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LED Luminaire Structure of Solar Lights

2021-07-21 09:18:45

LED Luminaire Structure of Solar Lights 1


LED light structure components

(1) Fixed bracket: refers to the lamps and lanterns fixed to the building, can achieve the effect of support, adjust the angle, anti-theft, etc. Bracket material: aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

(2) Luminaire shell: luminaire shell, play the role of carrying internal devices, modeling, protection, waterproof and dustproof, heat dissipation, easy to install, etc. Shell material: aluminum: strong texture, high grade, excellent heat dissipation performance, mainly for high-power lamps and lanterns and high-end decorative lamps.


Weak electricity/ Support structure/ Non-support structure/ Connecting structure/ Strong electricity/ Weak electricity


LED luminaire structure

Power supply

AC/DC conversion

Light Emitting Component LED


Electronic component chip

Driver circuit

PC (control program)


Fixing bracket

Lamp housing


Light distribution components



Connections Plastic: light, brittle, resistant to oxidation and ultraviolet rays, cheap and easy to process. Mainly used for small power lamps and most of the contour lights.

Stainless steel: only used for underwater lights

Glass: light-transmitting parts, also plays three times the role of dimming


(3) Waterproof / sealing: sealing the gap part of the shell, to achieve the waterproof requirements of the lamps, mainly using waterproof rubber, rubber and other gaskets.

(4) Light distribution components: refers to the use of light distribution devices to adjust the output light angle to a certain value according to the effect requirements. Usually used: reflectors, spotlight panels, lenses, prismatic glass, etc.

(5) The cable: used to connect the lamp power supply, signal outside the lead wire. Including power supply lines and signal lines. The main use of power cable types: according to the number of different cores generally have two-core line, three-core and four-core line. According to the use of the environment divided into outdoor special cable and indoor cable.

(6) The connector: the device connected between the lamps and lanterns, mainly to connect the convenient operation, waterproof and other effects.


LED Luminaire Structure of Solar Lights 2



(1) LED light source: mainly straw hat lamp beads (0.06W), 3528 (0.06W), 2835 (0.2/0.5/1W) 5730 (0.5W) 4014 (0.2W), 1W, 3W, integrated chip (10W, 30W, 50W) and other specifications.

(2) PCB (printed circuit board): divided into aluminum and PP epoxy resin board. Aluminum substrate is mainly used with high-power lamps and lanterns, play a role in heat dissipation, more expensive. PP epoxy resin board is mainly used in small power lamps and lanterns, cheap.

(3) Drive circuit: LED characteristics determine the need to drive the light source in a constant-current manner, especially high-power lamps and lanterns, must use constant-current drive electricity away. Role is to convert DC constant voltage electricity to DC constant current electricity, such as driving 1WLED need to use constant current driver to convert the input voltage to constant current 350mA input.


Powerful electricity

(1) Power supply: 

Direct power supply: AC220V in China, Europe, AC110V in the United States and Canada, AC100V in Japan, low-voltage constant-voltage power supply such as DC12V, DC24V, etc.

Low-voltage constant-current power supply such as constant-current current 350mA/700mA, etc.

Low-voltage AC power such as AC12V, AC24V, etc.

Note: The voltage must be clearly handled before lighting the lamps, once connected wrongly, the lamps will be damaged.

(2) AC/DC conversion: LED commonly used switching power supply.

LED switching power supply is divided into: constant voltage switching power supply, constant current switching power supply. When using must be clear what power supply should be used for lamps.

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