Creationists, Why a Flood Instead of Another Creation?

it's blatantly obvious to everyone that the people who survived this catastrophe attributed that survival to God. Those who did not survive had nothing to say, historically speaking. Only the survivors could tell about them.

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Does turning off my water pump cause water to flood my kitchen?

must be a waterline break somewhere, perhaps underground near the house and by leaving the pump running it somehow does not have a chance to flow to it? where does the water come in at basement or crawl?


Did tiny droplets of water in the atmosphere NOT refract light BEFORE Noah and the flood?

According to some YEC (Young Earth Creationists) there were no rains before the flood. Please be sure to understand that this is NOT the general consensus of all Christians, only the small minority that take everything in the Bible literally, then create elaborate stories to justify those interpretations.


I don't know how to light water heater?

A water heater that has been involved in a flood should not be relighted until it is inspected by the gas supplier or a licensed plumber ,it may have suffered irreparable damage,this warning is indicated in all operation manuels


Christians what makes you think the flood really happened?

With God nothing is impossible. The fossil record shows millions and millions of dead things all over the earth that all died at the same time. The ark is being preserved in a glacier until the time God chooses to reveal it. The Bible is historically accurate-proven fact.


Do you think Sri Lanka could have won if not for the weather and poor light?

If they had the luck that Aussie had they would have won.When Sanga and Sanath was making a great partnership weather sucked there innings. If Aussies were sent to bat in Moon light they would also struggle in that muddy pitch.


Are light bulbs suppose to give off heat ?

All bulbs give off heat but flood lights used in the wrong place could start a fire. They should primarily be used outdoors or in an enclosed metal housing, like in a recessed fixture in a ceiling


Sports flood lights and outdoor Security lights differences?

Sports flood lights are designed to cast their light more concentrated and directional than security type floods. Sport floods when grouped together are aimed at the playing feild by using a grid pattern to get even lighting across the entire field


How do you deal with trespassers? esp. Kids who try to play pranks?

ok here's what you do take something that modern children are scared of suck as chucky or Freddy cougar or jeepers creepers etc and dress up like them one night and wait for them and jump out and pretend like you are the person and scar them away


can a plant grow in artifical sun light?

particular, you are able to advance the plant decrease than man made lights. you may purchase bulbs that are especially for plant boost at area of workmanship shops or maybe Walmart sells some. some are tubes like a fluorescent, and a few look like a spotlight. ..your determination.


ball python vivarum light help?

You dont need the light because ball pythons are nocturnal anyway and if you have an under the tank heater a light really isnt necessary. It will provide the proper heat that he will need for thermoregulation and belly heat for digestion


How do I turn my lights on (2008 Tahoe)?

The Lights below the Headlights are "Driving Lights" designed for extra light for "Off-Road or Really Dark Nights when there are No Street Lights. On or Next To the Headlight Switch there is a Smaller Switch that control the Driving Light but only works when the Lights are on


engine light came on and took me 4 times to start my van?

bad alternator mabey, not charging the battery. faulty codes in the system. my dads windstar had problems with the airfilter when it was looked at by service guys (done all the work myself since) and the codes messed up the computer, so mabey that


Offroad fog lights help?

they will give you peripheral range on the sides but they may not reach as far as your headlights will but it will flood the forward area of your go for it.put six up there your alternator can handle them


How can we believe that God brought the Flood to punish mankind for their evil sins?

lol, Nibiru. Crackpot theory. How about another, simpler explanation. There was a flood, which passed into oral tradition, which, as all oral traditions made mountains out of molehills, and then all those Middle-Eastern, Close-Eastern civilizations borrowed the story one from other.


Is Bangladesh really capable to host ICC WC?

we indians cannot handle to host icc wc. in commonwealth games, ppl were scared to come because of stadiums were going to fall within 500 peoplehow sadeven Bangladesh could have done a better job than us filthy indians


What size breaker and wire do I need to run 2 GFCI receptacles and a flood light on exterior of my house?

If the 14 ga wire is there then I would leave it and you will be fine

If this is a new circuit I would put in a 12ga wire just in case. You never know what you will need to plug in outside in the future.


skateboard flood lights?

well if you are looking for sweet night sessions then you should get one of those new high tech generators if you're really hardcore then you could even steal one of those crazy light bulbs from a soccerfield


Would it be possible to flood the whole world?

Scientists have calculated the water needed to cover the world, and have concluded that their is an unexplained blackhole in the Christian myth. There just aint that much water on or in the planet. Where did it come from and where did it go, nobody knows.


High pressure Sodium lights?

Probably, but to be on the SAFE side, you should have an electrician or electronics tech look over this particular light installation. Warning: Not having expert knowledge about what you are doing could burn your whole house down.


How do I install an exterior flood light fixture above my back door?

You REALLY shouldn't run wiring unless you really know your stuff! The only times I mess with fixtures is when I replace existing fixtures with new ones. There's a reason electricians need licenses


ghetto cars with the cop type flood light-what's up with that?

you sure these cars were not originally police cruisers bought at an auction. You can't buy a new police cruiser unless you are in law enforcement. These vehicles are stocked with heavyduty components and it would be easier to modify with these than actually starting off with a civilian vehicle.


installing outdoor lights with switch?

