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Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know

2021-08-30 10:06:30

  • Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know 1
  • Solar mosquito killer lights: Everything you want to know

    In human production and life, small mosquito bites are often troublesome. Being bitten by mosquitoes not only makes the skin feel itchy and swollen but also spreads various diseases. To deal with this problem, we can use anti-mosquito products. Nowadays, mosquito killer lamps are common in our daily life, and solar photovoltaic technology is getting better and better. The combination of both has created a useful product-solar mosquito killer lamp. With sufficient sunlight, the use of mosquito killers will not be restricted.

    Traditional anti-mosquito products include ultraviolet light-induced mosquito killers, electric mosquito killer rackets, insect repellents, etc. These products have their advantages and disadvantages. Many insect repellents in the market have been proven to be harmful to human health and the environment. Although the electric mosquito killer racket is practical and convenient, it requires people to find their targets and only kills mosquitoes in places that people can see and touch. Therefore, considering various factors, the future of using solar energy to power mosquito killers is promising.

    Types of mosquito killer lamps
    Before introducing solar mosquito killer lights, this article will explain the main types of mosquito killer lamps on the market.
  • Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know 2
    Electric shock
    Based on the strong phototaxis and thermotaxis of mosquitoes, the electric mosquito killer lamp emits ultraviolet light to induce the mosquitoes and electrocute them to death with the high-voltage power grid. The DC high voltage on the high-voltage power grid usually reaches 800-1500V, and the short-circuit current is less than 1mA, which is not dangerous to people. This kind of mosquito killer lamp has the following advantages: power-saving, non-toxic, odorless, and no need for mosquito killers.

    Sticky catch
    Different from the structure of the traditional high-voltage current inverter of the electric insect killer lamp, the stick-trap mosquito killer lamp adopts unique ultraviolet light and non-toxic adhesive to attract and catch flying insects.

    The airflow mosquito lamp trap has a built-in fan and ultraviolet light source to attract and suck mosquitoes. It can be used with electric heating wires or high-voltage power grids to kill mosquitoes without using any chemical substances.

    The photocatalytic mosquito killer lamp integrates light, taste, and wind. It can simulate the breath emitted by the human body to attract mosquitoes and the fan can suck in the mosquitoes. They will dry and die for they could not escape the trap.
  • Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know 3
    At present, solar mosquito killers commonly integrate solar technology with the electric shock type.

    Introduction to solar mosquito zapper
    A solar mosquito zapper usually consists of LED light, battery, solar panel, and electrical grid. In the daytime, the solar panel will receive and convert solar energy into electricity stored in the battery for future utilization. At night, the battery will power the lights and electrical grid to attract and kill mosquitoes.

    It is designed based on the phototaxis and thermotaxis of mosquitoes. During the day, the light is automatically turned off, receives solar energy, and stores electricity. At night, the intelligent electronic control automatically turns on the solar light to trap and kill pests. It has the advantage of greatly reducing the use of pesticides, replacing conventional electricity, and saving energy. It is the most ideal outdoor physical pest control method for humans today.

    It has the functions of light control, time control, automatic shut-off, high-voltage electric shock, automatic protection (automatically stop when high-voltage short-circuit occurs in case of rain, and automatically start when short-circuit is removed).
  • Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know 4
    Solar-powered mosquito lamps are usually a combination of night lamps and insect killers. Users can switch the zapper between bug killer mode and night lantern mode. When there are few mosquitoes, the lamps can also light up the space without waste. Moreover, solar mosquito zappers have many designs, including lamp porches and portable lanterns.

  • Here are their common applications:
    Ideal for killing mosquitoes around your farms, yards, gardens, and fish ponds where there is no available power source.
    A great choice for small outdoor spaces such as porches, patios, balconies, and decks to avoid the disturbance of insects.
    A gifted partner for BBQ, picnic, hiking, traveling, and fishing with its functions of lighting spaces and killing mosquitoes.
    A decorative lamp for lighting up the courtyard, garden, walkways, etc.

    Different types and designs of electric mosquito killers have different effectiveness. Since the launch of the mosquito killer lamp, many experts have tested their performance in killing mosquitoes. In the past, some experts found that many mosquito killer lamps could not work well as the advertisement said. They killed very few mosquitoes but many good insects, which was harmful to the environment. However, with further research in analyzing behaviors of insects and improving the technologies, more and more mosquito killer lamps are proved to be effective in catching mosquitoes while avoiding harming good insects.

    User Tips
    At present, LumusSolem solar mosquito repellent lamps are widely used in residential and commercial properties. How to use solar bug zappers correctly is the key to prolonging their service life and maintaining safe and efficient working conditions.


Solar mosquito killer lamp: Everything you want to know 5

  • Here are some points for your reference:
    1. Install and use the lamp according to the requirements of the product manual.
    2. In the working state, the lamp is strictly prohibited to be repaired and adjusted.
    3. After turning on the battery power, never touch the high-voltage power grid wire with your hands.
    4. Place the lamp in a well-ventilated spot with good airflow or air convection.
    5. Keep at a specified distance away from people because humans exhale carbon dioxide and mosquitoes are still attracted by human breath if the lamp is placed too close to you.
    6. If maintenance is required, the power must be cut off before inspection.
    7. Regularly clean the dirt and sticking pests on the insect bag and high-voltage grid wire to prevent a short circuit.

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