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Does the solar panel have radiation or not?

2021-11-02 15:14:00

Does the solar panel have radiation or not? 1


Radiation refers to the outward diffusion of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles (such as alpha particles, beta particles, etc.).

All objects in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero absolute temperature, constantly transmit heat in the form of electromagnetic waves and particles. This way of transmitting energy is called radiation. The energy of radiation radiates in a straight line from the source in all directions. The energy emitted by an object through radiation is called radiant energy.

The radiation is calculated according to Roentgen per hour (R).

An important feature of radiation is that it is "equivalent". No matter whether the temperature of the object (gas) is high or low, the object A can radiate to the object B, and the object B can also radiate to A.

Radiation energy is widely used in the fields of medical diagnosis, industry and biology for the benefit of mankind. However, all radiation is harmful to organisms and can affect the natural environment, among which the harm caused by ionizing radiation to human body is the most common.

What kind of radiation is harmful to people?
In a general sense, "radiation" refers to radiation that is harmful to human cells, such as those that cause cancer, which are highly likely to cause genetic mutations. Generally speaking, it includes short-wave radiation and some high-energy particle flow.
Does the solar panel have radiation or not?
Does the photovoltaic panel produce radiation?

For photovoltaic power generation, the power generation mechanism of solar modules is completely direct energy conversion, in the visible light range of energy conversion, there are no other products generated in the process, so it will not produce additional harmful radiation.
Solar inverters are only general power electronic products, although there are IGBT or Triode, and there are dozens of k switching frequency, but all inverters have metal shielded shell and comply with the global electromagnetic compatibility certification.


photovoltaic solar panels

Does the solar panel have radiation or not?
Photovoltaic solar panels do not produce radiation. However, light pollution caused by photovoltaic solar panels may have an impact on health.
Photovoltaic solar power generation, the principle is that light energy is directly converted into electricity, the advantage is that solar energy is everywhere, can be nearby power supply, the disadvantage is that the price is still relatively expensive. Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface to directly convert light energy into electric energy. The key component of this technology is solar cells. After the solar cells are connected in series, the solar cells can be encapsulated and protected to form a large area of solar cell modules. Flat solar cell modules are photovoltaic solar panels.

Light pollution is a new environmental pollution source after waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise pollution, mainly including bright pollution, artificial daylight pollution and color light pollution. Light pollution is threatening people's health. In daily life, the common light pollution is the dizziness of pedestrians and drivers caused by the reflection of mirror buildings, as well as the discomfort caused by unreasonable lighting at night.

At present, there is no clear basis and conclusion on the impact of light pollution on health, let alone relevant evaluation criteria.


However, some studies suggest that light pollution has the possibility of damaging eyes, inducing disease and affecting people's mood. It is generally believed that light damage may cause headaches, fatigue, decreased sexual ability, increased stress and anxiety. Animal model studies have shown that when light is inevitable, it can adversely affect mood and anxiety.

The light damage of photovoltaic solar panels can be easily avoided by selecting photovoltaic solar panels with low reflection, adjusting the reflection of photovoltaic solar panels to uninhabited areas, blocking the reflection, and wearing sunglasses for installation personnel.


photovoltaic solar panels
How to solve the problem of light pollution

1. In order to reduce the harm of light pollution, the key lies in strengthening the management of urban planning, reasonably arranging light sources, strengthening the management of advertising lights and neon lights, prohibiting the use of high-power and strong light sources, and controlling the use of high-power civil laser devices. Measures such as restricting the use of materials with large reflection coefficient are imperative. As ordinary people, on the one hand, do not stay in the light pollution zone for a long time; if the light is too strong, the room can install blinds or double curtains to adjust accordingly according to the light intensity; on the other hand, the whole people should plant trees and flowers around the buildings. plant turf extensively to improve and adjust the lighting environment, and so on.

2. It is suggested that the state should formulate technical norms and corresponding laws and regulations related to light pollution. Few people in our country realize the harm of light pollution, so there is no unified standard in this respect at all. Experts believe that with the rapid development of urban night landscape construction in China, it is necessary to formulate technical standards for landscape lighting as soon as possible. Let's not take the detours that others have already taken. In addition, experts believe that it is also very important to strengthen the standardized management of night landscape design and construction. At present, there are few professional and technical personnel engaged in lighting design and construction in our country, and many night landscapes that produce light pollution and light interference are caused by unscientific design and construction. It is understood that Tianjin has promulgated the "Technical Specification for Urban Night scene Lighting", which is the first technical specification for night scene lighting in China. Beijing once had a "Evaluation Standard of Urban Night scene Lighting Project" in the construction of night scene, but there were only simple projects to measure light pollution. Experts appeal that the lack of science and standardization in the construction of urban night scenery needs to be changed urgently.

3. Vigorously promote the use of new energy-saving light sources. At this stage, although most places will consciously use energy-saving light source, but there are still most places can not achieve the conscious use of energy-saving light source lighting.

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