Can I Use a 50W 120V Replacement Halogen Flood Light Bulb for a 35W 120V Fixture?

the extra 15 watts is going to increase the heat a fair amount. Unless there is a watt rating on the fixture somewhere that says it can handle 50w, I would go back to the store and get a 35 w bulb. I've had parts of light fixtures melt on me using a 75 or 100 watt incandescent bulb where its only rated for 60. No fires, but the heat from halogens is pretty warm

Can I Use a 50W 120V Replacement Halogen Flood Light Bulb for a 35W 120V Fixture? 1

1. Installing a Ring Flood Light Camera

The type of "garage motion light" that most people are familiar with has a motion detector and two floodlights built into one package. This is what the Ring is trying to duplicate. However, there is a more... architectural option. You put only the motion detection pod where its needed, and it controls other lights that are mounted separately. I believe this second case is what we are talking about, and in this method, the motion switch just acts like a light switch and does not have power going to it. If there are only two wires in the motion detector box, then this is acting like a switch loop and you can not install a Ring light there as it sits.If conduit is running to the box, you may be able to pull an additional wire, but there is another option. If you do not want to switch the existing lights any more (they would be dead) and instead want only the ring light to work, you can turn the switch loop into a normal hot and neutral wire.To do that, you would want to open up the boxes for the switched lights on the garage and see where the white and grey wire to the motion detector end up. Once you find the other end of the white and grey, you can then rewire them to provide power to the Ring. If you need more help with that, it would be a new question with pictures, but that's the basic idea

2. How many watts should flood light be to play basketball at night?

Egads !! they are not going to be reading out there. How do I know? and when it lights-up, You can see great at 50 feet away

Can I Use a 50W 120V Replacement Halogen Flood Light Bulb for a 35W 120V Fixture? 2

3. I'm ready to take a baseball bat to the flood light?

lol chris mine does not come on until I am well down the really dark walkway..god knows what is slithering for my feet..grin think they all have about the same range..try placing it in a different location? Is this the new place? If not, why bother! If all else fails, put the old one back on grin

4. can you put heat lights in a outdoor security flood light its 150 watt max type par38?

I would not . Heat lights are not mean to be outdoors. A bit of moisture/rain could very well cause them to ' pop.'

5. is a sylvania 120v br38 economy flood light good for growing plants?

i started a grow about two weeks ago and after the second pair of leaves grew i experimented with a flood light but it caused them to start closing so i switched back

6. how do i wire a flood light on vinyl siding?

LOL I just installed this very same thing today. What the person above me answered is correct. Just make sure that you cut the siding back far enough so that your gasket gets a good seal on your box, tighten your fixture down and last step is use some caulk that matches color of your siding to seal around the fixture and the siding. Hope this helps :)

7. How could a 45W 130V flood light bulb be brighter than a 65W 130V?

100-watts is a bright light.. I use (2) 60-watt halogen for some of my camcoder projects.. They are what I would call..DIM../ === Hope that helps.

8. What wattage of a T-Rex Light & Hallogen Flood light, do Baby Bearded Dragons require?

Halogen floodlights are fine for the basking spot. That's what I use. The wattage is going to depend on the size of the enclosure and the temperature of the room you have him in. You need a biulb that will provide a basking area directly beneath it between 100F - 105F. Typically something between a 60 watt and a 100 watt. As for the UVB, I've never used anything T-Rex makes, most of what I've heard is they loose strength quickly. I would recommend a zoo med reptisun 10.0 fluorescent tube, I've had far less problems with those than any other bulbs, and have heard and read the same from countless others. The only other bulb I've had as good of experiences with or heard as good reviews is the Acadia 12% D3, but you rarely can find as good of deals on those in the states, so I stick to the reptisuns most of the time.

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