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Solar lights LED chip introduction

2021-07-08 18:25:03

Solar lights LED chip introduction 1


Solar Light LED chip introduction

1.Solar light LED chip structure
 Solar light LED chips have two basic structures: horizontal structure and vertical structure.

2. Classification of Solar lights LED chips
LED chips pin type: There are two pins, generally used for low power.
Advantages of LED chips: mature technology, reliable products, low cost, small size, wide application range
Disadvantages of LED chips: The maximum current allowed to pass is small, the brightness is low, and there is no special heat dissipation design. The thermoelectric channels are completed through pins, and the heat dissipation performance is poor, and the lifespan is limited.

The two electrodes of the horizontal structure LED chip are on the same side of the LED chip, and the current flows laterally in the n- and p-type confinement layers for unequal distances.

The two electrodes of the vertical structure of the LED chip are on both sides of the LED epitaxial layer. Because the patterned electrode and all p-type confinement layers are used as the second electrode, almost all the current flows through the LED epitaxial layer vertically, and there is very little lateral flow. The current can improve the current distribution problem of the planar structure, improve the luminous efficiency, and also solve the shading problem of the p-pole, and increase the light-emitting area of ​​the LED.


Solar lights LED chip introduction 2

SMD LED chip package: Surface-mount diodes can meet the needs of various electronic products with surface-mount structures, but the power cannot be made large.
Advantages: Good consistency, suitable for large-scale production, and can integrate multiple chips to obtain great power.
Disadvantages: The heat is too concentrated and it is difficult to dissipate.
Piranha led lights package: There are four pins, two are positive and two are negative, thermal conductivity is better than low power.
Features: The LED bracket is made of copper with a large area and fast heat dissipation. It can be used for a long time. It is often used as a car brake light and turn signal.

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