Flood Light Bulb Blew- Regular Okay for Now?

if it screws in the socket properly, it will be fine. a 65w bulb does not create much heat. -Allan

Flood Light Bulb Blew- Regular Okay for Now? 1

1. Neighbour behind has a flood light know he has his back light on to?

The best thing to do unless he makes threats or does something illegal that you can prove is to continue to use the room darkner. What difference does it make really? He is probably leaves the lights on because he wants to know what is going on outside. He wants to feel safe and that is one thing he does to make sure no one is lurking outside his home. There is nothing wrong with being part of the NRA. Stop checking him out and critiquing his facebook pic and his kids. He apparently is not causing any REAL problems, so quit fretting and find something else to do.

2. what is the best way to change a flood light?

Go to a local electrical supplier - they may be wholesale only though and not sell retail. Search light bulb changers. They have more than you could imagine.

Flood Light Bulb Blew- Regular Okay for Now? 2

3. What wattage of a T-Rex Light & Hallogen Flood light, do Baby Bearded Dragons require?

Halogen floodlights are fine for the basking spot. That's what I use. The wattage is going to depend on the size of the enclosure and the temperature of the room you have him in. You need a biulb that will provide a basking area directly beneath it between 100F - 105F. Typically something between a 60 watt and a 100 watt. As for the UVB, I've never used anything T-Rex makes, most of what I've heard is they loose strength quickly. I would recommend a zoo med reptisun 10.0 fluorescent tube, I've had far less problems with those than any other bulbs, and have heard and read the same from countless others. The only other bulb I've had as good of experiences with or heard as good reviews is the Acadia 12% D3, but you rarely can find as good of deals on those in the states, so I stick to the reptisuns most of the time.

4. COB LEDs for Flood Light

Flickering of the LED if the driver is OK occurs when a LED is partially blown up. For the wire to desolder its temperature should be more than 200-240 degrees Celsius, while LEDs can work properly to only 65-70 deg. Celsius. If a wire melts its solder and detaches you can throw this LED to junk.Get a variable current source (bench power supply) and a Lux meter. Power up the LED (placed on a good heatsink of course) with some small current and look at the Lux meter's readings. Slowly increase current till you see that more current does not increase Luxes significantly. That is the maximum current you would want to drive into this LED. I would suggest using it with about 50-60% of this current to get more efficiency - Lumen per Watt.

5. Is it safe to simply replace an R-40 250w bathroom heat lamp with a regular FLOOD light (no heat)?

Yes,its safe the fixture is rated for more heat than the flood lamp

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