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Solar Light Basic Knowledges That You Should Know

2021-07-21 09:55:40

Solar Light Basic Knowledges That You Should Know 1


1. Solar cells are the following ways for people to use solar energy? ( A ) 

A. Photoelectric conversion  B. Photothermal conversion  C. Photochemical conversion  D. Photoacoustic conversion


2. solar backplane (that is, the last layer of white rubber) material is? (B)



3. General installation angle of solar panels: 45° southwest.


4. 7.4V 6.6Ah is composed of single 3.7v 2200mAh cells in 2 series and 3 parallel, this battery pack is 48.84Wh.


5. MPPT is the solar controller with the function of Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) in Chinese.  

The working principle is that MPPT solar controller can detect solar panel voltage and current in real time, and constantly track the maximum power (P=U*I), so that the system always charges the battery with the maximum power, the MPPT tracking efficiency is 99%, the whole system power generation efficiency is up to 97%.   


6. Please fill out the wattage and voltage of the following solar panels (as shown below)

Solar Light Basic Knowledges That You Should Know 2

Tip: Single wafer size is: 15.6cm X 5cm Conversion rate is 18.5%

6V, 51.948W approx. 6v, 50W.


7. Please list the terminology of the 2 types of lithium batteries we currently use (full name of the battery) and write the corresponding median voltage of the battery.

Lithium iron phosphate 3.2v

Ternary lithium battery 3.6v

Lithium manganate 3.8v

Lithium Cobaltate 3.7v

Lithium Titanate 2.4v


8. How to calculate the weight of street light pole?

(Upper diameter mm + lower port warp mm)×height (m)×3.14×7.85 (density of steel)×thickness (mm)÷2000 = weight (kg)

The weight algorithm for a flange is: length (mm)×width (mm)×height (m)×7.85÷1000-3.14×lower-port-perimeter mm×lower-port-perimeter (mm)×height (m)×7.85÷1000


9.Write about the advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron batteries? Describe them from the perspectives of high and low temperature, life, safety, and energy density.

Advantages: long life, 2000 cycles 80%, high safety performance is not prone to the risk of fire and explosion, good high temperature resistance can withstand 70-80 degrees Celsius high temperature, multiplier performance is good

Disadvantages: low energy density, the same volume or weight of lithium iron phosphate lithium energy is low, poor low temperature performance, low voltage, poor consistency series and parallel connection is not good for consistency grouping


Solar Light Basic Knowledges That You Should Know 3


10. Please write your opinion on the solar light market, (200 words or more) including at least three points

The following is for reference only:

Solar light products are intelligent, energy efficient and easy to install. In recent years, with the major accessories solar panels, lithium battery costs have been significantly reduced, the solar light industry is growing rapidly, according to incomplete statistics 2019 total market sales in about 10 billion yuan. Solar lights can be divided into solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar indoor lights according to the different applications. According to the different product forms can be divided into solar integrated street lights, solar split street lights. The main accessories of solar lights are lithium batteries, solar panels, solar controllers, solar light sources, light body shells, waterproof male and female docking lines, hardware fixtures, packaging and other components. The manufacturing process of solar lights is relatively simple, mainly in the assembly process to pay attention to good waterproof treatment. The core of the solar light industry lies in the management of the supply chain, solar panels, light sources, lithium batteries, controller matching and the sales chain, whether the procurement and sales of one end can be well controlled is the key to whether a company can really stand firm in the solar light industry.


Solar panels are the core component of solar lights is the energy source of solar lights, solar panels as the name implies must be in the conditions of the sun in order to carry out photoelectric conversion, so the weather (mainly rainy days more or less) on the actual effect of the use of solar lights is very large, the installation location of the installation angle is also not small, there is a variable is about the lithium battery, because the lithium battery is more sensitive to temperature, the lower the The lower the temperature of the lithium battery, the lower the capacity retention rate of the corresponding discharge time is shorter, so the main four variables of solar lights are sunlight hours, installation angle, installation location and temperature.


Because the four variables of solar lights are not easy to quantify, so in the design of the solar light program, we need both theoretical accounting and experience and the actual installation location, in general, the shorter the sunshine time, the more rainy days, the lower the temperature, the worse the installation location lighting conditions, and the installation angle deviation, the less ideal the use of solar lights.


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