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How to plan your vegetable garden lighting

2021-05-27 17:59:17

Published in: Residential solar lighting, solar outdoor lighting To April 21, 2021


Planting a vegetable garden is a great way to make life more sustainable, reduce grocery bills, and spend more time enjoying outdoor activities. When many of us plan gardens, we think of the bright sun shining on the fruits of our labor during the day. However, this can free us from the beauty of the night. With proper solar lighting, the vegetable garden can please the sun and the stars.

Planning a vegetable garden under the premise of considering daylighting also has logistics advantages. For those of us who are busy during the day, looking after the garden at night has become a tempting opportunity. Of course, light will bring convenience. Then why go to solar energy? Unlike electric or gas lamps, solar lamps prevent fire and potentially harmful heat from coming into contact with any growing vegetables and plants. In addition, solar lights are easy to maintain, you can learn here.

With all the available options, knowing where to start can be challenging, but a good starting point is to consider the main purpose of using these lights. We start with some of the most common necessities below.

How to plan your vegetable garden lighting 1

Walking at night and tending to be safe

As mentioned above, for people who are tight during the day, taking care of the vegetable garden at night may be an excellent choice. However, once the sun goes down, walking through the garden may become more tricky. Misplaced footsteps may cause you to crush sprouted seedlings or trip over. Use path lights to create well-lit walks around the garden so you can walk more confidently.


Path light

These lights should be placed along paths or paths in the garden and increase visibility when you roam the space to overlook vegetables or do certain tasks. For those with a modern sense, one option we recommend is Gama Sonic contemporary square solar street light, which can illuminate your road and has the flexibility of three ground pile installation options.

How to plan your vegetable garden lighting 2

Another great option is "Solar garden light shepherd hook". The lights are easy to assemble and install, and have an automatic lighting function from dusk to dawn, which means these lights will be ready to work at sunset without you having to flip the switch.

How to plan your vegetable garden lighting 3

Small animal watch

The vegetables you grow may not only be delicious to you, but they may also have a variety of pests. From other pesticides, fences to sound machines, there are many different solutions. If you are looking for a dual-function solution in the market, then motion sensor lighting is your best choice.


Motion sensor solar light

When detecting movement within different distances, the solar light with movement sensor will automatically turn on. Not only will they startle unwelcome little animals and be unable to eat in your vegetable garden, but if you decide to go for a night walk, the solar light of the motion sensor will illuminate your road.

Gama Sonic’s choice will be a solar barn light with a motion sensor, with its pristine and chic appearance and a 15-foot motion detection range. Its super-bright LED lights are combined with weather-resistant components, which are extremely robust and safe.

How to plan your vegetable garden lighting 4

Highlight and joy

If your first task is to create a dreamy moonlight garden to meet your beautification dreams, you can highlight the best function of your garden by lighting upwards: light shoots from low to the ground.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are usually subtle, mixable light fixtures that shine on plants, roads, walls, or any feature that you wish to interest around. For vegetable gardens, they will create a lovely and bright atmosphere while attracting your harvest and letting you notice any changes, good or bad.

How to plan your vegetable garden lighting 5

Two excellent landscape lighting options are progressive solar garden and landscape LED spotlights and 2W solar floodlights with warm white or bright white LEDs. Both lamps are easy to install by themselves, and have the technology from dusk to dawn.

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