I Want a Security Flood Light That Can Be Manually Turned on Or Off All the Time Or Switched to Auto

pretty much all motion sensor lights can be operated manually. or set on a timer

I Want a Security Flood Light That Can Be Manually Turned on Or Off All the Time Or Switched to Auto 1

1. Just got an electric shock of off a Flood light 120watt, and it pulsated through my arm what should i do?

Why? Do you snuggle with the 120 watt flood light while you sleep? Just nurse your arm and call an electrician to fix the light

2. Why does my yard flood light turn on when it's windy at night?

These use ultrasonic motion detection to sense the presence of anything in the detection field. You can turn down the sensitivity (it's probably set to maximum)

I Want a Security Flood Light That Can Be Manually Turned on Or Off All the Time Or Switched to Auto 2

3. Can anyone recommend a good motion flood light?

I replaced a fixture because of fact i could no longer decide variations w/out the instruction manual.... the hot one will stay "on" if the fixture is switched off and then in the present day returned on

4. need help with wiring a flood light?

They do sell protable work litghts at most hardware store in varying Brightnesses

5. what size halogen or flood light bulb for bearded dragon?

No. you could desire to get a bulb especially made for reptiles on the puppy shop. you will desire a blue basking day mild bulb for the day hours. you will additionally would desire to purchase a pink/black/pink night time warmth bulb for the night hours. Day hours 11-14 hours an afternoon. night hours 8-10 hours an afternoon.

6. Neighbour behind has a flood light know he has his back light on to?

The best thing to do unless he makes threats or does something illegal that you can prove is to continue to use the room darkner. What difference does it make really? He is probably leaves the lights on because he wants to know what is going on outside. He wants to feel safe and that is one thing he does to make sure no one is lurking outside his home. There is nothing wrong with being part of the NRA. Stop checking him out and critiquing his facebook pic and his kids. He apparently is not causing any REAL problems, so quit fretting and find something else to do.

7. Is it OK to wrap plastic around the base of a Flood Light outdoors to keep water out?

If I understand your concern, it's about water dripping down the neck of the bulb, onto the threads and into the socket. Make sure you have weatherproof light fixtures designed for outdoor use. They are die cast boxes with no seams, and the access cover has a foam weatherproof gasket to keep water out. The wire clamps also have rubber seals which compress around the wire to keep water from getting inside the box. Finally, outdoor bulbs have a rubber gasket fitted around the neck of the bulb, above the threads where the bulb flares out. The gasket (or washer) will keep water out of the socket. Do not use plastic and a rubber band - a 150 watt floodlight bulb could melt the plastic or even ignite it.

8. could i use a 65 watt flood light with a normal small 40 watt desk lamp for my small red eared slider turtles?

A "flood light?" What are you trying to do, bake them?

9. can I buy a flood light which runs on a car battery?

Plenty of 12V flood lamps available but it wo not run for very long. Cheaper is to get an old car headlamp from a breakers' yard and wire it to the battery. You may be able to buy a generator but not 20 -30 kg - that is the mass. Noise can be a problem if there are any neighbouring houses.

10. birds are building a nest on top of my flood light and every time i remove the nest they build it again?

If you do not want it there than please block this area off so the poor bird does not keep wasting precious time and energy building a nest that you are only going to knock down! Keep in mind, once the nest is active (with either eggs or chicks in it), it becomes illegal for you to destroy it. Best to keep the bird from buidling it in the first place

