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5 ways to use solar landscape lights

2021-05-27 17:04:10

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 1


Landscape lighting covers all the necessary foundations-safety, security and brilliance. But why choose solar lights instead of traditional electric lights? They are weather-resistant, energy-saving, cost-effective, and only require direct sunlight as a power source.


In this article, we will introduce five ways to use solar lights at home:

.Light a road with solar piles

.Light up the mood with string lights

.Use floodlights to improve safety

.Show your scenery with a spotlight

.Use wall lights or column headlights to illuminate outdoor spaces


The following is how to choose the best type of solar lamp to illuminate different areas of the house.

1. Illuminate a path with solar piles

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 2

Film source: Grigory Bruev / Adob​​e Stock

In addition to improving night safety for you and your visitors, solar street lights can also enhance the attractiveness of curbs after dark.


Allows you to enjoy outdoor activities long after sunset

Reduce the chance of injury

Increase safety

Solar LED lights can be used for 20 to 25 years

Weather resistance

Environmentally friendly and easy to install

Add decorative beauty to garden paths and sidewalks

No need to place it near a power outlet

Details: There are many types of solar path lights, which should be placed in a sunny place. This will allow your landscape lighting equipment to store enough energy to shine when night falls. Since these lamps are usually not as bright as electric lights, consider buying a lamp with a higher intensity than you think you need.

Provide underground and artificial garden stone style

Flickering flame like this torch

Bright white light and color changing options

Cost: Depending on the number of lights you plan to buy and whether they are white or colored lights, the price ranges from $20 to more than $100.


2. Light up your mood with string lights

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 3


Photo Credit: Unsplash

Bathe the backyard in soft light to create a romantic atmosphere, or hang colorful strings of lights to create an atmosphere more like a party.


Reduce carbon footprint/save energy

Weather resistance

Easy to set up

Solar LED bulbs can be used for 20 to 25 years

It can provide about 10 hours of lighting after fully charged

Does not require electricity; runs on rechargeable batteries powered by solar energy

Details: Hang the string lights in a sunny area during the day, so the rechargeable batteries can be powered by natural light. There are many different styles to match any atmosphere you want.

Umbrella lights like Amazon

Raindrop-style white light or color light

Copper string lights are warm white or colored

Fairy tale lamp or petal-shaped lamp

Cost: The price may vary depending on the style and quantity; the plan will cost between US$20 and US$60.


3. Use floodlights to improve safety

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 4


Image source: Stevens / Adob e Stock

Whether used in homes or businesses, LED floodlights can protect visitors’ property and reduce electricity bills at the same time. That's it:


Low voltage will still emit super bright light/save energy

curb crime/improve night safety

LED bulbs are not easily damaged; they can last for 10 to 20 years

Very suitable for remote areas; only direct sunlight is required

Help other security devices (such as cameras) to capture clearer pictures

Details: For best safety, please use LED floodlights equipped with motion sensors. This also helps to save energy, because the light is only triggered when certain objects move within its field of view. Install them near the door and above the driveway. Options include:

Three different modes of wide-angle lighting

Wedge-shaped safety lights like this

Remote control solar LED flood light

Cost: Expect to pay between US$50 and US$300.


4. Focus on hard scenes and flower beds

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 5


Image source: Needpix

Do you have any garden designs that you are particularly proud of? Do you want to highlight your favorite statues or shrubs, day or night? Choose solar spotlights. To


Easy to install, reasonable price, energy saving

Durable and weatherproof

Can double as safety lighting; also very suitable for illuminating the pool area

No wires, sunlight can provide power

Adjustable light coverage can be trained on specific projects or larger areas

Details: Solar spotlights are also great during the holiday season. Illuminate one at the entrance to emphasize festive decorations, such as wreaths. Some attempts:

Spotlight with built-in solar panel

No need to bring in multi-season lighting in winter

LED flagpole spotlight

Cost: The price ranges from $10 to $70.


5. Use wall lights or column headlights to illuminate the outdoor space

5 ways to use solar landscape lights 6


Solar lights will be turned on after dark to maximize your outdoor living space, such as decks, terraces and front porches. Host a party, or enjoy a solo late at night.

The post light can be easily installed on the deck railing post, while the wall light can be installed on the outside of the house.


Wireless; only need sunlight to charge

DIY installation is simple

Environmental protection, energy saving and weather resistance

Also suitable for porches, garages and fences

Details: Solar column headlights and wall lamps are also available in a variety of colors and styles:

Solar wall light

Lantern wall light

Back cover with stained glass appearance

Flashing flame light with lattice design

Cost: Depending on the type and quantity you want, the price ranges from $15 to over $100.

Frequently asked questions about solar landscape lighting


How does solar light work?

When these landscape lights are placed in an area that can receive direct sunlight throughout the day, the solar landscape lights can work. When the energy from the sun makes the battery in the lamp fully charged, it will trigger the lamp to "turn on" when night falls.

What is lumens and how many lumens does outdoor lighting need?

Lumens describe how bright a light bulb will emit-the more lumens, the more light the light bulb emits. For security lights and spotlights, you need more lumens than street lights and post lights.

This handy guide can help you determine the correct lumens for your landscape lighting project.

When to hire landscaping professionals

Installing solar outdoor lighting is a simple DIY project. However, if you live in an area with more shade than sunlight, landscape professionals can help.

These experts can help by installing separate solar panels on the top of the roof or in another area of ​​the yard that receives direct sunlight.

No matter where you are, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

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