Are There People Who Believe That Before the Flood Light Passing Through Raindrops Did Not Make a Ra

Yes, there are people who seriously believe that it rained for the first time when the flood started. They believe there was a canopy of water around the earth. They also think they understand science better than those people who studied it for years. How can someone who's passed a PhD program compare to a high school dropout who watched some Hovind videos? We all know who has the superior science education.

Are There People Who Believe That Before the Flood Light Passing Through Raindrops Did Not Make a Ra 1

1. Would 3 75 watt flood light bulbs be Enough for growing Tomatoes indoors?

yes if you find a grow lamp! The regular lamp will not work! MH 250W do excellent job, if you can take the outside glass of will make more UV will help your plan grow faster! Very careful, you can get sun burn! Good luck with your plants !

2. Flood light bulb blew- regular okay for now?

It will be fine. You just will not get the directed lighting you do with a flood bulb. No harm will come of this. Good luck

Are There People Who Believe That Before the Flood Light Passing Through Raindrops Did Not Make a Ra 2

3. Why would a flood light blow up after screwing in a new one and turning it on?

You need to check or have someone check out the wiring on the light. More than likely it's a bad ground. This was the case when mime was blowing

4. How to wire an SPST Momentary switch to a Flood Light?

i assume the bulbs fixture would be on the ceiling someplace. The wiring is needless to say Black cord to black cord and white cord to white and bare cord to floor. on the change, you are wiring the black cord coming from the ceiling on one area of the change and the different black cord on the different area of the change. feels like an person-friendly operation. once you get removed from the ceiling, and bypass to the wall change you should close the flexibility off on the breaker or you will get nipped basically somewhat and it will possibly no longer sense solid. cope with all wires like they are warm, consistently carry directly to basically the insulation and shop your arms removed from bare wires. merely like a loaded gun, you will get bit it slow.

5. What type of bulb to use in flood light? Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium?

I do not see a space for a transformer or ballast so I would think this is designed for a regular incandescent light bulb. The maximum wattage is likely written on the fixture and will be a pretty good indication.

6. Just got an electric shock of off a Flood light 120watt, and it pulsated through my arm what should i do?

Do not worry you absolutely for sure will not wake up The watts of your flood light do not change the electricity that you have been exposed to....(110 volts) and you are ok so no harm done next time make sure the power is turned of before you change the light bulb.... PS If you use halogen lights do not touch those with your fingers

7. I need to have a flood light moved from the front of the house... do I hire a contractor or electrician?

Call an electrician. A contractor will still have to call an electrician and will charge you for contracting services and also for the electrician

8. Can I use a 50W 120V replacement halogen flood light bulb for a 35W 120V fixture?

Probably not....Different transformers

9. How to post mount flood light security lights

Make a bracket to hold a plate which then supports a junction box as necessary.So, a hoop or u-bolt either into a support or direct into the plate as per: Or a clamp around the pole such as:

10. Can I use a 50W 120V replacement halogen flood light bulb for a 35W 120V fixture?

the extra 15 watts is going to increase the heat a fair amount. Unless there is a watt rating on the fixture somewhere that says it can handle 50w, I would go back to the store and get a 35 w bulb. I've had parts of light fixtures melt on me using a 75 or 100 watt incandescent bulb where its only rated for 60. No fires, but the heat from halogens is pretty warm

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