LED Flood Light Fixture for Tunnel and Underpass

It is no surprise that tunnel and underpass are the most complex areas with maximum possibility of accidents. On this note, it is really important to make sure these areas are illuminated with the right type of bright lighting solutions.LED flood lights are the ideal investment for tunnels and underpass applications.

They are energy-efficient and environment-safe lighting solutions ensuring maximum safety and visual comfort in tunnel and passageways.These are high-quality luminaries manufactured to meet the toughest demands for reliability, ease of maintenance and clear light quality. All this guarantees the smooth driving experience and harmonious flow of traffic.

At General Hardwaresz, we offer a huge variety of LED Flood Light Fixture to choose from. Under our standard product offerings, we have• 120W LED module flood light shell having outer size: 260*360*250mm and power driver fix plate size: 238*80mm• 36W LED Flood light Shell GHP-FL-032 (3050W) with aluminium pressure die cast body, heat sink and frame, toughened glass, adapter, gasket, screw and reflector.• 80W LED Flood light Shell GHP-FL-030 (80W/100W) having size 360X285X115mm• 100W LED Flood light ShellGHP-FL-009(100W) with screws in stainless steel material• 80W LED Floodlight Shell GHP-FL-042 having outer size: 294*318.

8*122mm, Pcb area size: 256*255mm and power driver size: 270*80*48mmOur products are ideal for the urban spaces where there is a very high requirement of better orientation and bright (clear) light. Each and every LED Flood Light Fixture available at our online store made of high-quality materials and withstands the worst weather conditions.The best part of shopping here is that you can purchase the product of your choice from the comfort of home.

There is no need to visit the local stores. All our products are available at a single click of mouse. So, all you need to order and it will be delivered at your doorstep.


How many watts of LED flood lights do I need to buy for my badminton court?

I think 100-200 Lux commercial LED flood lights are enough for your badminton court. When it comes to play for international matches, requirements may rise upto 750 to 1000 Lux. Here a product you can check out to get better idea of features:LED Flood Lights - Senior LEDThe main purpose of using LED for badminton court is to provide adequate illumination.

Make sure you don't have the problems of uneven lighting that makes spectators feel irritated.When I was searching answer for the same question that you have, I came across an LED supplier that deals in commercial LED lighting and offers a good catalog of products you can choose from. The brand name is SeniorLEDI even bought indoor lighting for my office from them and they seem to run perfectly.

The products from SeniorLED don't generate any kind of heat and are focused on modern LED lighting standards. They also have on-time delivery and good product warranty! They manufacture LED lights with heat dissipation technology which is good for product lifespan!Learn more aboutflood lightingFor those who don't know about advantages of using LED lighting:LED lights helps saving 80% of electricity bills. They are a good source of preventing glare which we can fully control the brightness of the light.

The heat dissipation feature helps in preventing damage to the LED badminton lights which keeps helps in extending their life.LED lights are easier to replace without damaging the ceiling or walls. They also produce the better quality of lights than halogen bulbs.

You can use them for many purposes like in parking lot, display art galleries, and also for office rooms.There are many more benefits of using LED lighting in badminton courts, basketball courts, and even stadiums. You can also check the following answer that I find helpful about LED lighting.

Hope this helps you.

LED Flood Light Fixture for Tunnel and Underpass 1

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