What's the Most Powerful Flashlight a Spot Light Or Flood Light?

The power would be similar but the spot light concentrates that power into a smaller area. So the spot light has a higher power density, or intensity

What's the Most Powerful Flashlight a Spot Light Or Flood Light? 1

1. can you put heat lights in a outdoor security flood light its 150 watt max type par38?

I would not . Heat lights are not mean to be outdoors. A bit of moisture/rain could very well cause them to ' pop.'

2. LED Flood Light,High Bay Light,Street Light from Wuhan Opples Lighting Co.,Ltd?

High output LEDs are available on the market but to date have not been commercial grade quality. I would not buy more than one to try unless they were a well known brand name such as GE or Phillips because the quality you receive, even with an apparently good warranty, may not be up to expectations. I would ask a supplier of an off brand on a large user near you you can visit and see for yourself and talk to the user and see how happy they are. I know of single LEDs up to high output street lamps so I they are out there

What's the Most Powerful Flashlight a Spot Light Or Flood Light? 2

3. How to install flood light?

Kenny, Your reasoning is as dangerous if not more than the drivers who ride your rear end. Not only are you scaring them, some people carry weapons. It has been known to have two or more people in single vehicle follow you to where you live or work or where ever your going at night. When you get out of your vehicle you might get beaten up. Kenny, I agree that some people tailgate and it's dumb. Two wrongs do not make a right. Please reconsider your idea. I suggest you slow down and let them pass you. They may flip you off as they go by. So what. Some drivers may have been drinking and will not take too kindly to you slamming on the brakes or shining bright lights.

4. Can I run conduit from a flood light receptacle?

The best thing to do is to get a free quote from a licensed electrician, that way he will tell you what needs to be done, then you say thanks I will ring you back when I am ready

5. Whats wrong with my security flood light on my house?

I agree with the wiring, but I would suggest taking it back and getting a new one. That would probably be the best idea. That way, you will know if it is just either that ONE or if it is the whole line of that product

6. Review on the mr beams mb360 flood light?

I have three at my house and LOVE them. My garage is lit up every time that its dark and when my dog goes out at night there is one on a tree for it. The batteries last about a 12-14 months for me. I was amazed by the shipping time. I got it three days after I ordered!

7. can I buy a flood light which runs on a car battery?

Plenty of 12V flood lamps available but it wo not run for very long. Cheaper is to get an old car headlamp from a breakers' yard and wire it to the battery. You may be able to buy a generator but not 20 -30 kg - that is the mass. Noise can be a problem if there are any neighbouring houses.

8. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?

Turn the power off. Better safe than sorry. Take a pair of needle nosed pliers, grab the base and unscrew it

9. Modifying a motion activated flood light to be dimmer and always on?

1 yes it is OK 2 you just need to add a regular dimmer control The dimmer will make the light yellowish, if you want the color you need to put a smaller wattage bulb Another option, you can see that on some road signs is to have a small wattage lamp ON all the time and trigger the big wattage only when needed. Hope this properly answers your question Guru

10. Sensitivity /- slider on outdoor flood light?

this is a sensitivity adjustment to pick up motion... the more sensitive you adjust it the more sensitive to motion it is

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