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Basic knowledge of Solar Lamp Shells

2021-07-21 11:20:55

Basic knowledge of Solar Lamp Shells 1


1. What are the main causes of water leakage due to the solar lamp shell?

Answer: (1)Shrinkage of the solar lamp shell (2) Minor cracks in the solar lamp shell (3) Imperceptible deformation of the solar lamp shell resulting in poor sealing 


2. What are the main ways of forming solar lamp shells?


(1) forging, pressing, casting. Forging is commonly known as iron, machine press is divided into stamping, spinning, extrusion. Among them, stamping refers to the use of pressure machinery and with the corresponding abrasives to create the required product process. Divided into cutting, batching, forming, stretching, flying edge, and several other processes. Main production equipment: shearing machine, bending machine, punching machine, hydraulic press, etc.

Spinning: the use of material extension, through the spinning machine with the corresponding mold and the support of the worker's technology to achieve the production of products process. Mainly used for spinning reflectors and lamp cups. Main production equipment: round edge machine, spinning machine, edge cutting machine, etc.

Extrusion: The process of using the ductility of the material to press the product we need through the extrusion machine with a shaped die. This process is widely used in the manufacture of aluminum profiles, steel pipes, plastic pipe fittings. Main equipment: Extrusion machine.

Casting: sand casting, precision casting (dewaxing mold), die-casting sand casting is a process of making a cavity with sand for pouring to get castings.

Die casting: molten alloy liquid is injected into the chamber to fill the cavity of the steel mold at high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form the casting method.

(2) Mechanical processing:

The production process in which the product parts are machined directly from the material. The main production equipment are lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, CNC lathes, machining centers, etc.

(3) Injection molding: this production process is the same as die-casting, only in the mold process and processing temperature differences. Commonly used materials are: ABS, PBT, PC and other plastics.

(4) Extrusion, also known as extrusion molding or extrusion in plastic processing, in the rubber processing, also known as out.


二 surface treatment The main surface treatment of solar lighting products are polishing, spraying and plating.


3. The advantages and disadvantages of solar die-casting aluminum housing?

Die-casting aluminum solar lamp shell can be done in various shapes, convenient to link in various directions, high hardness and strength, while it can be mixed with zinc to form zinc-aluminum alloy.

On the other hand, die-casting aluminum production process, mold cost is very expensive, higher than other molds such as injection mold. At the same time, mold maintenance is very difficult, and it is difficult to reduce material to repair when the design is wrong. And each production processing quantity should be more, the cost is only low, polishing more complex production cycle slow product cost than injection molded parts about 3 times higher. Screw hole requirements should be larger (diameter 4.5mm) connection force is only stable.


Basic knowledge of Solar Lamp Shells 2


4, What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic housing for solar lights?

Advantages: (1) Easy to process (2) Light weight (3) High specific strength (4) Good chemical stability (5) Good electrical insulation (6) Good performance design (7) Rich in decorative (8) Conducive to assembly automation

Disadvantages: (1) Easy to age  (2) Flammable  (3) Poor heat resistance  (4) Low stiffness


5. How to confirm whether the screws for solar housing meet the standard of rust prevention?

Use salt spray test equipment to test 24h


6. How to identify the good and bad hardware poles for solar lights?

(1) whether full welding (2) wall thickness (3) surface treatment (4) substrate (5) processing details (6) weight (7) reasonable degree of structural design


7. What are the main causes of water leakage of solar lights?

(1) solar lgiht shell shrinkage (2) solar light shell cracks (3) infiltration through the male and female head (4) processing links are not sealed in place 


8. how does the wire of the solar light become waterproof?

The principle of waterproof male and female wire is through the sealing method and special design, so that the entire protective part of the plug can not enter the water, during the period, there is an auxiliary drainage hole to avoid if the water stains immersed in the timely discharge, in the plug between the small box and the wall contact gap there is a thick rubber ring, the whole is a rubber mat, the primary to avoid the contact between the outside moisture and the plug, and then achieve the waterproof effect.


9. How can the hardware used for solar lights to pass the salt spray test?

Use stainless steel substrate, or use hot-rolled galvanized pipe spraying anti-corrosion and good weather resistance coating.


10. What are the considerations for the packaging of solar lights?

Because solar panels and lamp heads contain glass parts, which are fragile and cannot be squeezed, so the packaging of solar lights is required to meet the requirements in addition to the pressure resistance of the outer box, and the internal solar panels and lamp heads are best protected with foam or air column bags.



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