Where Was the First Flood Light International Cricket Match Played?

In Eden Gardens Kolkata I believe

Where Was the First Flood Light International Cricket Match Played? 1

1. Solar Powed Shed connecting battery to flood light?

hotvw191 gave you the answer happy lighting

2. What size breaker and wire do I need to run 2 GFCI receptacles and a flood light on exterior of my house?

There's no problem with anything you've suggested. You can use a 15 ampere breaker to protect 14 AWG copper conductors, without a problem. If you feel that 15 amperes is not enough for the receptacles, there is no problem installing 12 AWG wire with a 20 ampere breaker. It's completely up to you what you think is best. If the cost difference is not prohibitive, it may be worth installing #12 on a 20A breaker. Especially if you think you might plug in multiple higher load items at the same time (George Foreman and electric mower for example), or may consider adding additional receptacles in the future. There is also no problem using a junction box to provide power to different devices. As long as the box is properly installed, accessible, sized appropriately, and adequately sealed.Nothing in electrical code says that lights and receptacles cannot be on the same circuit. It's more of a guideline than a rule. The general idea is that if the vacuum trips the breaker, you do not want to be left standing in the dark. The only problem I see, is with the GFCI receptacles in your drawing. You will not need two GFCI receptacles. You will simply feed the second receptacle, from the load side of the GFCI receptacle. When wired this way, the GFCI receptacle provides protection to the downstream receptacle

Where Was the First Flood Light International Cricket Match Played? 2

3. I installed an outdoor motion sensor flood light and it will not shut off?

I can not tell you how it should be wired, because I do not know anything about the brand, but I do know that it's possible to wire it "around" the electric eye, so it's hot all the time. I think that's what you did. Please go back and read the mounting and installation instructions again.

4. Did the Huygens lander have a flood-light for photography? Was it used?

The plan was to switch the lamp on 4 minutes before landing and leave it on. There are 2 lights? But from 'The Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) experiment on the Huygens entry probe of Titan', these might be one and the same. So about half the photos taken by Huygens should be with the lamp on. The study 'The reflectance spectrum of Titan's surface at the Huygens landing site determined by the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer' indicates that the light was used as planned

5. The neighbour behind me has a flood light?

the perfect component to do except he makes threats or does some thing unlawful which you would be able to coach is to proceed to apply the room darkner. What distinction does it make extremely? he's probable leaves the lights fixtures on simply by fact he needs to understand what is going on outdoors. He needs to experience secure and that's one factor he does to make optimistic no person is lurking outdoors his domicile. there's no longer something incorrect with being component to the NRA. quit checking him out and critiquing his facebook percentand his babies. He curiously is not inflicting any genuine issues, so quit fretting and discover some thing else to do.

6. Can you spray paint CFL (Compact Fluorescent light bulb) flood light?

we've been making use of those globes for some years now. interior the final twelve months we've had 3 flow on us no longer bursting merely popping like a common globe i may well be getting the wiring checked i do no longer understand how old it extremely is yet its extra effective to extra effective risk-free than sorry. we've never has a humming or a million/2 on state merely sounds unusual that your having such lots of issues. We use the long tube ones in storage (workshop) (shed) as you do no longer choose such lots of. I additionally element fee does have some effect so low-priced ones from china might extra that for the duration of all possibility wreck down than the extra costly ones

7. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?

turn off power, spray inside with some wd 40 to loosen up the part that screws out. take a long nose plier and try to twist it out. it that does not work then use TWO long nose pliers

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