Can a Secondary Fuel Economy Ever Be Hardened Against Attacks?

What you are asking in fundamentally impossible.Every living organism is an elaborate mechanism to contrast entropy increase, and to do so it depends on a constant supply of energy. If you take this supply away, entropy will win and rise. If you are a plant you depend on solar light, if the sun goes off you die. If you are an herbivore you depend on plants, if plants disappear you die.If you are a carnivore you depend on other animals, if they disappear you die. If you are a society you depend on an energy supply, be it wood, coal, oil, fusion or fantasium, if that energy supply disappear you vanish. It does not matter the type of energy source, once you depend from it, and you do, there is no way to become less dependent.Migrating to a secondary fuel is just shifting the problem, not removing it.

Can a Secondary Fuel Economy Ever Be Hardened Against Attacks? 1

1. Is there a way to calculate solar light intensity by temperature measurement?

Hi Amy; light intensity is measured in W/m^2. If you have a metal panel 1m^2 mounted so that it is perpendicular to the direction of the suns rays and with a temperature measuring device - eg a thermometric IC - on the back, and another measuring ambient nshade temperature. The panels temperature will depend on the irradiance, the absorption coefficient of the panel, and heat loss from the panel. Make the absorption cofficient high by spraying the panel with a thin layer of matt black paint. Mount the panel in a box so that heat loss is minimised, and in particular it is shielded from wind / draughts which would change the way heat is lost. Now heat loss is dependent on temperature difference betwen inside and outside. Finally mount a reistor on the back of the panel so that by passing current through the resistor you can add energy (watts) to the panel. This will allow you to plot a calibration graph for the apparatus.

2. solar light wiring leds together?

It is not as simple as it seems. You can put the batteries in the lights in series and connect your string. But you are forgetting a little something... the photocell. That is the part that turns the light on at night and not in the daytime. Connect the lights there and they will always try to be on, but the solar cell is not big enough to run your lights and charge the batteries for night time. You can try disconnecting the wires to the internal LEDs and wire the two fixtures in series. If you can get it going, the batteries are sized for just a few hours of operation with the internal lights... it will be a much much shorter time with your light string. It may not be worth the trouble.

Can a Secondary Fuel Economy Ever Be Hardened Against Attacks? 2

3. How can I tell if my solar light is working?

get a multimeter. should be around 10 bucks. Radio shack or ACE hardware. You can use it for many other things too. Battery testing, continuity of wires, ( do they work)

4. I broke my clients solar light ?

I hope that you used the same or higher quality to replace what you broke. Since you did not tell him when you broke it and you cannot change that now, tell him that you expect him to notice that it was broken, clearly state how it broke (in the process of performing your regular duty) that you were sorry for the delay in replacing it and any inconvenience for the loss. Now wait for his comment (I expect it to be positive). His comment at this point would direct you what to do next

5. solar light still working after 7 years?

Thats cool! Y ru complaining?

6. How A Solar Light Works | Industrial Solar Lighting

At Sol, we have taken our 20-plus years of experience to perfect our outdoor solar lighting system. While many have tried to duplicate our light, we work hard to source each of our high-quality parts to make them work even better together. When you choose ours, you are not choosing off-the-shelf parts-you are choosing a complete system. Here's how solar works.

7. An integrated solar and artificial light system for internal illumination of photobioreactors

Exploitation of photosynthetic cells for the production of useful metabolites requires efficient photobioreactors. Many laboratory scale photobioreactors have been reported but most of them are extremely difficult to scale up. Furthermore, the use of open ponds and outdoor tubular photobioreactors is limited by the requirement for large spaces and the difficulty in maintaining sterile conditions. In view of this, we have designed and constructed an internally illuminated stirred tank photobioreactor. The photobioreactor is simple, heat sterilizable and mechanically agitated like the conventional stirred tank bioreactors. Furthermore, it can easily be scaled up while maintaining the light supply coefficient and thus the productivity constant. A device was installed for collecting solar light and distributing it inside the reactor through optical fibers. It was equipped with a light tracking sensor so that the lenses rotate with the position of the sun. This makes it possible to use solar light for photosynthetic cell cultivation in indoor photobioreactors. As a solution to the problems of night biomass loss and low productivity on cloudy days, an artificial light source was coupled with the solar light collecting device. A light intensity sensor monitors the solar light intensity and the artificial light is automatically switched on or off, depending on the solar light intensity. In this way, continuous light supply to the reactor is achieved by using solar light during sunny period, and artificial light at night and on cloudy days.

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