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Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Flood Light
Considering that flood light may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about flood light for you to get started.1. Is your life guided by a flashlight or a flood light?The big picture? The big picture is that mankind is irrational and prone to primitive unconscious urges.2. what makes flood light so powerful than a noramal light bulb?Floodlights are anywhere from 150 to 500 watts, while indoor lights range from 25 - 100 watts. Also flood lights are designed with a reflector that throws the light in one direction, while indoor bulbs give off light in every direction.3. Installing a Ring Flood Light CameraThe type of "garage motion light" that most people are familiar with has a motion detector and two floodlights built into one package. This is what the Ring is trying to duplicate. However, there is a more... architectural option. You put only the motion detection pod where its needed, and it controls other lights that are mounted separately. I believe this second case is what we are talking about, and in this method, the motion switch just acts like a light switch and does not have power going to it. If there are only two wires in the motion detector box, then this is acting like a switch loop and you can not install a Ring light there as it sits.If conduit is running to the box, you may be able to pull an additional wire, but there is another option. If you do not want to switch the existing lights any more (they would be dead) and instead want only the ring light to work, you can turn the switch loop into a normal hot and neutral wire.To do that, you would want to open up the boxes for the switched lights on the garage and see where the white and grey wire to the motion detector end up. Once you find the other end of the white and grey, you can then rewire them to provide power to the Ring. If you need more help with that, it would be a new question with pictures, but that's the basic idea4. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?TURN OFF THE POWER AT THE BREAKER, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT........ Then take a potatoe and push it into the leftover tailpiece of the bulb with firm pressure and try to twist it out. If its too tight try needle nosed pliers.5. What Is The Difference Between Flood Light And Flood Light?What Is The Difference Between Flood Light And Flood Light? Floodlights and floodlights are the most commonly used lighting fixtures in lighting projects. However, there is a certain difference between floodlights and floodlights. The two complement each other and outline the lines of the building. Clear and beautiful. So what is the difference between a floodlight and a floodlight? Let us introduce you to a reliable spotlight manufacturer. What is the difference between flood light and flood light? First of all, the floodlight lighting is scattered, so when it is turned on, it will project light in all directions, and the area within the floodlight lighting area will be illuminated, so it can be used to illuminate the entire scene. However, floodlights have a concentration effect, so they can be guided. When the quality of the floodlight is turned on, the indicator light will point in the specified direction. 2. The angle of the lighting part is different The lighting angle of the floodlight cannot be adjusted. Therefore, no matter what type of floodlight is used, it can be adjusted arbitrarily after lighting, but it will be scattered around the lamp itself, and the light will be scattered. The wide-angle projection of the lamp can be selected according to actual needs, usually any angle can be selected within 180 degrees. Floodlights provide high-intensity diffused light sources for studios because multiple floodlights can be combined to create diffused light sources over large areas. Floodlights are often used to illuminate buildings, squares, flower beds and parks, which makes the outlines of these buildings clearer at night and increases the nighttime beauty of the town. The above is the difference between flood light and flood light. Although these two types of lamps are very common, there are significant differences between them. Therefore, when using the light source, on the one hand, choose a reliable manufacturer to buy, on the other hand, choose the appropriate lamp according to the actual needs, or make the floodlight and the floodlight complementary according to the user and the design. High-power LED flood lights are relatively widely used, especially in outdoor lighting work. When choosing such a lighting tool, the factors to be selected need to consider many issues. When choosing a high-power LED floodlight, what characteristics or factors should we choose? 1. Radiator: The most important is the radiator of high-power LED flood light. If the radiator is not done well, the heat dissipation effect will be very poor, which will reduce the service life of high-power LED floodlights, and will be affected by the function in any high-temperature environment, so long-term accumulation will definitely make the quality of the product even worse. reliable. Therefore, in the process of selecting products, we must pay more attention to the heat dissipation of products. Once the heat dissipation is not good, the product will work in a particularly harsh environment, which will usually adversely affect the product and the actual working conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose among factors such as a heat sink. Heat dissipation will affect the lighting performance and service life of the product during operation. 2. Power supply: The power supply module is an important part of the LED floodlight. The power module mainly uses switching power supply technology. Depending on the type of power module, you may consider using different standards for testing and certification. Most internal power modules of LED floodlights use non-isolated power, and the output DC voltage of the power supply is also greater than 60 volts.
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