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LumusSolem brand origin, Global warming induces extreme weather

With the global climate problem: excessive emissions from cars, atmospheric emissions from thermal power generation, global warming, floods and other disasters are coming to our homes-- I believe this is the value of our new energy.

If we continue to use energy, will our children and grandchildren suffer from the energy problem 50 years from now? Will the earth continue to punish us?

Join us and let's protect the earth together!

Global warming 
induces extreme weather
Greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities keep the earth warming, and it has not stopped growing since the Industrial Revolution.
With the effects of global warming, Antarctic glaciers are changing, melting glaciers, floating ice.
Due to global warming, the temperature in Antarctica continues to rise for more than 100 days.
Global loss of wetland areas
The Global Wetland Outlook - Status and Trends 2018 was released. People who thought that the environment would be improved after the global economy was recovered were stunned by the reported data: With the global population's widespread and massive "rural-to-urban" migration, natural disasters and other factors, the global rate of wetland loss has jumped to three times the rate of forest loss, while the rate of death of protected wetland animals is tens of times faster than before.

However, the major renovation project in the eastern part of Amsterdam has put the wetlands in a difficult situation, with nearly 1,000 super-large wind turbines spread densely around the periphery of the wetlands, greatly disrupting the natural wind and humidity systems and causing a slowdown in the growth of wetland vegetation, while more and more herbivorous large animals are "harassed" by the turbines with various frightening symptoms.
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LumusSolem, as its name implies, Sunlight, Africa mantra, it represents our belief in new energy, paranoia in R & D and production, and obsession with user experience. LumusSolem should protect the earth and do what we can like heroes such as Marvel Iron Man and Spider-Man. 

We hope to solve the global power generation problem through our high-end solar panel and battery technology (we need to enjoy the benefits given to us by nature-sunshine, make good use of it to live in peace with the earth) in fact, our most powerful are solar panels and batteries (in China, at least 6500 public electric buses use our battery solutions, and we provide 70% of the battery reserve of China's 5G base stations).

Immodestly speaking, the large new energy brand electric cars that start with T approached us to talk about the supply chain-- we gave up, because the battery standard was disdainful of us, and I asked my executives and all personnel not to take money as the standard. 

Must really serve the community with these strong R&D and quality supervision, we can apply more products. 

Lights are too easy for us (all outdoor lights for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are purchased by us, we provide solutions to customized production, guide installation, overall chip control, etc.).

So, I look forward to LumusSolem: the number one brand in the world, in order to achieve the goal, I will lead all members of my team to take every step, I believe we can achieve. LumusSolem must let the kindness of nature give back to more and more people. We must participate in the green earth, intelligent and environmentally friendly earth, and we must make outstanding contributions.

Guarding the Earth

Join us and let us take care of the environment and the earth together.

Xingshen Technology Co., Ltd

Our mission to customers:
Environmental Protection, Intelligent Manufacturing.
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