If the breaker is not throwing then you have a bad connection somewhere resulting in an incomplete circuit. Possibly a fuse out somewhere else. Try running something else off the same supply to confirm (or get a voltage tester)


light question for a professional photographer?

NO, the problem is not the lights. It is your inability to compensate and adjust your exposures according to changing light conditions. you need to increase your aperture to keep a higher shutter speed and if necessary increase the ISO.


hot water tank heater flooded at least 1 feet?

maximum water heaters have a secure practices swap that without delay shuts off the gas if the pilot is underwater. Your plumber is nice. If that is been underwater it truly is going to likely get replaced for saftey motives


How to post mount flood light security lights

It looks like you could use 2" RMC ac the pole and run the wires inside it,

top it with a suitable outdoor junction box and affix the lamp assembly.


Why have there been so many flash floods ?

As more land is covered with buildings and pavement the land can not absorb rainwater. Water that should soak into the ground runs downhill to river and stream beds and flooding occurs. If you stay out of streambeds and drainage ditches you will be safe from flash floods.


When installing new light fixture, wires sparked. Now none of the other lights work?

Wire usually do not fry that easy. The breaker must of tripped, I suggest resetting the breakers by flipping it to the off position and than back to the on. Let this be a lesson to always turn off the breakers when doing any electrical work


how come you cant touch a halogen light bulb, and if you do; when you plug it in and turn it on it will blow?

You should not touch the glass on the bulb as the oil on your hands will cause a black spot where the oil burns and can cause premature failure of the lamp. In critical applications such as surgery lamps it can also reduce the light output and cause shadows


drove through a flooded road, battery light on?

Just give it some time to dry, to help protect your battery take the wires off the posts, clean them with a wire brush then cover in red automotive grease. that really helps protect from buildup


Did rainbows exist before the Flood?

its not a stuiped question and yes there where rainbows before the great flood and as long as earth has preduced(made) rain, and hade the sun at the same time there have been rainbows. rainbows rock lol


What lighting works best for shadow effects?

You need to focus the light similar to a high power flashlight, a directional beam. The light source, bulb, fluorescent or flash makes little difference provided it has enough power. Spotlights use Fresnel lenses to focus them into a beam. Chris


What are some cheap and easier ways to make up for photography lamps?

Set up your background and everything outside where there is plenty of natural light. Lamps and things are often very harsh. The best thing to use is what comes natural--sunlight. Early to late afternoon is the best time to work with sunlight. Morning light tends to be whiter and therefore harsher.


were there different tribes of people before the great flood?

Good question that there is no good answer for because the bible doesn't give to much on that. However the GREAT PYRAMED in Egypt may have been created before the flood which would shed light on the intelligence of those people


roof flooded, electricty question?

Anything is possible don't take any chances. Call your insurance company to get the contractors and electricians to repair the damage. If your home was built correctly the electricity would shut off at your main breaker box preventing any fire if the water shorted the lines.


can i make my neighbors take down their flood lights that shine into my house if I was here first?

Musica4u has a good idea but failing in that just put up a heavy curtain that can be lowered at night. There is no sense in starting a community fight with wackos, assuming these neighbors are such


Any suggestions on what to do to prevent this?

Install a vibration activated alarm. I once had one of these alarms on my car and walking by it would set it off. Thunder would also set it off. The vibration can be adjusted to your specifications


Where to buy infrared flashlight or lightbulb?

Infrared light sources are built into "PAR" lamps with Edison base sockets. Some include wireless cameras. They are designed to resemble flood lights for discreet surveillance. Most security camera retailers carry infrared luminaires for invisible overnight surveillance. Search the web using the term "Infrared light source".


Why do Christians demand evidence for Evolution, but need none for Noah's flood?

Humans usually require evidence to overturn preexisting beliefs. Also, Christians use the Bible as their evidence for their religious beliefs, even if they will not admit it. Since evolution is a scientific theory, it's appropriate to demand evidence no matter what your other beliefs are.


Continuous lights or strobes for studio photography?

I prefer to use small hotshoe flashes (wirelessly) off camera (with various light modifiers) because I do a lot of location work and its nice to have the portability without having to lug around heavy battery packs


So I went to wire up a new light fixture out side and...wiring question?

Yes to your question about the ground. To wire two lights where there was one before is easy. Just tie the wires coming from both lights together and wire them like the single light was wired


Need a BRIGHT, portable light. Recommendations?

You can find hand held portable spot lights at the sporting goods dept. of walmart that will the job. Hope you have bail money set aside that a friend can get to when your busted for tresspassing


Engine Light flashing after driving through floods?

Check engine light indicates a problem that should be checked. A flashing check engine light indicates a serious problem and you should not be driving the vehicle. Electronics and water don't play well together. Have the vehicle towed to the nearest facility able to resolve the problem


Where can I find a hidden/covert outdoor security camera?

