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Basics of Solar Light Poles

2021-07-21 10:53:18

Basics of Solar Light Poles 1


FAQs of Solar Light Pole to know more about the outdoor solar street light.


1. Solar street light pole contains what components?

(1) Ground cage  (2) Flange  (3) Tapered pole or size pole or straight pole  (4) Support arm (conch arm, A-arm, self-bending arm, etc.)  (5) Solar panel tray


2. What is the difference between hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing solar light poles?

(1) Different principles Hot-dip galvanizing: The principle is to immerse steel devices in a molten zinc solution to obtain a metal cover.

Cold galvanizing: The principle is to put the processed steel devices into a solution of zinc salts after degreasing and pickling, and then deposit a layer of zinc on the steel devices using electrochemical principles after connecting the electrolytic equipment.

(2) Different equipment required Hot-dip galvanizing: pickling equipment, bottom-extraction annealing furnace or hooded annealing furnace.

Cold galvanizing: electrolytic equipment.

(3) Different performance and advantages

Hot-dip galvanizing: durable and anticorrosive, the standard quality of hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust thickness makes it excellent durability; the toughness of the coating, the galvanized layer of hot-dip galvanizing forms a unique smelting metal structure, this metal structure can withstand the mechanical damage during delivery and use.

Cold Galvanizing: Excellent environmental performance. The vast majority of cold galvanizing solvents and thinners do not contain highly toxic organic solvents within them, and the cold galvanizing process also reduces the amount of organic solvents volatilized, reducing drying energy consumption and contributing to environmental protection.

(4) Different applications

Hot-dip galvanizing: Because of its good anti-corrosion properties, hot-dip galvanizing is widely used in electric power towers, communication towers, railroads, highway protection, street light poles, marine components, building steel components, substation appurtenances, light industry, etc.

Cold galvanizing: Cold galvanizing is the main development direction for environmental protection of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings.


Basics of Solar Light Poles 2


3. The production process of hot rolled galvanized steel sheets of solar light poles is as follows:

Cutting, bending, welding, repairing and polishing, plastic spraying, general inspection and packing. Every process here needs to be very attentive. For example, cutting, the first process at the beginning should first adjust the angle of the slitter, and then place the steel plate position to ensure the maximum size of the coating, so that the surplus material can be used.


4. How many 6m solar road light poles can a high cabinet hold?

A high cabinet with a solar light pole height of 5.8m can hold about 450 sets, and a cabinet with a solar light pole height of 6m can only hold about 300 sets.


5. What is the difference between the conch arm and A-arm of solar light poles? Please explain in words or sketch.

(1) Conch arm

Basics of Solar Light Poles 3


(2) A-arm

Basics of Solar Light Poles 4


6. The upper diameter of the general 6m solar light pole is 60mm and the lower diameter is 140mm.


7. Combine the sixth you answered with the upper and lower diameters, a height of 6 m, and a wall thickness of 2.5 mm, calculate the weight of this rod?

Tapered rod weight=(60+140)×6×3.14×7.85×2.5÷2000=36.97kg


8. The dimensions of the flange are known to be 250mm long, 250mm wide, 10mm thick and the lower bore is 140mm, please calculate the weight of the flange? 

The weight of the flange is 250×250×0.01×7.85÷1000-3.14×70×70×0.01×7.85÷1000=3.7kg


9. How to calculate the taper ratio?

Formula C = (D - d) / LC taper ratio; where D indicates the lower diameter; d indicates the upper diameter; L indicates the height of the light pole.


10. Please ask the 6m8 high-bar truck, the A-arm can be loaded 180 sets, the conch arm can be loaded 150 sets.

The A-arm of 9m6 high-bar truck can be loaded with 260 sets, and the conch arm can be loaded with 230 sets

The A-arm of 13m5 high-bar truck can be installed 390 sets, and the conch arm can be installed 320 sets


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