in the world, several trillion kWh are expended on street lighting. AGC Lighting Co.,Limited was Founded in 2009 specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing and providing LED lighting solutions for high power LED solid state lighting applications like LED street light. SW Series All In Two Solar Street Light 120w-200w Now We have developed a full range of Split-type all in two solar street light which covers different powers from 10W to 200W.

    Our latest model is (Swan all in two), it is especially for the highway lighting, its equipped with a high capacity LiFePO4 battery pack which can allow light to work 12 hours stay at 100% brightness. low angle view of illuminated street light against sky at sunset - outdoor solar modern street garden hexagonal street mast lamp pole foto e immagini stock illustrazioni stock, clip art, cartoni animati e icone di tendenza di paesaggio giapponese con lanterna. - led street light with solar panel and led road lamp light switch The LED light is not bright enough.

    Possible faulty parts: lamp shade, LED lamp. Solution: 1. clean the lamp shade, make it clean.

    2.clean the positive:light contact with the spring leaf area of dirt, make its conductive unimpeded. If the solar street lamp has other faults, please ask the professional to check and repair! solar street lamp solar panel street light 50w to 200w power lighting output.

    solar powered street light is widely used to provide lighting in our lives, it is very easy to install, no need pave complicated cables, etc. in past, most of solar street lights are to adopt lead acid battery to store the power which is generated from solar the world's first 400w residential solar panels. set a record of your own LED lights fault solution by:SRS 2021-01-12 can LED Lantern Festival, high brightness, long life, low failure rate, has become a common household users like a luminous body.

    Litel was founded in 2001, it was a lighting company to produce traditional Incandescent and Fluorescent lamp in the 2010s. due to the LED technology impovement,green environmental protection and energy saving, Litel devoted to the development of new lighting products and shifted priority to the solar light.After decades,Litel has developed into a Hi-Tech Linghting enterprise with 8000

  • How to Choose to Debug Solar Street Light Controller_solar Street Light、solar Led Street Light、street Light Pole、solar Panel、all in One Solar Street Light、gel Battery、battery Box、led Lamp、solar Street Light Price、solar Power System、SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

    Solar street lights are independent individuals, unlike traditional street lights that are connected to the power control box for centralized control. Solar street lights can also be automatically turned on at night, and can be automatically turned off during the day. Because solar street lights adopt intelligent active lighting, this is the role of solar street light controllers , then how do we choose solar street light controllers?

    The solar street light controller is divided into two types of booster and step-down. When purchasing, it depends on the voltage of the solar street light source to determine what kind of controller to use. This customer has specific solar street light parameter configuration for solar energy when purchasing.

    Street lamp manufacturers , manufacturers will choose according to LED light source. What kind of solar street light controller is selected, how to debug it? Because professional equipment is used, this is generally directly debugged by the manufacturer.

    The customer only needs to tell the manufacturer about the lighting time of the solar street light. We, SOKOYO, Are Manufacturer, Focus On Solar Outdoor Lighting Since 2008. If you want to know more about us, welcome to enter: Or contact us directly, we are always at your service!

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Outdoor Solar Street Lights- Totally Solar.org
Outdoor Solar Street Lights- Totally Solar.org
These solar light mounts, use photovoltaic or solar panels to recharge their battery and power an LED or fluorescent light during the night. Most solar flood lights are designed to turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn respectively. Some of the best solar street lights can last for a few nights, even if the sun is not available to charge.What's the problem with setting up a new light most of the time, how the hell do I get power there! Get the electrician in?? Go batteries and have to change the dam things every couple weeks, end up not even changing them in the end. How bout we go solar, no wiring involve, no batteries, just put it where you want, and let there be light!For more info. please visit:- ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
Power calculation of Outdoor Solar Street lights
Power calculation of Outdoor Solar Street lights
Outdoor solar street light designOutdoor solar street lights are composed of solar panels (including brackets), lamp holders, control boxes (with controllers and batteries, etc.), and light pole foundations. Solar street lights are generally separate power supply systems and are not connected to the power supply network of conventional street lights. There are three main types of solar street light systems: 12V, 3.2V, and 3.7V.Solar street light battery selection1. Type of outdoor solar street light battery Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity. There are two more practical ones, such as monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. 1) The performance parameters of monocrystalline silicon solar batteries are relatively stable, suitable for use in places where the average sunshine time exceeds 4 hours; 2) Polysilicon solar panels are suitable for use in places where the sunshine time is less than 4 hours;2. Working voltage of the outdoor solar street light battery The working voltage of the solar street light battery is about 1.5 times of the battery voltage to ensure the normal charging of the lithium battery. For example, 5V~6V is needed to charge the 3.2 battery.Solar street light battery requires 15-18V solar battery to charge 12V lithium battery. To charge the 24V lithium battery, a 33~36V solar battery is required.   The following mainly introduces the relationship between the power of the light source, the voltage capacity of the lithium battery, and the volt power of the solar street light panel.W (energy) = P (power) × T (time)According to the law of conservation of energy, the solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy through photoelectric conversion and is stored in a lithium battery. The electrical energy in the lithium battery is converted into light energy to provide energy to the LED at night. The three have a common unit called watts. When Wh, 1Wh=1W × 1h, for example, the energy consumed by a 1W light for one hour is 1Wh. There is another word in physics that means energy, called Joule J, 1J = 1W × 1S (seconds), for example, A 1W heating wire generates 1J in 1 second, so 1Wh = 1J × 3600s = 3600J. Both actually represent energy. The difference is that Joule is generally used to represent heat energy, such as the very classic Joule's law in physics. (Joule's law is the law that quantitatively states that conduction current converts electrical energy into heat. The content is: the heat generated by the current passing through the conductor is proportional to the square of the current, proportional to the resistance of the conductor, and proportional to the time it takes to energize.Why LED lights generate heat is actually because part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. The greater the current, the greater the heat generation, and the greater the resistance, the greater the heat generation. Therefore, the high-power LED lights of the mains must be designed for heat dissipation. Solar energy Why do we say that the thickness of the copper wire is important? It is also closely related to this Joule's law. )W=U (Lithium battery voltage) × C (Lithium battery capacity)C (Lithium battery capacity) = I (current) × h (time)W=U (lithium battery voltage) × I (current) × h (time) = P (power) ÷ h (time)The maximum charging current of the solar panel is I (current) = P (solar panel power) ÷ U (solar panel voltage)We take the average sunshine time as the working time of the solar panel, and the capacity that the solar panel can charge the battery in a day is: C (capacity) = I (current) × h (average sunshine time) = P (solar panel power) ÷ U (Solar panel voltage) × h (average sunshine time)The energy-charged into the lithium battery is: W = U (lithium battery voltage) × C (capacity)Theoretically, the energy used by the lamp holder in a day cannot exceed the energy of the solar panel to charge the lithium battery in a day, otherwise the solar lamp will not be able to light up all night.    
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