Judy, I know I'm late for you answer but even i want to tell another users that you all are find covert outdoor security camera in online without going anywhere. Its very easy step you just visit here and get more information


Light is used to come from all stars around the universe over billions of years to the earth why is that we are not flooded by light?

As distance increases, brightness reduces, also farther objects are receeding. Dust and Gas also obscures light. If the Universe was receeding, there would be more of the light coming towards us and the sky would be brighter.


Rainbow's didn't exist before the "flood?"?

God set the rainbow as a sign of His covenant that the earth would never again experience Deluge. I believe that rainbows did not exist before. Conditions of this planet were different in the days of Noah before the Flood.


creationist did god bend light to prove he would never did do again?

I have absolutely no idea what you are asking. Do you think that your English teacher might be kind enough to write the question out for you in plain English and then you could retype it? Thanks

Creationists, Why a Flood Instead of Another Creation? 1

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Considering that flood light may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about flood light for you to get started.1. Is your life guided by a flashlight or a flood light?The big picture? The big picture is that mankind is irrational and prone to primitive unconscious urges.2. what makes flood light so powerful than a noramal light bulb?Floodlights are anywhere from 150 to 500 watts, while indoor lights range from 25 - 100 watts. Also flood lights are designed with a reflector that throws the light in one direction, while indoor bulbs give off light in every direction.3. Installing a Ring Flood Light CameraThe type of "garage motion light" that most people are familiar with has a motion detector and two floodlights built into one package. This is what the Ring is trying to duplicate. However, there is a more... architectural option. You put only the motion detection pod where its needed, and it controls other lights that are mounted separately. I believe this second case is what we are talking about, and in this method, the motion switch just acts like a light switch and does not have power going to it. If there are only two wires in the motion detector box, then this is acting like a switch loop and you can not install a Ring light there as it sits.If conduit is running to the box, you may be able to pull an additional wire, but there is another option. If you do not want to switch the existing lights any more (they would be dead) and instead want only the ring light to work, you can turn the switch loop into a normal hot and neutral wire.To do that, you would want to open up the boxes for the switched lights on the garage and see where the white and grey wire to the motion detector end up. Once you find the other end of the white and grey, you can then rewire them to provide power to the Ring. If you need more help with that, it would be a new question with pictures, but that's the basic idea4. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?TURN OFF THE POWER AT THE BREAKER, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT........ Then take a potatoe and push it into the leftover tailpiece of the bulb with firm pressure and try to twist it out. If its too tight try needle nosed pliers.5. What Is The Difference Between Flood Light And Flood Light?What Is The Difference Between Flood Light And Flood Light? Floodlights and floodlights are the most commonly used lighting fixtures in lighting projects. However, there is a certain difference between floodlights and floodlights. The two complement each other and outline the lines of the building. Clear and beautiful. So what is the difference between a floodlight and a floodlight? Let us introduce you to a reliable spotlight manufacturer. What is the difference between flood light and flood light? First of all, the floodlight lighting is scattered, so when it is turned on, it will project light in all directions, and the area within the floodlight lighting area will be illuminated, so it can be used to illuminate the entire scene. However, floodlights have a concentration effect, so they can be guided. When the quality of the floodlight is turned on, the indicator light will point in the specified direction. 2. The angle of the lighting part is different The lighting angle of the floodlight cannot be adjusted. Therefore, no matter what type of floodlight is used, it can be adjusted arbitrarily after lighting, but it will be scattered around the lamp itself, and the light will be scattered. The wide-angle projection of the lamp can be selected according to actual needs, usually any angle can be selected within 180 degrees. Floodlights provide high-intensity diffused light sources for studios because multiple floodlights can be combined to create diffused light sources over large areas. Floodlights are often used to illuminate buildings, squares, flower beds and parks, which makes the outlines of these buildings clearer at night and increases the nighttime beauty of the town. The above is the difference between flood light and flood light. Although these two types of lamps are very common, there are significant differences between them. Therefore, when using the light source, on the one hand, choose a reliable manufacturer to buy, on the other hand, choose the appropriate lamp according to the actual needs, or make the floodlight and the floodlight complementary according to the user and the design. High-power LED flood lights are relatively widely used, especially in outdoor lighting work. When choosing such a lighting tool, the factors to be selected need to consider many issues. When choosing a high-power LED floodlight, what characteristics or factors should we choose? 1. Radiator: The most important is the radiator of high-power LED flood light. If the radiator is not done well, the heat dissipation effect will be very poor, which will reduce the service life of high-power LED floodlights, and will be affected by the function in any high-temperature environment, so long-term accumulation will definitely make the quality of the product even worse. reliable. Therefore, in the process of selecting products, we must pay more attention to the heat dissipation of products. Once the heat dissipation is not good, the product will work in a particularly harsh environment, which will usually adversely affect the product and the actual working conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose among factors such as a heat sink. Heat dissipation will affect the lighting performance and service life of the product during operation. 2. Power supply: The power supply module is an important part of the LED floodlight. The power module mainly uses switching power supply technology. Depending on the type of power module, you may consider using different standards for testing and certification. Most internal power modules of LED floodlights use non-isolated power, and the output DC voltage of the power supply is also greater than 60 volts.
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