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What Is Integrated Solar Street Lights

2021-12-10 16:11:06

Traditional electrical street lights are losing it to their solar competitors. Due to their economy and reliability, they are gaining more standing. But what is solar powered street lights and, how does it differ from other kinds?

As the development goes on, gadgets become more compact and energy-efficient. Solar lights with small volumes and the same power are on everybody's wish list.

Outdoor solar street lights are way more feasible than conventional ones. These lights are a rising trend these days, so it is necessary to shine some light on them. Today we are knocking at your door with an informative post on integrated solar lights with lithium batteries.

We will explain everything from scratch. Additionally, there are some facts you can go for when making your next purchase.


What Is Integrated Solar Street Light And It Differs From Traditional Ones?

Before discussing how an all-in-one best solar street lights works, let's understand the word 'integrated.' Integrated means that all the parts are inside a single unit.

But what are these parts? It has a solar panel, the lamp, the controllers, and the battery enclosed in a single case.

How is an integrated lithium ion solar lights different from a traditional one? Above all, they have discrete exteriors.

The split solar street lights need wires to connect all the parts. On the other hand, the integrated ones have everything inside the pole.

However, depending on models, some have their circuitry in poles. And, others are only a single piece with all the parts sealed at the back.


The Battery Kind

You must be thinking about what an integrated solar street light is in terms of battery kind. Do the conventional and integrated lithium ion solar lights use the same battery? No, absolutely no.

The integrated street lights are solar lights with lithium batteries. But, the traditional street light uses lead batteries.

Lead batteries have less life than lithium ones. Lithium batteries serve you three times longer than acid ones.

Moreover, harsh winter reduces the working capacity of lead-acid batteries. Lead batteries don't work below -10 degrees, while lithium batteries work with the same efficiency below -20 degrees.


Installation Type

The integrated solar lights with lithium batteries get their name from their installation. These lights have all the parts inside one unit. The ones that require separate connections are the split type.

Installing split solar street lights take more effort and cost. The integrated ones are up and running in only a few steps.

If you are working on a larger project, installing split lights will cost you 40 to 60% more than integrated ones.


Panel Sizes and Power

Another popular feature of the split solar lights is the panel size. As the thumb rule goes, a larger panel means more power. Now the panel size is something in which the split type best the integrated one.

Larger panels have more tendency to store energy.  Split solar street lights give you the liberty to choose the panel size you want. But, in the integrated ones, large panels require more budget.

The Mounting Angles

Integrated solar street lights don't give you much margin for customized angles. Solar panels should connect in a way they get maximum energy to store.

Buying integrated lithium ion solar lights may not provide you with the needed efficiency if the angles are directional.

solar lights with lithium batteries

Working of an All-In-One Integrated Street Light

Now you have a good idea of what is integrated solar street light is. Let's take a little peek at how it works.

The solar panels absorb the energy from the sun. During the absorption process, they convert it into electrical energy. The lithium ion solar lights use electrical energy to charge.

Once done, it uses this energy to illuminate the LED at night. The longer the solar panels absorb the sun's energy, the more night hours they work.

Many models have sensors in them as well. When they sense the presence of a human body, they turn to maximum brightness. And when there is nothing on the sensors, the LED lights to medium light.


Why Are The Integrated Solar Street Lights Better?

Knowing the working principle and the definition of an integrated The integrated solar lights with lithium batteries get their name from their installation. These lights have all the parts inside one unit. You should know what benefits it offers you.

Firstly, it's fashionable and compact. Split lights don't offer you the same charm as the integrated ones. So if you are looking to give a modern innovative look to your project, the all-in-one is the best-case scenario.

Secondly, they have sensors to conserve energy. The light only lights up when there is a human presence. Its responsible use of energy results in more working hours.

They are waterproof and reliable. Their batteries work in severe weather conditions and also provide customization for installing CCTV cameras.

The batteries of lithium ion solar lights last for up to 6 to 8 years. Longevity, efficient energy consumption, and economy are the sectors the integrated lithium ion solar lights are unbeatable.


Some Sites Where You Can Use the Integrated Solar Street Lights

These lights offer so many features. But, the question about their application is still a common one.

You can use them on university roads, highways, large business buildings, governmental offices, or even in recreational areas. Humans need light to see. So you can install it at any place which endures a human passage.


Summing Up!

Now you know the real gems about integrated lithium ion solar lights. And with that information successfully communicated, we conclude our post on what is integrated solar street light.

But before we play the ending song, let's review what we learned.

Integrated solar street lights are a new technology acing the electrical industry with their ease and economy. They are different from their split siblings in many ways. 

You also saw how their components are different from the split ones. Lastly, we named a few sites for their application.

If this post was helpful, let us know in the comments!


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