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Analysis and Prospect of Future Development trend of Solar Street Lamps

2021-11-02 15:50:54

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Analysis and Prospect of Future Development trend of Solar Street Lamps

Clean energy is developed as a long-term strategy in the world, so there is a great need for solar energy in the future. Now more and more people know about solar street lamps, because they can often be seen on roads outside, even in rural areas, so solar street lamps have become an inevitable part of urban and rural lighting construction. Solar street lamp is becoming a new development trend, and leading the new development of lighting industry.

It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no wiring, easy installation, automatic control and so on. The main types of solar street lights are: solar pole lights, solar courtyard lights, solar road lights, solar lawn lights, solar landscape lights, solar signal lights.

In today's era of rapid development, change is imperative. With regard to the development direction of solar street lights in the future, it will certainly develop in a direction that is more humane, more intelligent and more conducive to human health. The performance-to-price ratio of the product will continue to improve, and the field of application will be more and more extensive.

Based on the above analysis, the future solar street lamp industry will mainly focus on the following three breakthroughs and innovative development.


best solar street light

First, it is more energy-saving and the technological content is constantly improving:

In order to solve the problem of short service life of solar street lamps, better intelligent control technology and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency are needed. Intelligent control technology improves the efficiency of the use of electric energy, and both play a role in protecting the battery. The short service life mainly lies in the improper protection and use of the battery, that is, to control the deep charge and discharge of the battery. The second is to improve the luminous efficiency of the light source, the first way is to use more efficient luminous materials, but there is little room to improve the energy efficiency of LED street lamps. Then it is necessary to make rational use of electric energy through control equipment. Therefore, in this link, the controller is the key. The controller adopts digital control technology, and the same configuration controller can save electricity by 80%, and make rational use of electric energy to effectively protect the battery. The life of their products has also been greatly improved, and their street lamps generally extend their service life by 3-5 times longer than conventional solar street lights.


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Second, it is intelligent and integrated with the technology of the Internet of things:

In the future, with the development of smart cities, more intelligent technologies will be integrated with street lamps. Street lamps are installed in all streets of the city. At present, solar street lamps are also installed in most villages, which is an excellent carrier of intelligent equipment. With the development of technology, the remote control and self-test functions of street lamps can be realized, and traffic, security, cultural and entertainment equipment can be effectively added into the Internet of things technology, which makes street lamps serve the society more efficiently.

Third, integrate more elements with cultural characteristics:

The customization of street lamps is a major feature of the industry, but at present, the homogenization of solar street lamps is serious. In order to cope with the floor price bidding, solar street lamps generally have a simple shape, and street lamps with a sense of design copy each other. We can design solar street lamps with national cultural characteristics according to local characteristics. These solar street lights with national characteristics form a good match with the local landscape, architecture and national clothing, integrate in harmony with the environment, highlight the national characteristics, but also play a good lighting effect. Endowed with more artistic flavor and cultural connotation, this customized solar street lamp with humanistic characteristics will be a major trend of future development.

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