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Advantages of Solar Lighting System

2021-12-17 13:49:42

The technological innovation brought this staple energy, solar energy into the limelight. Undoubtedly, the advantages of the solar lighting system over conventional methods are numerous. 


Homeowners and large organizations witness the difference in terms of solar powered street lights. Solar lighting is integrated with several outdoor lighting projects and systems like signage lighting, security, streets parking, and pathways.


What are solar street lights?

Photovoltaic (PV) panels power the solar street lights that work as lighting sources for the outdoors. Lighting structures have their connection on the poles or mounted on the panels. 


There is a rechargeable battery in the PV panels to power the LED lamps for fluorescent lamps the whole night. The light source, when comes on the solar panels, automatically works after sensing the outdoor light. 


It can work equally well for successive nights on several days when sunlight is not excessively available. People are switching to solar energy due to many valuable reasons.


Let us delve into knowing the several advantages of the solar lighting system:



You will be amazed to know the cost difference between traditional lights and solar powered street lights. The kW/Hr. (kilowatt per hour) measurement of solar energy dropped down by 73% after 2012. The number speaks all itself for the declining trend in the costs:


· The traditional lights have an average cost of $1500 for each light in contrast to the solar lights that cost $3000 for each light. The difference is due to the advanced technology needed for solar lighting systems.

· The secret behind the success of the story is the installation cost. The traditional lighting system cost around $150/ ft. (labor, trenching, and underground wiring). It makes out an average of $4500. However, your solar lighting will just cost you $1500 that already saves up to $3000.

· The other biggest factor to pull the attention of every user is the maintenance cost. The light repairs and maintenance for HPS are a must-to-do annually and cost $35 annually. However, solar lighting LEDs need fewer repairs and have a life of 5-7 years.


That’s not all!

· An ordinary 400-watt sodium light consumes power valued at $15 every month. Therefore, it consumes approximately $1800 each light yearly. Nevertheless, you spend nothing on the solar lighting system because it is free of cost.

· In foreign countries, you can avail the incentive of $9000. So, the $30000 installation cost of the solar lighting system will be reduced. As a result, it is not a bad choice.

· To be precise, the traditional lights cost $6000 yearly. It is double the cost of solar lights. In reality, the return on solar lighting over the conventional ways is greater than 50%.


Longer life span

Longevity is in the developmental ideas of solar LED lights. The LED lights can last up to 180 hours after 4-5 hours of charging time. However, the solar panel has a life of 25 years. It is much to invest in these solar lighting systems brought by us.



​The consumption of solar energy can bring a positive impact on the world in terms of reduced pollution. The installation of  solar powered street lights reduces:

· Sulfur oxides

· Unhealthy harmful emissions

· Nitrous oxides

· Land degradation because of fracking and drilling


It is shocking to notice that the carbon emission of the street lights is equal to 26 million emissions of the vehicles in the U.S. solar energy ensures a safe environment and better health of its users.


Which battery is perfect for the solar lighting system?

For the solar lighting system, we believe the lithium-ion solar street light will be the best option for future generations. In past years, you must witness the replacement of solar street light lithium batteries over conventional gel batteries.


It turns out to be my first preference for the street lights and street lamps, particularly in our collection. The ongoing development has given new scope to the solar light lithium battery. The usage and technological innovation brought it into the limelight.


Do you want to know the reason behind its success? Conventional street lights mostly have lead-acid batteries. However, the best one uses the solar light lithium battery in the solar street lights. 


These lithium batteries got iron phosphate to resolve the problem of a short span of service lights. Lithium battery utilizes the lithium alloy or lithium metal acting as the negative or positive electrodes in solution (non-aqueous electrolytes).


Advantages of Solar Lighting System 1

Reasons for the solar street light lithium battery?

The lithium-ion solar street light is perfect because of the following reasons:

· Solar street light lithium batteries are small-sized and lightweight batteries. As a result, it has no portability issue, and you can carry it wherever you wish to. Convenient and easy transportation not only reduces transportation issues but reduces transportation costs as well. So lead-acid batteries (gel) are no more preferable.


· The energy density of a solar light lithium battery is high enough. Fortunately, 5-years life span makes solar light lithium batteries a highly preferable choice once again. You must know that energy density is the quantity of stored energy in a specific mass or space unit. The battery’s higher energy density indicates more storage of electricity in each unit's volume or weight.


· However, the crucial aspect for any user is the ease of installation. Unlike conventional batteries, you don’t need a battery pit, battery box for the placement and sealing of the batteries. The solar street lights lithium battery is far way convenient. You can install the lithium battery directly in its bracket.


· Furthermore, solar street light lithium batteries have easy maintenance. These lighting systems only require the extraction of the battery from its panel or pole during repairs. Moreover, you don’t need maintenance for 5-years.


Wrap Up

In a nutshell, the advantages of a solar lighting system make it a highly demanding choice. Users prefer it for being a cost-effective and environmentally friendly product. So select your street lighting system wisely. Your selection will affect your future generation as well.

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