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LED solar lighting and traditional lighting comparison

2021-07-06 15:11:51

LED solar lighting and traditional lighting comparison 1


LED solar lighting and traditional lighting comparison
(a) As a new type of lighting fixtures, LED solar lamps and lanterns have huge advantages over traditional lamps, and their main advantages are.
     1. energy-saving, white LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps 1 / 4
     2. long life, the actual life of up to 50,000 hours or more, for the general light source of several times or even dozens of times
     3. high purity, vivid and rich colors. LED solar products now cover almost the entire visible spectrum range and high color purity
     4 solid luminescence, good seismic performance, solid and reliable
     5. dynamic color control, adjustable shade, three primary colors of the LED combination can be used PWM to achieve color changes
     6. LED has a strong directional luminescence, high luminous flux utilization, and small size, easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution of LED lamps
     7. LED can use DC low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable
     8. LED solar lamps and lanterns with high luminous efficiency, the current mass production of white LEDs can achieve up to 150lm / W
     9. green lighting, does not contain mercury and other harmful substances

(B) LED solar lighting disadvantages.
 1. LED solar lamps and lanterns high cost
     The price of a set of LED solar lamps and lanterns is a set of energy-saving lamps and lanterns of ten times or even dozens of times
2. high power LED solar light efficiency is low
     More than 3W high-power LED solar light efficiency is lower than high-pressure sodium lamps, LED energy-saving can only be relative to the 50W lamps. In more than 50W height lighting is far inferior to high-pressure sodium lamps
3. LED heat generation
Especially high-power lamps and lanterns, heat generation led to LED solar lamps and lanterns on the requirements of the heat sink pieces more stringent, correspondingly increased the volume of LED solar lamps and lanterns, reducing the dexterity of high-power lamps and lanterns

(C) LED lighting and traditional lighting specifications comparison:

Lamp name Luminous flux lm/W Average life (hr) Color rendering Characteristics Scope of use Development
LED (white light) 100~150 50,000 80~90 Energy saving, environmental protection, high cost, long life Indoor and outdoor decorative lighting --
Incandescent lamp 8~18 1,000 100 100 Easy to install, low cost, high color rendering Basic residential lighting About to completely exit the lighting stage
Fluorescent lamp 40~80
8,000 40~45 Brighter than incandescent lamps, lower cost and pollution Replace incandescent lamps At present, the main body of office and home lighting is gradually being replaced by energy-saving lamps
Metal halide lamp 66~108 4,000~12,000 80~95 High light efficiency, good color rendering, long life and pollution Flood lighting, road lighting, industrial lighting Due to the single shape of the light source and low flexibility, it is gradually being replaced by LED
HPS 70~150 8,000~16,000 20~25 High brightness, long life, low color rendering, pollution Road, industry, agricultural lighting, environment with low color rendering requirements High-brightness lighting, lighting above 50W, LED is temporarily irreplaceable
Energy-saving lamps 50~70 5,000 60~80 Energy saving, low cost, easy to use, polluting Basic residential lighting, decorative lighting Gradually replace the existing residential lighting fixtures, but the brightness can have little prospects for development, and it is an excessive lighting fixture.

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