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Basics of solar light lithium battery

2021-07-21 10:33:00

Basics of solar light lithium battery 1

Lithium Ion batteries, most commonly found in small electronics like mobile phones, but nowadays also be used in the solar light industry. Following are some FAQs about solar light lithium batteries.

1. What are the commonly used lithium batteries? Please explain the differences of several batteries in terms of voltage, life span, safety, and resistance to high and low temperatures.

(1) LiFePO4 battery, voltage 3.2v, life 2000 cycles 80%, high safety performance, high-temperature performance 80 degrees Celsius can be used normally, low-temperature performance is not good, below -10 degrees Celsius can not play the normal capacity, lower cost, consistency in general.

(2) LiCoO2 battery, voltage 3.7v, the life of 300 cycles 80%, general safety performance, low-temperature performance than lithium iron phosphate, high-temperature performance is general, multiplier discharge performance is also general, high cost, energy density is the highest among several solar light lithium batteries, high cost, good consistency.

(3) NMC battery, nominal voltage 3.6v, cycle life 500 cycles capacity retention rate of 80%, low-temperature performance than lithium iron phosphate performance is more excellent, high-temperature performance safety performance is less good, general cost, good consistency.

(4) LiMn2O4 battery, nominal voltage 3.8v, generally speaking, the cycle life of lithium manganate battery is the worst, good low-temperature resistance, poor high-temperature resistance, general safety, lowest cost, general consistency.

(5) Li4Ti5O12 battery, nominal voltage 2.4v, the best low-temperature resistance, -50 degrees Celsius can be used normally, high-temperature performance in general, the longest life, 10,000 cycles capacity retention rate and 80%, good multiplier performance, the lowest energy density, high cost, general consistency.


2. What is the relationship between watt hours and voltage capacity of solar light lithium batteries?

Watt hours = voltage ✖ capacity, for example, 3.7v 2Ah battery watt hours of 7.4Wh


3. What is the role of the battery's protection plate?

Overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection


4. 3.7v 10000mAh lithium battery to power a 3.7W lamp can be used 10 hours.

Time (h)=3.7v✖10Ah÷3.7W=10h


5. What is the impact of the internal resistance of the battery on the whole lamp?

The internal resistance of lithium battery is a dynamic process of change, generally speaking, as the amount of battery life is closer to the limit, the internal resistance will gradually increase, the internal resistance of an increase in charging efficiency, resulting in insufficient battery storage, the second will also affect the working voltage of discharge, the greater the internal resistance, the lower the voltage of discharge, the whole lamp performance for the brightness is darker.


6. What is the cycle life of solar light lithium batteries?

At room temperature and pressure, each full charge, discharge a charge called a cycle, when the cycle to the capacity of only about 80% of the initial capacity, the number of cycles, called the cycle life of the battery, shallow charge shallow discharge will increase the cycle life.


Basics of solar light lithium battery 2


7. What is the termination voltage of the solar light lithium batteries?

When the solar light lithium battery capacity is fully consumed for the termination voltage is also called the cut-off voltage, for example, the termination voltage of lithium iron phosphate batteries is generally 2.2V, the termination voltage of lithium cobalt acid batteries is 2.75v.


8. What is the self-discharge rate of the solar light lithium batteries? What is the impact of high self-discharge on the whole lamp?

The self-discharge rate of solar light lithium battery is the rate of capacity loss of a fully charged lithium battery at rest without connecting the load, for example, if a 2000mAh battery is fully charged and consumes 30maAh in a month of storage, the monthly self-discharge rate of this battery is 1.5%, then the battery will be stored for more than 7 months and the battery will be dead. If no charging is done, this battery is likely to be scrapped due to excessive discharge. The higher the self-discharge, the more unfavorable the storage of solar lights, especially in the export market.


9.What is the diameter of the 32700 solar light lithium batteries? What is the height?

The diameter is 32mm, the height is 70mm.


10.12v 20Ah can have how many volts how many amp hours of lithium cells each how many strings how many parallel composition? Please write at least three combinations.

(1) A single cell of 3.7v 2Ah 18650 cells 3 strings of 10 and composed of

(2) Single cell 3.7v 2.5Ah 18650 cells 3 strings and 8 parallels

(3) Single cell 3.2v 1.5Ah 18650 cell 4 series 13 parallel

(4) Single cell 3.2v 5Ah 32650 cells 4 strings and 4 parallel

(5) Single cell 2.4v 10Ah lithium titanate battery 5 series and 2 parallel composition

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